Tips On Holding Successful Family Meetings

We can use family meetings as a tool for building stronger family relationships. The Agenda for a family meeting should be determined by every member of the family including the children. There should be some place in the house where every body includes what they want the family to talk about. It is important that every member of the family be given the opportunity to include topics that they want discussed. A family meeting agenda can be flexible or formal depending on your family. In order to ensure that family meetings are a success, here are a few things to remember: 

  • No phone calls

  • Turn off the Television

  • Keep the meeting short. Try as much as possible to make it in less than an hour. A 30 or 45  minutes meeting is good because the meeting draws to a conclusion before members start feeling bored and tired.

  • Make Attendance mandatory

  • Try  a new approach. That is if your family meetings are not productive. Look for other ways that would yield better results.

  • Every attendee has to speak.

  • Include time for the following: Complains and conflict Resolution; Rules and Chores; The Family Budgets or allowances; Planning for Upcoming Events like Birthdays, Fathers' Day; Mothers' Day; Children Day; Vacation; Family Send-Forth Party For those moving Or Leaving For Schools Outside Town.  Use the meeting to plan for upcoming events.

  • Start with an opening prayer or any method that works for you.

  • Always remember to end a meeting on a positive note. Settle all arguments and misunderstandings before ending the meeting.

  • All members should take turns coordinating or leading the meeting.
Family meetings do not work if parents use the meeting to discipline children. It does not work if it is held at meal times.


  1. Hi Joy,
    yes I believe that families should have get togethers like this, and not just families either. I think sometimes that can be the problem in churces, that people are disconnected with one another. It is not enough just to attend church every Sunday if the congregation remains strangers to one another. Sometimes a person can go to a church and only see the people there 52 times for two hours at a time, only socializing for half an hour over a cup of tea at the end of each service. That gives you 26 hours of company each year with the people who are supposed to be your 'brothers and sisters in Christ'. Something not quite right there eh? When our granddaughter was living with us for just over a year a few years ago, we used to have what she called 'nanny chats' each morning. They were lovely, and we could talk freely about anything and everything, just being honest with one another. Sometimes family will keep issues that they have with one another or others to themselves, which can fester if not dealt with. Yet if we speak about what is bothering us we can find the cause for the concern and sometimes realize there was no reason to be concerned in the first place, it was just a case of not knowing one anothers viewpoints. We need to be ourselves more, and listen to one another to be able to link together as we ought to.

  2. thank you Brenda. Your comment has made my day! It has added to my knowledge. Thanks again.


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