Sunday, January 20, 2013

Can You Make And Flaunt Any Nigerian, African Meal Recipes?

9 year old Max Maggie making her plantain chips 2 days before  Christmas.  Original Naija woman, refused to slice with a grater and used a kitchen knife and chopping board instead. Lol! Will find time to post  pics  of  salting, frying and the kukere dance she did after clearing her big plate of chips
Hello Esteemed Readers, anyone got a special dish you feel you are good at? A
recipe created by you? Any local Nigerian or African meal you think can benefit us/others, Cook, take pictures, list the ingredients and steps to making that dish. Send to cuulme@gmail.com.  I promise to publish it/them in any name you chose, and link to your blog if you are a blogger.

Please Ladies, and even, emm... yes, Gentlemen, it's time to flaunt our kitchen skills on wives connection.
Show it off let's see and learn from you.
 Anyone second this motion? *wink*
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  1. Sure! I second d motion :)....all the way.

  2. Good morning Aunty Eya, is there a particular type of brown beans that's preferred 4 moi-moi n akara, like say honey beans, or can any type go?

  3. And I 'thirded' the motion. *Winks* Don't mind me o, sounds like a good idea. I agree, lol. Make this the 3rd motion.