Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introduction To My Blog, Plus, What Really Works For Wives And Mothers

Welcome To wives  Town Hall Connection aka Wives Connection  blog.

Hello, this is me, Eya Ayambem is my name. I'm a proud Nigerian. A mum, teacher and lover of kids. I work and live in Abuja with my family.
This is my blog, I'll call it wives town hall connection (wives connection for short). Here is where we meet with our veiled or unveiled faces to:
  1. Discuss what concerns us as women, wives and mothers in this beautiful country Nigeria. 
  2. Share recipes and learn from others
  3. Share stories, experiences, parenting tips that work, 
  4. Discuss News stories and  other affairs that resonate with family in general, women and children.

 Hopefully,this blog brings us some laughter 😄😆😁, help, and guides us to questions and answers on what affects us as women and wives living in Nigeria. I have been married for over a decade so, trust me to have some experience when it comes to relationship, marriage, parenting and family life generally. Just so you know... People say "I'm a great cook" very creative in the kitchen, and that I make meals no one can ignore.

What Really Works For Wives And Mums living in Nigeria?

As a woman, wife and mother.  My day starts with stretching a hand to stop the alarm that is already ringing at 4:30 am.
Next I say a 'thank you for another day prayer' while seated on the bed or kneeling beside it.
Then I rush to the bathroom and freshen up because not doing this may in a way make the kids uncomfortable while getting them ready for school ( kids have noses that can smell bad breath and maybe... sweat too).

Basically,  what I do in the bathroom is
brush my teeth, use some deodorant and check myself in the mirror before attempting to wake the girls.

Oh sorry, before
waking them up, I get into the kitchen to make sure lunch boxes are packed and kept by the
main door , that is if they were not packed the previous night. 
 Then I quickly set the breakfast table.

After which their school uniforms are brought out and kept where they can assess them and dress themselves up cos I mean... the youngest girl is four.

Shoes are then arranged on the floor with the correct stockings in each pair.

Finally, everything is set, so, I don't have to wake them in a hurry. This is the first time I am going to sit in their room and take my time waking them up since 4:30am." Most times they ask for a few minutes of just doing nothing after opening their eyes, which they get to enable them wake up and be more alert.
 From here, I can take care of myself too while they are managing themselves with just a little assistance here and there.

On the whole,, I experience busy mornings. With the help of the alarm on my phone, it works for me!!!
Everyone leaves the house smiling.
 Time management is very important, so that nothing takes more time than it should. It is important to allot specific minutes or hours to every chore and try to abiode   by it. 

You do not have to sweep everyday, re-arrange the house and put some breakable items away. Put away some items that require constant attention from you, like some pieces of furniture that will require daily cleaning.

Cook and store in the freezer, so that you so not have to cook everyday. 
Plan your shopping ahead and keep a list where you jot down daily, every need that arises, so that you do not forget anything when you go shopping. 

Older kids can help out with getting their younger ones dressed.

Lunch boxes should be packed the previous night and kept beside the main entrance.   
Yay! my first blog post done and dusted.       
Can we share what works for you?


  1. Eya i guess this was ur first post... nobody send u that time. But today look what the lord has done 4 u...halleluyahh

  2. captain maryApril 03, 2013

    Yaaaaayi, I finally made it here. I came across ur blog on LIB two days ago and I only get to rest from reading tru d comments when my battery is flat.I noticed when u started, pple weren't commenting, but look at u now, u are doin well for urself now. I have learnt a lot to enable me maintain a good n peaceful home. Kudos sis.

    1. Thanks Captain Mary. Thank you for reading.

  3. Yes! I got 2 d first eva post! *whew*
    Time to start reading forward! Aunty eya well done. U hv indeed come a long way.

  4. And am here too! Waoooo! Nice piece to start off! Congarts to u aunty eya.

  5. wow i came here too. really nice. now on to readimg other posts. Aunty Eya, weldone.

  6. Wow...cool piece..all da best aunty eya

  7. I have been reading everyday on the train to and from work for two weeks and finaly I am at the first post .
    Good work u re doing here and I have just recommended this blog to my younger sister who is getting married in Feb so that from day one her hubby will not want to ever eat oustside again.

  8. Aunty Eya, am surprised to discover from the comments that this is your first post wow you will surely get there, keep on the good job.