Saturday, January 12, 2013

All Naija Indomie Noodles With Chicken, Eggs, Vegetables And Fish

 cooking jollof indomie noodles with stewed chicken and vegetables
NOTE: Indomie noodles should not be allowed 
 colorful ingredients for indomie noodles

to boil for more than five minutes if you 
do not want it sticky. Boil noodles

with either seasoning, curry or a little tomato stew and onion for 3 minutes, ADD CHOPPED VEGETABLES AND WAIT FOR ANOTHER 2 MINUTES BEFORE TURNING OFF THE HEAT AND SERVING IMMEDIATELY.
 indomie noodles with eggs and sausages
 jollof indomie noodles with vegetables and chicken neck
jollof  indomie noodles with chicken chops and vegetables.
I added curry powder to get this color
indomie noodles with ingredients like onion, cabbage, green pepper,red pepper, carrots

 cooking  indomie noodles with  vegetables. I added just a desert spoon scoop of
stew from my refrigerated stew to get this color.
 serving vegetable indomie noodles with fried fish
 indomie noodles with green pepper, cabbage, carrots and curry

 how to cook healthy indomie noodles with  orishi rishi.
I dropped a little curry powder here too for this color
 serving curried vegetableindomie noodles with with chicken
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  1. sexyboocalherJanuary 12, 2013

    I am so hapi I found ur blog**dancing alingo**

  2. LoL @ with orisi rishi. i'm not a fan of all these mende mende, i wee make oh but i'm too bush to be eating alot of greens mixed together. gimmie my indomie plain or pass me the garri :)


  3. chei.... no bi small orishi rishi. abeg make i send you my house/office address make you dey deliver to me, please dont say NO..

  4. Am so glad i found dis blog,pls do u know dis soup called ATAMA,if so pls write out steps or show how to make it please...thanks alot

    1. Yes, I know Atama, but I haven't prepared it myself. Wish that one reader will help us out with steps to making Atama...

  5. Am so glad i found dis blog,pls do u know dis soup called ATAMA,if so pls write out steps or show how to make it please...thanks alot

  6. This is a fantastic blog. Where have i been before now. I just saw the link on LIB. i love cooking and trying new things. This indomie is heavenly. Thank you for this beautiful blog. I will be your regular visitor now. will try this for the kids today.

    1. Thanks Meg! Please come again.

  7. for good presentation, the dish matters!!! preferably and white dish will bring out the food, thanks

  8. RECIPIE for Atama.
    Locally grandma trained chefs like me r lazy on measurements.

    1. Banga (palm fruits) one congo
    2. Atama - one bunch like 50 naira worth in calabar (make sure its not d bitter specie by tastin. @ point of. Purchase)
    3. Cryfish - a lot
    4. Smoked fish
    5. Meat of choice
    6. Perewinkle (in shell)
    7. Seasoning (in luv wit knorr buh mom uses maggi)
    8. Stock fish,
    9. kpomo/brokoto (cow head, tail, leg)
    10. pepper, salt (to taste)
    (uyayak optional)

    1.Parboil ur meat, kpomo, stock fish and smoked fish and perewinkle til tender. Get stock outta it buh not too much. Some people use bush meat, shaki or strictly sea food. Just use protein of choice ( sea food is yummy wit atama too)

    2.Boil banga till tender, pound and extract pulp (as in making palm oil). The pulp shld be thick and as much as u want d soup to be. Ps: just d watery pulp witout d kernel and chaff o!

    3.Bring the pulp (seived banga water) to boil, add cryfish, seasoning, salt.
    4.Boil until it thickens then pour in your meat n fish wit stock. (Some pple prefer to parboil d fish and stock fish in d pulp)

    5.Add atama leaf ( pounded like afang/okazi)

    Taste for salt, maggi, etc

    6.Allow to thicken (don't cover)

    7.U may add local flavours like uyayak(salivating already). When its thick enough buh not too thick coss it keeps thickening as u warm subsequently, bring down from fire

    Serve wit swallow of choice or white rice, boiled yam/plantain.

    Ama calabar babe original.

    1. I am sure going to try this! You are a darling. Thanks for helping us all out here!!! mwah!

  9. @ anon 12:35,u r perfectly coRrect.luv d soup wt soft foofoo.

  10. Wow, anoda one to try. Tnx y'all

  11. Pls, wats another name 4 atama leave?

  12. AnonymousJuly 14, 2013

    alot of thanks to u

  13. Am so loving this blog.....so indomie looks this lovely???

    Am addicted already