My Jollof Macaroni With Canned Fish

Sizzling hot macaroni straight from the fire.
Curried  Jollof Mac

Dear Diary,
This plate of mac looks big for me, so, I am going to share it with you. Sunday Service was long. We got home very hungry and there was no time for boiling rice or doing all that Sunday cooking stuff. I opted for this and was done with cooking and serving in less than 25 minutes. Eating  hot macaroni with drips of clean sweat on my forehead was the highlight of the day!

  • One Sachet of macaroni
  • Two cans of  canned mackerel
  • Some pieces of beef I stole from my about to freeze bowl of stew
  • Half a can of Kidney beans
  • Half can of Peas
  • One teaspoon curry
  • Two knorr cubes
  • Tiny bulb onion
  • Red pepper
  • salt
  • Water
  1. The macaroni was poured into a pot of boiling water
  2. Curry, seasoning, some chopped onion, pepper and salt added and left to boil
  3. When I saw that the mac was beginning to cook, I added the fish and the few pieces of meat from the old stew, stirred once and left it to cook.
  4. Kidney beans and peas were the last ingredients I added. The water was drying up and I wanted some soup in there so I added a little water, brought it to a boil before adding the beans and green peas. I tasted, added some salt and covered.
  5. After adding the peas, the pot stayed covered for just 2 minutes before I turned off the cooker.  The curry gave it a nice color and aroma, while the tomato in the canned fish helped to perfect the taste.
Yummy Sunday! 
bon apetit *in my Learner accent*


  1. hehe innovative cooking toh badt.... not bad though

  2. I bet it tastes as lovely as it looks. Yummm!!!

  3. I bet it tastes as lovely as it looks. Yummm!!!

  4. It's actually easier to cook, and it tastes nice too. I like the way you garnished this plate of macaroni, making it a very healthy meal.

    1. Thank you. You know now, they say if it's not colorful enough, then it's not healthy enough.

  5. Looks tasty!!

  6. Quick dish meals are sometimes the tastiest. I love the look of this, well done ma'am :)

  7. Thanks Myne. Surprisingly, they turn out great.

  8. Yummylicious! learning...


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