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I have been out and very busy the whole day. Wow! Just like a flash, the year is ending. By this time last year, I saw December 2012 like a period of time that will take pretty long before coming. Right now, it's still just like yesterday. When I was younger. December took so long to come. I waited and prayed for Christmas. I waited too long but right now, December comes when I am not even ready. Is it old age that is causing this? Because, I hear that time flies faster when you are growing older. Haba! I am not yet old abeg, Just a few years back I was still a student. Not graying yet, not making noises when sitting or standing up yet. Those are the early signs I guess?

OK, today is World Aids Day, I remember when I first heard about HIVAids. The fear then eh. It was like even sitting close to an infected person could be fatal. See me now teaching others that you can even share  a cup or toilet seat without getting infected, Alright o!

Today has been fun! I always want the month to start well. I hate sadness or pain on the first day of any month. I hate to receive bad news on the first. I hate hard luck on the first. I hate shedding a tear in the beginning of a month. Today, I danced
at the cultural Day Event in my babies' school. I had the opportunity to try some Iyanya's Kukere steps though in a mature way sha o.

The school did a good job! It was fun all the way. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I wanted to do was wish you a Happy New Month. However, because I needed to prepare a local dish and take along with me for the cultural day I had to just dedicate my full attention to making that dish. I cooked my local unripe plantain with Goat Meat because that is the local dish of my small village. By next week, I should fine time to add it here. There was so much to eat. I enjoyed Igbo local dishes especially. I could not go round to have a taste of Yoruba and Hausa delicacies but really enjoyed watching their traditional dances anyway. Their costumes were great. I would have loved to post some of those here o, but *fear no gree me* You know now, this days one can get sued for posting other peoples' images without permission. How do you get this kind of permission? eh? Is it by asking the School or individual parents? Anyway, we shall see about the pics! I could not squeeze out time to blog. So sorry, but happy today has not ended.

The only reason I rushed back before the close of the event was to come and say something to you on this first day of the last month of the year 2012.  Right now, the cultural dresses I wore and the kids' are strewn all over the place and I am just turning a blind eye because there is something I need to do for you today but haven't done.  With all the fun I had today, I pray the remaining days of the month will not bring any thing less to me and to you. Today must not pass before I say it.
That one thing is... Happy NEW December!!! 
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  1. Glad to know you had a beautiful December 1. May the remaining days of this month be filled with more joy and blessings.

    *Waiting for the pictures*

    1. Amen. Thanks Dayor. Yes, we shall do something about those.

  2. A great December this will be truly. It's good that we'r also opportuned to share the message about World AIDS Day.That done, I can see that you ended up talking about dancing Iyanya's Kukere.It looks like we shared that dance today o. I was at a sister-in-law's wedding and it was fun. Catch ya 'morrw bcos I can see ya eyelids are looking for eachother, so.... nice night.

    1. Sure you danced better than Iyanya himself. Thanks.

  3. Happy new month aunty Eya, dat reminds me today was visiting day,missed visiting my siblings, hope ur kids are doing well in skul? Once again happy new month.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. December is here, you will soon be with your siblings. They are doing great. Thanks Bonario.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks and may all your Christmas wishes come true Myne.


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