Something About Malala Yousaf Zai And Queen Esther

These two woman have something in common. They are both strong women. They both are women who do not turn their heads the other way when it is time to speak out. The two may not have the same beliefs, They do not come from the same era, but they know how to put others first. "putting others first." These are words that are easier said than done. 
Malala Yousaf Zai is on that hospital
bed, not because she wanted something for her self. Not because she wanted anything for her family. With all the prayers going on the world over, with the Doctors doing all they can, we know that one day she will get up that hospital bed and walk back home on her two feet. Malala spoke against the Taliban. Malala made her voice heard at a time when even the elderly are afraid to speak up. This young teenager knew that her life may be in danger if she continued to be an activist. She knew the prize for activism, but chose not to give up. 

She wants to become a politician she says. She wants to be able to serve her people. As a teenager, she already feels what her people are going through. My prayers are with her. She does not deserve to die. Malala is the type of woman that can change the world. She is so giving, selfless and loving. May she bounce back so that the one that shot her and those who wish her dead will be shamed. It is not common to see a fourteen year old speak up against injustice and advocate for good governance. Sometimes people become heroes not because they wanted to, but as a result of their love for mankind, their willingness to serve other people has a way of just propelling them forward.  The next is thing is that they are heroes! Malala is a hero at this  time. How many young women can speak up today knowing the consequences that come with offending the wrong people.

The day Malala was hurt, I could not help but begin to imagine what this will do to other young ones who really care about the sufferings in the world. She was not alone in that school van. Her friends were hurt too. My prayers are for them too. With her level of intelligence, she refused to become obnoxious but continued to keep and associate with her friends.  She is an inspiration to other smart young people.

Malala's story reminds me a lot about Esther. Queen Esther risked her life for her people. She was ready for any thing. Esther was ready to face the consequences of her actions. She loved her life, but nevertheless was ready if it means sacrificing this precious life for the good of her people. When Esther was informed that her people were going to be wiped off the face of the earth. She must have thought about her own life too. When she decides to go see the King, she knew that two things were involved.

  1. The king holds out his scepter and welcomes her. 
  2. The King gets angry for her unscheduled visit and deals with her.
The queen may have thought about all these before deciding "If I perish I perish" When you love something you are ready to do anything to save that thing. When you love something, you are ready to make some sacrifices for it. When you love something, you are ready to do anything for it. When you love your people, every opportunity you have to serve these people, is used wisely and passionately. She loved her life as a queen, with all the luxury you can imagine, servants at her beck and call. A life where she got everything she ever wanted. With this kind of life, it is easy to forget about the plight of your neighbor and country man. With Esther's status in society, it was very easy for her not to care much about what ever happened to her fellow men and women. She rather chose to care. She chose to take the risk for her people. 

Esther spoke up for her people, at the end of it all, she was victorious and happy. The lives of her people were spared. When people fight oppression and injustice, when people fight corruption, God has a way of protecting them. I remember how Proff. Dora Akunyili's life was divinely spared the day the bullet from an enemy penetrated her scarf and left her scalp untouched. At this time, Dora risked her life to fight fake and counterfeit drugs in the coutry. I remember how those days, every one ensured that what they are given is not a "Made in Nigeria drug."  Medications were heavily scrutinized by sick patients. We lost hope in our own. When she took that risk to sanitize the system, I think  a force must have been supernaturally assigned to her. Her guardian angels were put to work, to make sure that she is safe from harm. Women who take up causes to fight for others are never left unprotected by God. He keeps watch over them. That is why I feel that Angels are keeping watch over Malala. 

In the olden days, Esther fought for her people. She did not lose that battle. In recent times, Dora Akunyili stood up in Nigeria. She stood firmly against fake drugs. She did not lose that battle. She stood for Education, Malala stood for Education of the girl child. I pray that God will provide the Doctors on Malala's case with every wisdom and tact that is needed to remove that bullet in her. May every surgery be successful. May she live to tell her story and encourage other women, both young and old. Her recovery will be an inspiration. May she not lose this battle. Like the case of Esther and Haman, may she disappoint the devices of her detractors. 

The world needs more women like Malala. We need women who are not afraid of speaking up against societal wrongs. The world needs more women who can stand up for what is right. Women who have love for other people, love for people  who may not be part of their immediate families.  Women like Malala think of not just their families and friends, they think of how to make this world a better place for all.


  1. Hi Eya,
    what a beautiful little lady Malala is, both inside and out. Our God has kept her alive up until now and I join with you in prayer for our Father in heaven to heal her completely and protect her from the inhuman people who have done this to her, and also I join with you for the Lord to heal her friends too. We give You thanks Father that we can ask this in the name of Your Son Jesus. Amen

    1. Thank you for the prayer. God will sure protect her. Amen


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