Tuesday, June 05, 2012

At what age should kids leave "adult" bedrooms for good?

 I woke up this morning to see my four year old girl snuggled like packed sardines in between her dad and I.
It is actually not the first time she is doing this, however, she always finds excuses for sneaking in sometimes, and
promises not to tip toe into our bed while we sleep again. keeping this promise is something that is yet to happen.

The thing is, I just cannot leave my bedroom door locked all through the night. I have this habit of checking on the the girls every night. T his affects my sleep but I can't help it. I think I need someone to teach me how to just forget about the girls all through the night.

Often times, when I open the door to go peep into the girl's room, I don't remember to lock it afterwards. I guess at such times, she turns the handle, realizes that the door isn't locked, and then sneaks in.
One thing I like about her is that, if she turns and the door refuses to open, she does not knock. Just quietly heads back to her room to continue sleeping.

Another thing she does is make sure she squeezes herself in between the two of us. Her favorite nights come when her dad travels out of town and then she goes " mommy remember I'm sleeping in your room"  I do not stop her at such nights, may be that's why she is so used to her parents' bedroom.

So far, I have been so lucky that she comes in only at the right time. To avoid a situation where she would open the door at the wrong time, what can I do?  Should I like discipline her, or just forget about checking on the girls and then leaving my door locked the whole night.

Another thing is that may be I should just stop allowing her in when Dad is out of town. ...don't know to keep to room  out of bounds to kids cos it won't be fair on them considering that sometimes they enjoy hanging out there and watching TV since I do not believe in "TV in kids' room" ( will tell you why later).

Do you allow your children in your bedroom? Can they come in just to watch tv and play? Do they have to knock on your door? Does it matter how old they are?
I am asking because a friend of mine doesnt allow her 8 and 5 year old LOs in her and her DH's bedroom for ANY reason. She said for her it is off limits and is not considered a common area in the house. To her, she needs to keep that part of the home ONLY for her and her DH. If one of the LOs need something they must knock on the door and one of the parents will meet them at the door and ask them what they need. If they are sick, one of the parents will comfort them in their own room...What do you think??
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  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2012

    LO is Loved ones n DH is dear husband. Not allowin dem into the room at all is too strict. Keep ur doors locked n don't let her sleep beside u wen he is out of town.

    Tee dew

    1. Thank You, I will do just that. Appreciated.