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Recipe for Cow-leg white soup

Nigerian white soup is cooked without palm oil even though sometimes I add a few drops of oil to mine. This cow leg white soup is cooked with no oil. Recipe is same as other white soups just the addition of cow leg to this pot. There is no special method of cooking this, just cook cow leg soft and then add to your boiling soup. Cow-legs are very tough but this cooked really fast because I pressure cooked the leg first. If you have our white soup recipe, it is basically the same method with just twists and twerks each time I cook the soup. When you cook with cow leg, it's best to add some other form of protein like fish, beef or chicken because cow leg on it's own is almost tasteless, I added some tiny pieces of

High ranking catholic priests request request to abolish celibacy, marry and raise kids

Image result for 11 Catholic retired priest push for an end to celibacy

A group of 11 retired high ranking Catholic priests is causing vocational drama across Germany with their request to abolish celibacy in an open letter, written in review of their fifty (50) years as clergy. They are part of a group of clerics who were anointed in 1967 in Cologne, a city considered both a Catholic stronghold and one of Germany’s most progressive and gay-friendly cities. 

Speaking to DW, Franz Decker, a retired priest who for over a decade led the Catholic Relief Service in Cologne, said: 

‘We believe that requiring that every man who becomes a priest to remain celibate is not acceptable. We think, every Catholic should be allowed to choose if they would rather be celibate or not, regardless of whether they want to work as priests or not – just like in the evangelical Church or the Orthodox Church, really, every church but the Catholic Church.

What moves us is the experience of loneliness, as elderly people who are unmarried because
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Image result for dumped girlfriend woman in shock

A Nigerian lady shared conversations she had with her boyfriend whom she just found out has been married for 4 years to a lady who lives in another city, while they have been dating for 7 years! He blocked her on Facebook and then told her he isn't on Facebook, so, she wouldn't see his wedding or  photos with his wife. A friend saw his married profile and showed her then the conversation below ensued: 

Lady accused of sleeping with Tonto Dikeh's husband finally speaks out (watch video here)

After rumours went viral last week that Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh’s marriage was in serious crisis, her colleague, actress Rosaline Meurer was fingered as the PA behind it all. Certain posts and comments on Rosaline's Instagram page about Tonto's husband Churchill had fuelled rumours of an affair between them, a development which allegedly caused strife in Tonto Dikeh's marriage and made her revert to her maiden name on her social media pages.

Roseline has now told her own side of the story and says sleeping with Tonto's husband is

32-year-old mum brutally stabs son to death for being gay; dragged and burnt his body in an abandoned area (photos)

A Brazilian mother stabbed her 17-year-old son to death because he was gay after two thugs she hired to kill him failed to do so. Tatiana Lozano Pereira, 32, admitted to killing her son Itaberli Lozano in Cravinhos, Sao Paulo.

According to local reports, Pereira had long rejected her son because he was gay.

They had an explosive row at Christmas after which Itaberli moved in with his grandmother.
Pereira pretended to forgive him and, on December 29, urged him to return home.

However she had secretly hired hitmen Miller da Silva Barissa, 18, and Victor Roberto da Silva, 19, 
to kill her son. She hid them inside her home under orders to attack him when he entered.

However they failed to kill him and so

Healthy toddler suddenly paralized for life after family go for a walk in the park

The little boy, pictured with his family, has had physiotherapy to keep his limbs supple
A mum has described her terror after her previously healthy toddler became paralysed and mute after a family walk.
Little Archie Adams, from Southampton, Hampshire, was a normal little boy who was developing well until May 2015. But suddenly, after a family day out to the local pub and a park, the 18-month-old lost control of his limbs and "went floppy".
Twenty months on, his heart has stopped 12 times, he breathes through a tracheostomy tube and he is still unable to move.
Heartbreakingly, doctors don’t believe he will ever move again.
Archie's mum, Karen Adams, said: "It all happened so quickly, it was within minutes. It was

'I have never wanted to be married' - TV Personality Funmi Iyanda

Media personality, Funmi Iyanda just revealed in her tweets that she had never wanted to be married, but likes it for others who like it for themselves.
Read her Tweets and reaction from fans after the cut...

Step-mother & Father kill son over church's revelation; Biological mother cries out in pain

Mrs. Erueke John, the biological mother of late Joshua Zikeme, the seven-year-old boy, who was allegedly tortured to death at Akaba community in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State by his father and step-mother over allegation of witchcraft, yesterday, cried out that her son was a victim of a vicious father and that he was not a wizard. 
Mrs. John claimed that the allegation of wizardry by the suspects was based on a revelation from a church based in Yenagoa. According to her, “the church is a one room place of

See excited fans react as Tonto Dikeh's husband posts a photo of them together

In the midst of all the "confusion"Tonto Dikeh's husband, Oladunni Churchill took to his Instagram to share some photos from one of their charity projects which held early last month.

After sharing the photo above, Tonto Dikeh's fans flooded his comment section with sweet messages and 'Thank God' messages.
Read their comments below:

Tonto Dikeh's husband posts a picture of them together :)

Olakunle Churchill shared this photo today of him and  beautiful wife Tonto Dikrh. It isn't a recent photo, was taken at an even held around last month BUT sharing it today when there

Family of cremated late Nigerian who died in Poland have taken their fight to Facebook - Family says husband cremated her body without their consent or their sighting of corpse, deleted her Facebook page, deleted her Website and posted no tribute to her

Polish Man Cremates late Nigerian wife without her family's consent

The family of Mrs Shola Gaska, nee Adefolalu, a Nigerian who died in Poland recently and who has since been cremated on the instructions of her husband, Jakub Gaska, have taken their campaign to compel the authorities to investigate the circumstances leading to her death to Facebook
Affirming that they are not satisfied with the explanations of the husband on the subject that Shola had suffered a tumor, they insist that there is something definitely fishy in the entire proceedings and want a comprehensive review of the matter by the concerned authorities in Poland to ensure that justice is done and seen to be done.
According to the accompanying note attached to a public petition and posted on his Facebook wall, Mr Henry Essien Nelson, brother-in-law of the deceased, explained that:
‘Jakub Qba Gaska seems determined to wipe Shola Adefolalu his wife who died under

Lamar Odom apologizes to Khloe Kardashian for his drug use, says he wants his wife back

Lamar Odom has vowed to get his life together; and his ex-wife Khloe back.
Read how TMZ reports the story below...

Two NYSC members reportedly die in car accident

Two female NYSC members in Akwa Ibom state were reportedly involved in a terrible car crash that claimed their lives yesterday. According to the report, they were on their way from Etinan to Uyo to use the ATM when the unfortunate incident happened. Read a tribute by a friend to Sandra (Right) after the cut...

This Morning MMM asks members to provide help before they can get paid their money

MMM participants who wanted to get help this morning met the sudden attached message in their PO.
There are fears by Nigerians that this might mean MMM is finally over.

Teenager stolen as baby 'found out the truth TWO YEARS AGO when she needed birth certificate for job

Kamiyah Mobley 18 year old Abducted at birth in the first picture provided by the family of her reunion with Mum Shanara Mobley and father Craig Aiken
A teenager abducted as a baby found out the two years ago when she needed her birth certificate for a job, a friend has claimed.
Kamiyah Mobley was snatched from her mother just eight hours after she was born by a woman posing as a nurse. She has been raised her whole life as Alexis Manigo until police arrested Gloria Williams and charged her with kidnapping.
Police have suggested Manigo, now aged 18, had 'an inclination' about her past before the

Dear Parents, YouTube is full of hidden porn videos Google didn't know were there

YouTube Porn

Despite strict sexual content restrictions, YouTube is filled with porn videos the site's owner Google didn't know were there.
Compounding Google's woes, much of the YouTube-hosted pornographic content has been pirated from copyrighted content, breaching the site's anti-piracy rules.
That's because pirates have found a way to make use of YouTube's video hosting services without

Kindhearted Chinese woman closes her restaurant to rescue cats and dogs


The 54-year-old woman closed down her restaurant to concentrate on taking care of the animals at the adoption center in Handan, where more than 400 strays are currently living, according to Shanghaiist.


The animals that are in healthy condition are put up for adoption with a new owner free of charge. But the sick or disabled ones are taken good care of by Hua for as long as she can.

Several generous locals have helped by donating some food for the large number of dogs and cats. Taking care of animals can be quite expensive, Former millionaire Wang Yan, from Gelong town in Jilin province, went into debt after saving hundreds of dogs from

Judge dissolves 5 year old marriage because husband planned with Doctors, removed wife's womb without her consent

Image result for Judge dissolves 5 year old marriage because husband planned with Doctors, removed her womb without her consent

The five-year-old marriage of a couple, the Musilius, came to an end on Thursday when his wife found out that her husband had her womb removed without her consent.
A despaired housewife on Thursday asked an Ibadan Customary Court to dissolve her marriage because her husband rendered her barren by conniving with doctors to remove her womb without her consent, P.M news gathered.

“My lord, Musiliu has systematically rendered me barren, because I can no longer conceive due to the removal of my womb during a caesarean surgery when I was trying to deliver my first child.

“While in the hospital, he should have informed any of my relatives that for me to have a

See Photos of President Buhari's daughter Zahra Indimi with her new In-Laws

Can you spot Mrs Zahra Buhari Indimi in this picture?

The Photos were taken last weekend at Mustapha Indimi's wedding.That's at Zahra Buhari's husband's younger brother's wedding in Maiduguri.

See another photo after the cut...

Married Nigerian man embarrassed after he sent another lady pictures of his penis (See snapshots)

This incident happened yesterday at about 9am between Twitter users Madam @Cherox and 'proud' dad of two, La Kush. After she posted the warning on her page, married La Kush replied  asking her to check her DM implying he just sent a pic of his long boa constrictor.
See their fight below...

"This year 2017, God is really going to punish some fake husband's" - See how Tonto Dikeh endorsed this comment about her husband

A few days back, Actor Uche Maduagwu made series of posts about Tonto Dikeh and other actresses whose husband's make them face shame and public embarrassment after a while in their marriages. This is one of the posts he made and then Tonto Dikeh appeared in the comment section and said something. 

Read his post below and also see what Tonto wrote as her comment....

MMM Nigeria explains why Get Help order was removed (Not Cancelled)

Popular Ponzi money doubling scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Movement, MMM, has explained why their Get Help Order, GH, was removed from its site.
The Ponzi scheme had in December suspended its operation with the promise to resume on January 14, 2017.
Despite resuming a day ahead of its scheduled resumption date, some participants have been unable to do withdrawal and apply for help.

Some participants can’t access the Get Help Order on their dashboard, while others claim they can.

Explaining the reason for the missing Get Help Order on the dash board of some of its participants, MMM, in a message on its website said the GH button was not cancelled but was only removed due 
to system upgrade.

The message reads,
 “Many participants woke up this morning to see that their Get Help (GH) orders have been removed completely from their PO’s Dashboard. Though some people called it canceled but the truth of the matter is that it was only removed not canceled. Please note that the GH orders were not cancelled because if

Frustrated nanny has been arrested after she burned 2-year-old with a hot curling iron

A nanny has been arrested after she allegedly burned a toddler's feet and hands with a hot curling iron to discipline him. Nosipho Nxumalo was caught on camera deliberately holding the iron against two-year-old Xander Persaud's skin, the tot's family claims.

Mum Angela Persaud, from Long Island, New York, says she noticed burns on her son's fingers and legs when she was giving him a bath.

She says she reviewed CCTV footage from her Nanny Cam and saw 21-year-old Nxumalo allegedly burning Xander with the curling iron.

"You see her with the curling iron, and she touches it to make sure that it’s hot," Persaud told WABC.

"And then when he jumps because it burns him, she continues to touch his foot again and
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Donald Trump to be sued by woman who accused him of sexual assault

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump, accusing him of sexual assault.
The woman’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, told the press her client filed a lawsuit on Tuesday.
At least a dozen women previously accused the President-elect of sexual assault and he strongly denied all the claims. 
The claims were made following the leak of a 2005 Hollywood Access tape, which showed Mr Trump bragging about grabbing women's genitals and saying he could get

26-year-old Nigerian man kills wife over refusal to let him in

Men of Ogun State Police Command have arrested a 26-year-old man, Matthew Oguntade, for allegedly killing his 20-year-old wife, Mary, over her refusal to allow him make love to her.

 Vanguard gathered that the incident occurred at Owode-Ijako, Sango-Ota, Ado-Odo/Ota last Friday, when the suspect invited his wife to come and collect N1,000 to prepare food for the family. A source told Vanguard that when the late wife arrived, the husband attempted to forcefully have sex with her and while they were struggling, she got strangled. The couple had been married for one and half years and blessed with one child, and had stopped living together because the wife disliked their stay in the husband’s mother’s house.

 The late wife was reported to have been sleeping in her Church, a Cherubim and Seraphim parish around the area every night, to protest living with her husband innews

"I did not kill my husband'' - Chuks Okebata's wife finally speaks while still mourning him

Wife of murdered US army veteran Chuks Okebata who was killed by alleged assassins in Imo state has shared her own side of the story saying she didn't kill her husband.
This is coming after her sister in law shared videos of her threatening to get her husband jailed. She shared her story with blogger Amanda Chisom:
My own side of the story: 
Amanda , I once came to you about my husband and his incessant abuse and cheating. Yes I am the wife of the man who was assassinated, and I am just distraught. I do not even know where to start but it is only right I tell my own side of the story. I  am innocent, God is my witness that I did not kill my husband or the evil that my husband’s family is portraying me to be, yes my sister in-law posted that video to make me look evil but the part she did not tell anybody was that I was calling the police to save me
because he always beat me up and I was told to call the police whenever he started and that was exactly what I was doing, from the video you would see that I did not fight him or answered him. Should I have allowed him to kill me?
Amanda, we have been married for 13 years since I was 19, it has been beating upon beating, I have gone through surgeries because of beating he gave me. How can I kill my husband, we live together, till the day he left for Nigeria, I packed his things , how could I kill him. Who do I know to order a hit on the father of my children?  I have no interest in his properties as suggested after all we built every thing together. God knows I am innocent. I know who I am married to, he is a show off and he went to Nigeria and was going to club spraying dollars and showing off, revealing his locations . They want to pin my husband’s death on me, my husband was not assassinated. He was kidnapped, because

Update on Chuks Okebata - Veteran was allegedly cheating on his wife before his abduction and murder. Read his wife's story here

Earlier on today, a sister to late Chuks Okebata shared videos of Chuks' wife asking her husband to leave their home or she will send him to jail

The couple was having very serious marital issues before Chuks got abducted and  killed after he left the United States for the first time in many years to come spend the Christmas holiday in Nigeria. 
Before her husband was murdered, Chuks' wife had cried out to let the world know her husband was cheating and throwing it in her face. 

Chuks had naked, provocative pictures of a lot of women, their faces all showing and obviously they posed for those pictures and he sent them to his wife and was bold enough to defend his cheating by saying he was not getting satisfied at home and that the women had bigger booty than his wife.

See the snapshots and wifey's story below...

Tonto Dikeh's fans criticize her husband for revealing the face of their son when the child's mum is not yet ready for that publicity

Tonto Dikeh's husband posted a picture of their son King Andre who turned 11 months today. In the photo, the doting father revealed the baby's face Online for the first time since he was born. Manyof her fans aren't having it as they think his posting was just a means to spite Tonto as he has successfully thwarted her effort to keep his face away from the media.  See some angry comments after the cut....

See video of Chuks Okebata's wife threatening to send him to jail before his murder when he visited Nigeria

US Army Veteran Chuks Okebata was abducted and murdered when he came back to Nigeria to celebrate the Yuletide and New Year holidays with his family in Imo state...

Heartbreaking videos which show the hell Chuks Okebata was going through with his wife before he was killed are showing Online now. 

Chuks Okebata, a native of Umuduruorie Umuomumu Mbieri in Mbaitoli LGA, was in a serious battle with his wife in the States before his death. So serious was their battle she didn't mind sending the father of her sons to jail unless he left their home and two sons.

You will see the two boys weeping uncontrollably when Chuks told them he was leaving so that he doesn't end up in jail.

Chuks thereafter returned home to Nigeria after being away in the US for so long and ended up dead just days into his visit to Nigeria. He was abducted and shot dead at

Instagram user offers free Marriage advice to Tonto Dikeh and Lilian Esoro

Read the advice below...
Face the live action
Dear Nollywood actress, stop living the life of movies and face the true challenges of marriage. It is only in movies you will see where marriage has a rough beginning and a smooth end, or a smooth beginning and a rough end, and it is so simply because the producers/directors of the movies want to sell their movies.

Start living your own life and stop selling cheap stories to bloggers. By this, I mean stop giving bloggers the opportunity to sneak into your life. Bloggers will do your marriage no good than to crash it.

In real life, there are so many sides to marriage but the best factor to make it last is ENDURANCE. Stop listening to fake advice that “IF HE STOPS CARING, THEN IT`S TIME FOR YOU TO WALK AWAY” No, my

President Obama's lovely birthday message to wife as she turns 53

The oratorical soon to be Ex-First-lady of the United States is 53 years old today, and her husband President Obama posted the lovely message to her.
Happy Birthday FLOTUS!

Annie Idibia prays to God to die same day with Tuface when they are old

Image result for annie idibia instagram

The mum of two posted:

I stared at this image for atleast 15mins or even more... and realised I was tearing up
The picture made me feel all "types of ways" And the love in my heart towards Innocent just tripled instantly.. I know we will grow old n die someday,but God please I want spend all my days with him ,grow old with him and die beside to him.. I can't Live if I have to do that without him.

I won't survive it! Life Without Him won't be worth it again.. Sad that When we grow old n grey ,1 of us will go before the other,but please can we at least grow very old together and GO together.

All of our kids n grandkids would have been all grown,graduates and well established by

Finally, Tonto Dikeh's son's face revealed by his dad

King Andre was born 11 months ago and since then his mum Tonto Dikeh made sure to hide his face even while posting his photos on Social Media. Well, now, Her husband, Olakunle Churchill just shared a photo of himself with their son who turned 11 months old today and captioned it 

Shark produces babies while in isolation for years without a male

A female zebra shark in Australia has shocked scientists by producing three offspring after spending years away from her male partner. Subsequent analysis found that she had simply developed the ability to do it all on her own.
Leonie the zebra shark spent about 12 years living with a male at an aquarium in Townsville, Australia. In that time, the two sharks had 24 pups and life was good. Then, someone ripped Leonie from her home and family, placing her in a separate tank in 2012. After spending years away from any male sharks, Leonie suddenly gave birth to

Dad-To-Be left in shock after healthy pregnant partner collapses and dies with their unborn child

Despite being fit and healthy, the expectant mum then suffered a heart attack and died in an ambulance on her way to hospital.
In a heartbreaking social media post, Sean said: “Words truly cannot describe the level of pain and sadness I’m feeling today to the point I’m completely numb.
“I got a phone call at 1 am this morning saying that Karah had taken ill and was on the way

Old woman sentenced to death for dousing petrol on daughter and burning to death

For killing her own grown child because she married a man the family did not approve of and according to her, "brought shame to the family" A woman in Pakistan has been sentenced to death. Woman doused petrol on her daughter and burnt her alive in what she describes as "honor killing".

Parveen Bibi told a court in Punjab that she killed her daughter "for bringing shame to her family," police spokeswoman Nabila Ghazanfar confirms to CNN. Parveen's son Ahmer Rafique was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the crime.

The late Rafique had been living with her new husband for a month before she visited her home in Lahore in the

Final Year student allegedly runs mad after receiving beatings from boyfriend

File photo

A final year Business Administration undergraduate of a privately owned University in Oghara (name withheld) in Delta State, on Sunday allegedly ran mad after she was reportedly pummeled by her lover boyfriend.
Reports said her roommates (names withheld) screamed for help when the undergraduate who hails from Benin city, Edo State allegedly undressed herself immediately she stepped out of her boyfriend’s room few miles away from their hostels.

It was gathered that the suspected insane undergraduate allegedly took her phone out of bag and slammed it on the floor naked, brought out her clothes and set fire on them before

Women celebrate their different body shapes and sizes with photo shoot

Lady, you are beautiful the way you are. Do not try to change anything, that difference is what makes you unique. Project focuses on acceptance and being happy the way that you are.
A female photographer captured these stunning images showing women of all shapes and

Nigerian Businessman accuses Heritage Bank of using his company's account to secretly transfer N4.6bnN

A businessman has accused Heritage Bank Plc of using his company (Oofortech) account with the bank to launder Four Billion, Six Hundred and Sixty million Naira (N4, 660, 000, 000.00),even as he alleged threats to his life and that of members of his family from people that the bank’s officials gave his contact details, including his office and residential addresses to, without his consent, Orijo Reporters report.
The businessman, Curtis Chris Odekpe, who is the Managing Director of Ofortech Investments Limited in his statement exclusively obtained by OrijoReporters, said Ofortech operates a corporate current account with Heritage Bank Plc with account number: 6000981458 at the bank’s Central Business District Abuja branch.

Odekpe stated that he was left stunned on February 12, 2016, when Ofortech’s account that was dormant, and had only N7,000 balance, was credited with N4.6bn by Ellington and Brooks in two tranches. The first tranche was N1.6bn and the second transfer was N3bn hit the account.

Odekpe said he hurriedly contacted the company’s account officer with Heritage Bank Plc, and the branch manager but their

Mrs Zahra Buhari changes her name on social media, celebrates one month in marriage

President Buhari's daughter, Zahra who got married last month, to Ahmed Indimi has changed her social media name and also shared the above photo to celebrate one month in marriage. 
See her new name below...

Having a baby boy or girl? Your blood pressure may indicate the answer

Image result for pregnant and nursing african american moms

Oh well, if you observe carefully, even old wives tales sometimes do work.Forget the cravings, a blood pressure reading could be a better indicator of whether a mum is having a boy or girl.
Women with kids have probably heard many old wives' tales to do with the sex of babies.
According to tales of yore, an expectant mum is carrying a boy if she's craving salty foods. If 

Must Read: MMM, Sambisa, 8 year old son bitten by a dog and the boy died

When Reuben Abati writes, you cannot not read. He picks up his pen and paper and successfully drives us into a "Nigeria on paper" that's so real you can't deny. 
Read below the truth he expresses about MMM, Sambisa forest and so on: 

“Happy New Year, my brother”

“What do you mean happy new year, more than two weeks into the New Year. Have I not been in touch with you since January 1?”

“But for you the New Year has just started. Your January 1 was not on January 1”

“Looks like you have started taking something. I must inform your wife.”

“I say Happy New Year to you.”

“Okay, same to you.”

“You think I don’t know what you have been going through? Your wife told me you have not been yourself since those Mavrodi Mundia Moneybox people suspended their scheme. She specifically asked me to keep an eye on you. But we thank God the MMM is back, 24 hours earlier than they promised. Now, you can get your money back.”

“My brother, it is a lo-n-g story. This MMM thing has become a case of the more you hear, the less you understand. And to think I invested my children’s education savings. Everything.”

“What is the problem again? I hear you can get your money back, and MMM says they are ready to change the world.”

“I don’t know about changing the world, but let them change my sadness to joy by just returning my money, but now they say they can only pay a small amount per day and that those who invested big money like me should wait.”

“How much did you invest?”

“If I tell you the figure, you will know that the year is not new at all.”

“Tell me.”

“So you can go and tell your wife and your wife can tell my wife and the three of you can tell everybody. I just pray MMM does not mess me up, otherwise all of you won’t have anything to gossip about when you start looking for a casket.”

“Is it that bad? Please don’t let it get to that stage. But I can assure you, if they mess you up, I will sue the hell out of them. I will get lawyers and sue them to court.”

“You will defend my rights after I am dead? Now, I see you are a very good friend indeed.”

“I am just trying to help. I almost invested in the MMM myself.”

“Let me ask you something. What is a bitcoin?”
Monday, January 16, 2017

Dad who unknowingly raised stolen child for 18 years insists "she is still my child"

A dad who spent 18 years believing a 'stolen' baby was his biological daughter today insisted: "She's still my child."
Kamiyah Mobley was allegedly abducted by Gloria Williams, 51, just hours after she was born in 1998. Williams then convinced former boyfriend Charles Manigo that Kamiyah was their biological daughter and they named her Alexis.
But the lie was exposed after 18 years thanks to a series of tip-offs and Williams has now been charged with kidnap.
Kamiyah has since been reunited with her biological parents, Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken. But the man who spent 18 years raising Kamiyah as his own daughter by the name of Alexis today spoke of his heartache.
He told ABC : "One of the hardest things she said on Friday was, 'dad, I love you', even

Nigerian Pastor sacked for using church name to play MMM

A pastor in one of the Nigerian branches of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide has been expelled from the ministry. 

According to a statement signed by Pastor David Apelorioye, the head of admin at OFM, Pastor Joseph Aiyedun, who is in charge of one the OFM branches in Aba, Abia State, was fired for participating in the Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM), a ponzi scheme widely acclaimed to be a satanic venture.

It should be recalled that the founder and president of the OFM, Apostle Johnson Suleman, at a church service in November 2016, warned members of his congregation against

Muslims welcome Lindsay Lohan to Islam after actress posts Arabic message of peace on her Instagram account

Lohan in Turkey in OctoberNew year, new Lohan: Lindsay Lohan, 30, deleted all the photos on her Instagram account over the weekend (above in 2015 carrying a copy of the Quran)

Members of the Muslim faith are welcoming Lindsay Lohan to Islam after the actress deleted her Instagram account and changed her bio on the social media site. 
Over the weekend, Lohan got rid of every photo on her Instagram page, leaving nothing but her profile picture and a bio that now reads: 'Alaikum salam.'
The Arabic greeting translates to 'and unto you peace,' and many took it mean that Lohan was converting to the Muslim faith.
'Im so happy that lindsay lohan found Islam. may Allah guide her and bless her,' wrote one young woman on Twitter.

Welcome: Many Muslims took this to mean that Lohan might be converting to the faith despite the fact that she had not commented on why she changed her bio

Excited: 'I heard that Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam? If its true, alhamdulillah. God has shown her the right path to now follow,' wrote one woman (above)

Another posted on her account: 'I heard that Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam? If its true, alhamdulillah. God has shown her the right path to now follow.'
Lohan has not revealed however if she is in fact converting to the faith, and a rep for the