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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Should I Attend His Wedding?

Good morning Aunty Eya, My name is ************ and my number is *************. Pls do not include my details not even the first digits of my number.

Something has been bothering me for a while now. My ex is getting married next month and he said he doesn't want to look for me at his wedding.

Our break up wasn't bad @ all so we remained friends afterwards. We talk on the phone once in a while and he said one time and I quote 'by God's grace when you and my wife start talking.......'.

I still have

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Marriage Was Not My Priority Then, What Should I Do Now?

I read your blog a lot, I noticed you  from Those Days you always invite people to your blog on Linda Ikeji blog. 
I am in my late twenties, I am Presently in Germany studying .
 -Now in 2007 I met this guy, he did not ask for friendship or anything, he just asked straight for marriage, marriage wasn’t my priority then and my idea of marriage has always been to marry my friend, I mean let friendship grow into marriage not just straight off marriage also I was so absorbed in my career and felt I wasn’t mature enough for marriage (a girl can be 21yrs and matured for marriage while a girl can be 26yr and still not matured).
-         We met again in 2010 and he still asked me to marry him, and I refused, I wanted us to be friends first so I accepted to visit him and spent the weekend, but nothing happened between us, not even kissing or touching. I refused and he respected my wishes. 

-         Finally, I was ready to travel to Germany to further my studies  late 2011  and I met this guy again and he

Friday, August 9, 2013

Am I Right Or Wrong?

My name is ................. & my number is ................. Pls hide my details.
My closest girlfriend went behind me to ask my husband for money. My husband just told me & I got really angry because I feel she should have come through me first. Please I would like to know if am right or wrong?

In fact I told my husband not to give her, hoping

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Should I Try To Get A Child Out Of Wedlock Or Press For Marriage?

I Need To Make Babies Fast

Good evening Aunty Eya................., I live in ................., i'm a 24 year old law student awaiting law school, i'm not married but in a relationship of almost 7years, my boyfriend is 30.

 Let me apologize before hand for the long epistle, just trying to paint a better picture for you guys.
I had a lumpectomy on my left breast 2years ago, sometime last year I noticed a colourless discharged came out from my nipple whenever a little pressure was applied on my breast, I went to my gynae who diagnosed me with hormonal imbalance and gave me some drugs for it, then I noticed I was having

Monday, June 3, 2013

Getting Comfortable By Celise

When you first start dating a new Le Boo you are very careful to present yourself in the best light possible. You constantly make sure you brush your teeth, be in your best clothes and always look on point anytime you are meeting. This is the new period in a relationship where each person is worried about the impression they are presenting to the other person.
I remember that when I started dating my boyfriend, I could

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Should I Go In Search Of My Dad?

Hello Aunty Eya,
I am a reader of your blog with some family issues I know the sound minds on that blog can help me straighten. I am just getting to know that my Biological Father is not the one I call Father. I grew up all my life knowing him as my father.

Last week I eavesdropped on a conversation between my mum and a

Monday, May 6, 2013

RE: Should I cut all Ties...? A Friend's Reply

Good morning aunty and my fellow blog readers. I have really learnt a lot from this wonderful blog and am happy and blessed to be among this great family. Please bare with my lengthy post. Aunty please don't post my email I'd. Thx

I really don't know where to start but I guess I have to start from somewhere. So i woke up yesterday morning to a strange ping from my friend and after

Sunday, March 3, 2013

He Threw Away My Engagement Ring, Help Urgently

English: Three stone engagement ring - in yell...
 Three stone engagement ring - in yellow gold - 1791 Diamonds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Aunty Eya, pls it is with the trust and respect I have in you that I write this mail, pardon my manners,how is your husband and family.
Am a young lady, just graduated from the university months

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hubby Selects My Obituary Pictures

How do I read my husband's thoughts? I need help!

 people tell me that I look like some one they can trust. I don't know.
But one thing is sure, friends love to confide in me. I am not trying to brag here, it's true.

My former neighbor tried to seek my opinion concerning a matter, I refused to say anything then. That was Just a week before I started typing on my browser and publishing.*wink*

Jemilah was looking at her photo album in her sitting room,
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