Saturday, March 10, 2018


Nigerian moi moi
Moi moi dinner for my weight loss journey.
 Yes! the digits are still dropping and I'm even a bit worried "I hope it's not rapid because I know first hand the disadvantages of losing weight too quckly. Been there, I saw the wrinkled forehead and regretted. Thankfully I gained it back and the wrinkles disappeared. The sagging skin wahala is another disadantages. When weight is lost too quickly, the body doesn't have enough time to adjust. The skin loses water and fat that initially filled it up, cannot adjust that quickly and begins to be sad and wrinkle. Losing slowly is the best as your skin doesn't even realize something (Fat) is being burnt out, so it naturally goes back gradually to original size. Lolz.

Yes. today Friday March 9th my weight has dropped to

Friday, March 09, 2018

Can A Nagging Wife Change? HOW DO YOU MANAGE ONE?

So yesterday, I got a mail, replied and decided not to publish it here. However, thinking about it today, I feel it might be useful to someone on the blog so, here is it below and my reply to sender...

Dear Madam,

I read your post/blog on the internet on Nagging Wife. I will like if you can share with me how to


Plantain porridge with fish and vegetables for dinner.

THIS is how to lose weight with Nigerian Food

Today, I have danced and danced so much even though I still be dance learner. Not sure if it's my new size giving me the HIGHS, and old small trouser fitting again or the sound of hit songs from the radio. The music scatter my brain, I haven't felt this kind of way in a while but someone says it's not the music, that my weight loss progress is what's making me happy. Any of the above sha, I'm just in a dancing mood. The scale digits still dropping. After yesterday's fast, I ate so much dinner that I just had to brace myself for a little weight gain, but for where? na lose we still dey. See me standing on the scale below. New weight stands at

Thursday, March 08, 2018

My New Lifestyle And Weight Loss Journey Day 4

Peppered snail stew with boiled rice.
Today is day 4 of the new lifestyle and weight loss journey. You won't believe what I weighed today, even with the eba and groundnut soup I cleared yesterday. It's like magic. The digits keep dropping and I weighed 83kg. Congratulations to us. Scroll down to see me standing on the scale with the

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