Friday, January 25, 2013

Boiled White Rice With Amaranth And Peppered Titus Fish Sent In By Ella

This beautiful dish was prepared by Ella yesterday,
 boiled white rice with Amaranth and peppered sauce

 I prepared this dish for my husband yesterday night. 
he complained about the pepper, he ate everything on his plate.lol.

The dish is really tasty and easy to make. I think the peppered fish sauce took just about  15mins from start to finish.

I also made  pancakes yesterday!


  1. I don't know of other people o, but for me, titus fish is a delicacy in fried sauce. You just made it complete with the veggies. Good cook. Nice wknd!

  2. Yes titus fish stew is so tasty,but this amarantus leaf,I notice it tastes bitter when prepared like that,is there any special way its been prepared?

    1. I understand there are two types now. How did I know? Fell victim and couldn't eat the bitter veggies. These days I stopped buying from those my mallams. I ask the table women who sell ugu for native/local green.
      That native one is more expensive, but it gives you the real taste of green. The best!

  3. I understand there are two types now. How I did I know? I fell victim and could not eat the bitter veggies. These days, I ask the market women who sell ugu for native/local green.
    That native one has the real taste of green, It's more expensive, but the best.

  4. Eya must u add fish in all ur foods. I dnt eat fish,i dnt like it for various reasons so each tym i open ur blog,its fish dis fish dat. Turns me off. Sum ppl dnt eat fish lik u do. Help us!

    1. Sorry dear, but, I didn't cook this.
      You can replace fish with whatever source of protein that you like. It's still Ok. I love fish, and it's actually my secret ingredient...
      Thanks for saying your mind.
      Have a great week!

    2. If you send pictures of any Nigerian/ African dish you prepared without fish, or even with fish, I will publish it here so we can learn too.

  5. Ok much beta. Tanks.

  6. Peppered fish??? Any special recipe!!!