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Enjoy Sunday Rice With Vegetable Sauce, Fish A Side Of Ripe Bananas

Sunday Rice is a culture that has come to stay in Nigeria. For most families, even if no one eats rice from Monday to Saturday, on Sunday after church rice has to be served. Most times, Sunday Lunch is rice and stew or jollof rice. Recently fried rice has come to almost take the place of these two. Rice just has to be served on Sunday. Today I don't want any status-quo so, I go for rice and Sunday vegetable sauce with fish. Tastes really delicious. My vegetable sauce is something any one can can cook even with eyes closed.

See vegetable sauce recipe here.
I made this vegetable sauce with:

Diced Goat Meat And King Prawn Coconut Rice By Lizzy Obaze

Cooked ingredients for  prawn coconut rice

Happy new month WC fam. I cooked this meal after church yesterday (Sunday) and could only manage to take a few pix because

Two Recipes To Cook plus Bake This Weekend; Deborah Bala's Tequila Sauce Basmati Rice, Red Velvet Cake By Ahdaisy Jayde For Valentine Special

 Valentine Special Red velvet cake

When I posted this recipe, I had wanted to ask Deborah if one can cook with any other wine of choice, for those who don't take tequila, but forgot. It's a long time ago, so, let's try this on Sunday or Saturday. Click on the link to view complete recipe for this Basmati Rice with tequila sauce. Please remember I have always

Dinner Inspiration: Rice and stew served with bananas

Rice and stew, even jollof rice eaten with bananas tastes so good. The combo is delicious. On Sundays after church we drive straight to the fruits market to get bananas before heading home for Sunday rice with bananas.

Gizzard Fried Rice For My Nigerian Lunchbox

 Simple Gizzard fried rice.

If you follow @WIVESCONNECTION on Instagram,  you'd have seen where I explained that I  cooked this simple fried rice between 6 and 7 am to pack for Monday School lunch.  On Mondays,  I usually pack left over rice from Sunday  but this week Sunday saw us serving pounded yam with



Kidney beans sauce.
ways to serve moi moi
Nigerian moin moin.
Even if you are not diabetic, you know one or have one in your family and we are all aware of what they go through daily thinking of the right Nigerian food to eat or avoid. What is the right Nigerian food to eat if I have diabetes? Nigerians consume so much carbs and, in managing diabetes, the type of carbohydrate food yo eat makes a difference. As a diabetic living in Nigeria, you can pay attention to what you eat without obsessing over everything. Nigerian food good for diabetics are foods rich in fibre and low in carbohydrates. To stay healthy, avoid sweets, soft drinks and fatty food. Before a meal plan, let's look at a list of Nigerian foods good for diabetic patients:



Recipe for minced meat & cow tail gravy

Minced meat and cow tail gravy is really delicious with rice. The main meat here is the cowtail but knowing that cowtail on it's own is almost tasteless, I added minced meat (beef) for enhanced taste. Didn't want to cook nutritious but bland gravy, wanted both taste and nutrition combined in 1 pot. Rice and stew can be tiring sometimes if we do not alternate with gravy. 

Nigerians have come to accept and love gravies so much so that at events these days, you hardly see rice and stew without some gravy for those who prefer it. To cook cow tail gravy, it's very important to first of all cook the cow tail soft and seasoned before adding to gravy. I pressure cooked the cow tail soft in just 15 minutes.


  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 cup minced meat
  • Seasoning cubes to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper (I always use my pepper sauce for cooking)
  • 3 cabbage leaves
  • 1 large egg plant (Garden egg)
  • 3 medium sized carrots
  • A handful of green peas
  • 1/2 cow tail
  • Thickener ( I used knorr gravy powder (Roast meat)


Recipe: Smoked Fish Gravy With Nigerian Rice

 Smoked fish gravy is sauce cooked like any other gravy we have on this blog. Cooked with vegetables, seasoning and a thickener which could be baking flour.
Cooking gravy is very easy as all it needs is stir fry the vegetables, add stock or water, season to taste and thicken to desired consistency. Gravy is cheaper (less expensive) to cook compared to Nigerian tomato stew. Gravy is nutritious and can make you eat so much rice because of the taste. Can be cooked with meat, chicken, fish etc. Scroll down to see more gravy recipes on the blog.

I used...

  • 6 cups stock but added some more water later to reduce the thickness
  • 4 large carrots
  • 3 medium sized onion
  • 1 large cabbage
  • 4 red bell peppers (tatashey)
  • 2 smoked fish (Titus/mackerel)... deboned
  • 2 packs knorr roast meat gravy
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • Grand soya oil
  • 1 tablespoon pepper sauce
  • 2 knorr cubes

  1. Chop and dice all vegetables and put away.
  2. Wash and debone the smoked fish
  3. Heat oil a little
  4. Stir fry the vegetables with seasoning cubes for about 1 minute or more if you want them a bit soft. I like crunchy veggies.
  5. Add the stock or water or both.
  6. Add pepper sauce and stir, check for taste of salt and seasoning
  7. Thicken. I used knorr gravy and added flour when not satisfied with thickness.
  8. Add smoked fish last so it doesn't crumble during stirring. Check taste and thickness.
  9. Serve with rice.
See step by step cooking pictures after the cut...

How To Celebrate, Have A Fun Easter In Nigeria

Easter To Remember

Easter falls on Sunday March 27 and Monday March 28 this year. Easter Weekend is time to be home with family and celebrate the death and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In Nigeria, we do not know much about egg hunting and painting and other Western stuff,  honestly unlike Christmas, Easter celebrations are kinda boring in many families. People just dress up, go to church, come back home, eat Sunday rice and chicken, and... that's it. Some go nap while others get busy with gadgets taking and posting pics Online. Here is how you can make your Nigerian Easter

Sunday Lunch Shredded Beef Jollof Noodles

A serving of indomie noodles. 
Sunday service was long today. We got home at 1:30 PM and I  couldn’t think of any quick lunch so I brought out 5 packs of noodles. By 1:45 we were eating lunch. Thank God, Sunday rice and stew

My Sunday Lunch Almost Late

Boiled Rice Served with Nigerian tomato stew, moi moi, assorted meats, Lettuce

 Nigerian Sunday lunch Rice and stew.


Just cleared this plate of Sunday rice and stew with bananas. Can you share what you had?  Just received yummy spahhetti, shredded chicken sauce lunch
pics on Whatsapp,  will add them below...

Spaghetti with shredded chicken sauce by Mrs Mike.


Indomie Noodles Recipe AGAIN

Oh yes, indomie again. We've had a long enough break sha. I remember in 2013, when I kept posting different indomie noodle recipes until I started receiving comments asking if noodles are the only thing I know how to cook. I am not a noodle fan. This, here is hubby's  last Sunday's lunch. He loves noodles with lots of vegetables and proteins. I never wanted to share this but come on, someone reading might like it. He enjoyed this lunch thoroughly while I enjoyed my Sunday rice and stew with some chill water. You can also try it this weekend, if your kids love noodles, this is a very nutritious version. When you kids eat this, you are sure there is fibre in their noodles meal and no worries about bowel movements and malnutrition.
I am posting this because even though there are many noodles recipes on the blog, there is none

Mushroom Ogbono Soup With Pounded Yam

Mushroom draw soup with dry catfish and cow skin.

 How to cook ogbono soup with mushroom

Hello, Well, yes I know, I know ... we don't like swallow with soup on Sundays. This is the Sunday before Christmas so we can just

My Jollof Macaroni With Canned Fish

Sizzling hot macaroni straight from the fire.

Super Delicious Chicken Vegetable Sauce Cooked With Knorr Gravy

This should be your go to gravy anytime, anyday, very simple always available ingredients.
  There's not much difference between this gravy and other extra delicious Gravy recipes posted on the blog, I decided to share this since all the others were thickened with flour but this. I used the knorr gravy powder here and it turned out super delicious. I loved it and sharing for anyone that would love to try. If you can't cook this, try othergravy recipes HERE



Gravy Recipes To Cook Over The Weekend, Pick any. Serve With Rice Macaroni Or Spaghetti For 100% Enjoyment

Shredded beef gravy by Lamide

I can serve this this gravies with boiled rice every Sunday Lunch and my family won't complain. I don't know how mavis, Mrs B and Lamide did it, but these and other gravies on the blog taste so good. You guys know me already, if I tried and it didn't taste very good, I'll find a nice way of

Good Nigerian food To Cook This Weekend. Green Jollof plus Green vegetable Soup

Green jollof rice with grilled fish and chicken by Ope
This week there are two recipes to try. If you love to chew, this is for you. The swallow recipe will come below. You can shop after work tomorrow, enjoy cooking and eating on Sunday. Follow the link to view complete recipe; Green Jollof Rice By Ope
Let's get cooking.

For our weekend swallow, let's try us some vegetable soup with semo, eba or poundo. Follow the link

A Testimony By Dee

I was 16 years old in 2006 when I wrote my first Jamb and I scored 300 but didn’t gain admission into the university because my English was withheld in my Waec Result. The next year 2007 the English was released and this time I scored 270 in Jamb and I got admission to study Economics at the Niger Delta University in Bayelsa State Nigeria.

I spent all my four years in the university yet attended church only 3 times (God has forgiven me), Fast forward to 2011, I graduated with a second class lower (2:2), same year I started doing business (buying and selling of female and male items) and November 2011 I went for National Youth Service Corp and rounded up November 2012.

After my NYSC I prayed to God that I don’t want to be Jobless, that I needed a Job before it is November 2013 which will be exactly a year after NYSC. December 2012 I left Port Harcourt where my parents reside and travelled to my state  of origin to stay with my Elder sister for a while because I was so depressed and always lugubrious due to a failed relationship etc.

December 23rd, 2012 on a Sunday I said to

How To Make Simple Nigerian ColeSlaw At Home

 getting ready for my special cole slaw with heinz classic mayonnaise,
 salad cream, Premium dressing and  thousand Island premium dressing.
I never use all  at once, it is either one or the other depending on how I want to use the cole slaw
Dear Diary,
A reader  wants to know  how to make salad and cole slaw

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