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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Pregnancy Weight, Romantic Husband Plus More

1. Hi aunty Eya. Hope yoџ and your family are doing great?. Please i'†ђ3 like to be anonymous.
I've been married for just 2years n my marriage isn't what ℓ̊ want it to be. My husby isn't romantic and is soo nonchalant about it. I try buh he is not encouraging me. I buy him gifts on both val day and his birthday buh he does reciprocate. even ordinary txt he won't send. I've talked to him about it and he was like those things don't matter, buh those littlr little things matter to me. We are young buh am certain our parents share more love than us. Please what can i do to gain his full attention, to make him appreciate me, to be romantic? Pls help!

2. Dear aunty Eya, pls I will be very glad if you can post this anonymously on the blog. I gave birth last month through CS so I wasn't allowed to do most of the therapy a new mum does to get back in shape but I am really anxious to get my shape back especially my tummy. What should I do pls? Is it ok to go on a diet since exercise is out for at least 3-6 months. Thanks so much.
Verere @

3. My marriage is one year, and I have been trying to conceive from onset. But nothing yet. Pls I need average priced, good fertility hospital in Lagos that I can go. And name of any doctor there that will attend and listen to me. Pls help post this on your blog.

4. I'm a secret reader of this blog.  Pls permit to use this medium. I'm  31yrs  guy, from Aks but reside in Imo. I need a lady within

Monday, December 01, 2014

Bucket Bum Lift, Curvy Hips, Hour-Glass-Shape For Ladies

This comment has been on the blog since last week and I wanted to try and confirm before posting but time. We can all try and come back to share how it went. Success on growing and tightening your butt. 
Read it Below:

Good day Aunty Eya. Please help me make this a topic so my sisters on here can benefit from my discovery. I was the same person that made it known sometimes ago that Instagram is on BlackBerry, that is by the way.

What I brought today is Super and i'm sure anyone who gives it a trial would ever be grateful. It's nothing but a Butt lift, Curvy hips and firm butt. It cost nothing but dedication and a Bucket, It is called Bucket I laughed when my South African friend told me about it but I was grateful I did not ignore it because even blind men are commenting on my curve. some even went as far as saying she has started wearing Bum Bum but na lie o, na my bum bum gan gan I dey carry about.

To cut the whole story short, let's get to how its done. Get a bucket which is your butt size, your butt size in the sense that the bum bum would go into the bucket nd stay there tightly, while the hips and the laps settles on the bucket. Sit there as long as you can, while cooking, washing, gisting, instead of sitting on chair, make it an habit to sit on your bucket as often as you can and as longer as you can and smile at your curve in a matter of weeks.
It also helps the back this way don't relax like a tired woman while sitting, sit upright and chest out abit. with that the butt would be lifted, the bum bum would be firm cos it has tightly sitted in the bucket, the back would stretch and the hips would come out too.

You will feel

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Farting From Front Passage

Dear Eya and wives connection blog readers,

How you doin? God bless everyone.
I wrote you some weeks ago ... The first time mum with an unstitched tear I sustained during delivery and I got a few suggestions that helped (God bless everyone),I feel better now, the tear has closed up but the problem is that

Friday, August 15, 2014

Updated: Dear Pregnant Mom, Your Mail Vanished

I wanted to post with a phone very early this morning. Copied and do not know what my finger touched next thing, the mail disappeared. I must have unconsciously touched a button or something. I spent the whole morning looking for this mail cos from the tone I guess you are a first time mom (inexperienced), who wants to do what is right for you and  baby but mom won't let you and now you seem confused.

From the little I can remember, your mother wants you to dump the car and use public transport cos according to her driving is not good for the baby. She has stopped you from bending to sweep and suggests that your husband helps out but you feel he has been doing great since you got pregnant and now it seems he is over stretched and you don't know how to help out.From your mum's rules, all you need to do now is just rest so as not to stress the baby.

You are worried cos you can't stay in a dirty environment and now you are not expected to bend down and sweep. I know there are other questions you asked but can't remember clearly now.
Please Aunty mom, if you still have the mail, resend to enable me publish or update here.

In the meantime, we have a post already that addresses some of your questions like
should a pregnant woman bend to sweep the floor and I know that a lot of pregnant women sweep even up to their EDD, I remember Ace talking about women in the village who farm, bend to cut grass until some even go to farm at 9 months but we all know sha that bodies are different. I don't think even Doctors and midwives discourage bending to sweep but your body might be different from other preggers. For me o, I sweep but not with the short broom, there are some brooms that enable sweep and even pack while standing. There's

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Husband IsTaking A Second Wife, What Can I Do?

Hi Madam Eya and Wc, please help me with. My head is confused this morning. Family members are even making things worse. My husband of  20 years is taking another wife and my aged parents are OK with it. I married him at 19. After secondary school, every other Education I got was while married to him. He was very supportive during my schooling days studying Economics and making babies. He stood by me all those years paying my school fees and the children' without complaining. 
so am not yet forty, am still a young woman who tries her best to look good and take care of her family.

We are from different tribes and it has not been easy. His family kicked against our marriage in the beginning but when we continued, they began to accept me and things have been fine all these years. I have two girls for him and he has always loved his family. 

Recently, my husband's trips to his village have trippled. He spends practically every holiday at home using the excuse of checking up on the project at his home town. Even weekends are not left out, whenever there is a long weekend, he travels for one reason or the other.
I have a few friends from his village so I trust that what am hearing is true. He and his family are secretly planning to marry a very young girl without my knowledge. According to the source that informed me, the lady will not come to stay with us here in Lagos, she'll either move in with his aged parents or he'll get a place for her.

His ways have been

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Giving Used Clothes To A Broke Friend. Can You?

Male and female clothes in lilac
Male and female clothes in lilac. Neat used clothings like these, can you give to a friend or you'd rather take to an orphanage?
Last night I read this post @ Femme Lounge. I do give but only when asked o, and even at that I make sure old ones are selected out of the pack. Kids outgrow their clothings very ast and sometimes do not even get to wear some before they are taken off the wardrobe. If a friend asks, I make sure the items are all brought out and properly inspected before giving cos it would be very embarrassing to give out and later discover that your items were never used or to get a NO THANK YOU reply.

I remember times when I gave even without asking and that is because I was sure this friend trusted me and w'd appreciate my effort and truth is the items were used like the very next day. 
For me, it's a yes and no answer: I know my friends and know the ones that won't appreciate that type of giving so I won't dare. I know the ones that would collect and jokingly ask me to bring some more, these ones I give without asking.

Collecting used clothes from friends when in need? There are friends I can take

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Married For Seven Years, Fending For The Family With My Earnings While Hubby Works For God. What Can I Do?

Hello sister Eya Ayambem, I love your blog and I've introduced it to a lot of my family and friends and they re hooked.please I need advice from wcm, I've been married for 7 yrs plus with no kids.

Since i married my husband I've been the one fending for us with the job am doing,he doesn't give me money for upkeep cos he does not have, even I've had to buy some basic electronics we need and use in the house cos he can't afford to, I even give him money from time to time..I've had to pay Gynae  tests and drugs prescribed for us.

But the thing is, he is very committed to God,the Lord told him to go to hospitals to be praying for the sick and he is been doing that consistently for 4- 5 yrs now, in church if no one

Saturday, February 08, 2014

What Your Fingernails Are Telling You Now

What are these fingernails saying?
A lot of people, especially women do not listen to their nails. Nature has made it possible and easy to look at the nils and tell when your system is truly healthy or giving you warning signs. Before the body finally breaks down, there are warning signs but we just ignore and carry on.

The ladies are the most affected. If we pay attention to our nails, most health issues can be nipped in the bud. For pregnant women, paying attention to your nails will let you know when you are anaemic even before the Packed Cell Volume (PCV) Test.  Most times we just keep polishing and

Friday, January 31, 2014

Battling With Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Any Tips For Me?

Aunty Eya, good evening,please I want u to hide my ID my name is  ... Please i have been battling with blocked fallopian tubes and I really

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

For Pregnancy, Antenatal And Delivery, Is Gov't Hospital Better Than Private?

Hello Eya,

Could you help me sample the opinions of visitors to your blog concerning the above subject?

My mum thinks I should register with the Federal

Friday, January 03, 2014

She Needs To Terminate This Pregnancy

Happy New Year Mrs Eya,
I have a very big problem that is bothering me. My friend came over to have her baby here in the States. She has been told that the baby is not OK, that she needs to terminate this 23 week old pregnancy.

Evacuating  here will

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trying To Conceive Too

Please aunty Eya I don't want my email address to be published with these. I have been married for over one and a half year now and I have not conceived yet, me and my hubby have been to the hospital to see a gyno,and he said we are ok just that my prolactin is high but I do ovulate and I know I

Should A Pregnant Woman Bend To Sweep The Floor?

Hello WC, please I need your help. This is my second pregnancy. During my last, I never swept cos there was help. Now I am all alone and in my third trimester.  Everytime I need to sweep the floor am scared that bending could affect baby in the womb. I feel my

Monday, December 09, 2013

Infertility Is Affecting My Marriage, Please Advise

Good morning madam Eya. I am a reader of your blog I leave comments mostly as anonymous. I sent you a mail about 3months ago but I never saw it posted but all the same that does not stop me from giving advice on my comments to other posts. 

Madam Eya I beg you in the name of God to  advice  me on what to do about my problem am going to be shared with you and the entire WC. Its been a year since I got married and I have not been able to conceive. If I tell you my marriage is suffering you will not believe me. Initially like about 5months ago my husband was not complaining, he even told me on several occassions that it does'nt even matter if its going to take us for 2yrs for us to start making babies but out of pressure from families and a particular friend of his things have changed. Few years ago when I started my menstruation (I was 15 now am 23) I am always irregular, well it did'nt matters to me then but I complained to my mother and she always promises to take me to see a doctor which she never did. 

I think all of that is taking its turn on my fertility now cos whenever I visits a doctor since my TTC they refer to

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Please Help With Breast Milk Booster

Good day WC.
Thank you for this wonderful medium we use to learn everyday.
 I'm a nursing mother, just had my first baby a month ago.
I need advice on how 2 increase my breast milk flow because my baby isn't getting enough. 

Most times, whenever he's done sucking he still cries until I feed him with an infant formula. I've been asked to take large quantities of tea, morning $ night, $ also hot watery pap like mid day which I always do yet, I don't produce enough for my son.

I would also

Friday, November 22, 2013

My Husband Has Low Sperm Count Yet Impregnates Another Girl

Good day aunty eya, I need serious advice asap. My hubby and I have been married for 5yrs now , nov 1st was our anniversary but I found nothing to rejoice about. We have done everything medically but the result came out that my hubby had low sperm count which we treated all to no avail which led us to doing IVF.

The last one we did was negative & they gave us drugs to prepare us for the next round that was when my hubby got another girl pregnant, when I got to know he said it was a mistake, so along the line to the glory of God I got pregnant & that was how

Pregnant At 40 After Eight Years Of Child Birth, I Need Advice

Pregnancy comparison. 26 weeks and 40 weeks. 2005
Pregnancy comparison. 26 weeks and 40 weeks
Hello Aunty Eya, please we need advice from WC blog, hide my identity. My sister just got pregnant at 40 years, her last child is 8. She didn't plan to get pregnant again, it was a mistake. 

Please the pregnancy is still early and we are

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pictures Of My Husband With Another Family, Should I Leave Him?

Hello Aunty Eya and Wives connection blog readers. I need replies urgently cos I'm really worried. I'm bothered. I have been living with my husband for 7 years and we are still believing God for the fruit of the womb.

For the past two years, he's been misbehaving. He leaves home, tells me he is travelling but people tell me they see him around, which is confusing and embarrassing. When confronted, he denies everything. Just last night, he claimed to have travelled then I decided to search his bags. I saw his camera in there and decided to go through the pictures.
What I saw shocked me:
Pics of him in

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Re: Wash All Undergarments Before Wearing, UPDATE

When I saw this comment on the blog yesterday, I had to go read up on Myasis and would like those of us who doubted that post, those who said it's fake to please take our personal hygiene more seriously cos we have only one life and Health we all know is wealth. Not only the washing pleases ladies, let us ensure that they are dry and not damp before taking them in cos you never know what might be hiding in the damp corner of that dress or under garment. 

The free online Dictionary defines myasis as: Myiasis is an infestation of human tissue by the larval stage of flies of the order Diptera.

Here is the

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Check Your Weaves: Worm Infested Hair In The Market

I just saw this at SDK  blog and had to share with ladies here who might not have seen it. Irene Myangoh, a personal assistant working at a law firm in Nairobi went to an upmarket hair salon along Kenyatta Avenue, and spent more than N5,500 on a human hair weave.
Two weeks later she started suffering from severe headache that would not go away. She would wake up with severe headache at night.

She went to a private
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