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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wives Connection Updates And My Confession, God Please Help Me!

Hello Aunty Eya,

Are you okay? Is everyone and everything okay?
I have been refreshing Wc for almost a week now with no new post and this is very unlike you. I know you just moved house about a month ago but creating a little time out of your busy schedule to upload one new post everyday is very important to keep Wc alive and running.

You worked hard to create awareness that's why we all got to know of and joined wC so please don't relax now so you are not back to square 1 again.

Please also update Wc on your absence as people have started speculating and saying a lot of insulting things.

Some of us look up to you as you have empowered us in so many ways you are not even aware of. Please don't let that positive energy in you be tired as that might affect us your fans.


Hi sister ..., thanks for your kind words. You know I wanted to let you guys know I'm very very

Saturday, January 04, 2014

I Have A Confession...

Um, I don't know how to say this but I can't run away from the truth. I once boasted about something to you guys but ...I refuse to link to that post for now. I was so sure of something but got the opposite, lol. 

Wish I know how to keep quiet but it won't be fair on my loving/caring blog readers. There was a post last year 2012, where I said

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Body No Be Wood O, Kindly Bear With Me Please

May I use this time to plead with everyone that you pls continue to bear with me. I have been really down lately but didn't want to mention it. #MyFaithSaysI'mStrong

When I post, I do so lying down and sometimes I can't even wake up in the evening to check my mails or post.

Sorry for delaying your mails, once my health  picks up, we'll continue as usual. For those unhappy that I don't add my voice to the advice given pls bear with me. For now, I visit the blog sometimes just once in a whole day. I will try and make it up. Thanks to everyone who has continued to visit whether I post or not and for all of us still contributing comments, and still helping out with advice to those in need, may The Almighty bless you all abundantly.

**I receive a lot of mails these days from us readers, pleading that I don't publish, requesting that I just advice and leave it that way for fear of insults. May

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Name Change Consideration?

Hello Blog Fam(
When I started this blog, believe me, didn't think there would be men and singles here. In my mind, I wanted a place where wives will come relax, sit like in a town hall meeting, discuss with different wives, share ideas, share their different problems and look for solutions together. This is what led to the name wives townhall connection which I later shortened to wives connection.

To the glory of the Almighty, our men discovered the blog, some were introduced by their wives and girlfriends while others

Friday, May 31, 2013


Wives Connection Is One
Wives connection Emergency kitchen.
Celebrating one year of blogging. To God be all the glory. Though I wanted to blog and just do something about families, women, cooking etc, I didn't know it was going to kick off on that fateful day. It all started on the 31st May 2012 late at night trying to experiment with my daughter. Suddenly we saw pageviews and decide  to try again, we saw more pageviews and I'm "Ok, I think people enjoy reading what I post so I'll keep posting"

Between May 2012 and January 2013, the blog had just over 30,000 views. Between January 2013 and May 2013 this blog has seen over

Sunday, May 05, 2013

What's Your Worst Cooking Blunder?

Yesterday Saturday, everyone was at home and my girls asked for Corn and bean meal. I cook this with sweet corn and we enjoy it.  don't know why yesterday I
didn't feel like using sweet corn. I sent for a mudu of corn from the market, which they helped me wash and put on the fire.

After about 20 minutes, I washed the brown beans and added.  Tried to take pictures so I can share but the camera was giving colors I didn't understand. I guess my kids must have played with the settings of that camera. Anyway, I dropped the camera and continued cooking. All  ingredients added. The

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Pictures From Our Tour Of The Agbokim Waterfalls

 Right in the main bowl of the Agbokim waterfalls.
We are here in December, and the tour guide explains that there is not much to see because at this time of the year, the water level has reduced. The best time to visit the Falls

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New year and Thank You

 It's a happy New Year, so we dance

 boogie boogie, it's a happy New Year
I can't thank you enough for making me a blogger. The only reason I still write and publish is because you read and I see the page views increasing.
This blog was born on the 30th of

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Tour Of The Agbokim WaterFalls In Pictures

Just got back from touring the Agbokim waterfalls. I tried to see if it connects, and though very slow internet connection here, I am still happy that I can post a few pics. The day was full of adventure. We were ten in number that made the trip.

The excitement on the faces of the young ladies when I announced to them this morning that we will be visiting the waterfalls in Cross River State. The trip was uneventful except for good music and video CDs that I packed for the girls and which kept us company, some fell asleep in the car, but once the kids set eyes on the waterfalls and the vapor around the falls, the atmosphere changed automatically. We took so many pics and I hope to upload more later.
Posing for photographs on a hill beside the Agbokim water falls. Lol!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Between Water And Electricity

 Free Flowing Natural Water
Now I'd understand better when I hear someone say "water is life."  There has not been a single drop of running water in my area for about four days now. Water board announced that they were having problems and that by Saturday  water will begin to run again. Saturday ran by, Sunday crawled along and now, Monday has arrived. Today is a working day and people are really in need of pure portable water.
Now, to you Water Board, *a promise not kept* and to

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Am First To Finish. For How Long?

 This morning, I am seriously considering our everyday winner gets a gift thing. It is becoming a chore for me with having to get something for the first to finish on a daily basis. At the end of the day, it is not only the winner who takes it. The loser also gets something because I cannot endure the cries and promises to do better next time.

At the beginning of this School session, I felt a little bit relaxed when it comes to morning rush. This is because the two "senior" girls have left for boarding School and it felt like "OK, with this two little ones, the work is reduced by half," I was sooo wrong.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Eya, Learn A Second Language!

French homework
French homework (Photo credit: eefeewahfah)
Learning a foreign language has become very necessary for me. Kids bring homework for supervision, I do it successfully in all other subjects except French Language. Every time there is home work in French Language, I keep my head straight,  put a little frown on,  before giving the response " Leave that one for Daddy or go check Online" If I do not put that little frown that makes me very serious, I will have to answer too many questions for not knowing  the answers to "that simple French Homework"

The kids are learning French in School. Hubby can speak English, French and  German fluently and even a bit of Japanese, so, why can't I just try to speak at least one foreign language. Am I that dull?  I announce to them on Sunday evening that before this year ends, I will not only be learning but speaking French Language in this house. They ask how and I refuse to say.  Why should I?  when all I want is shock them with speaking. 
There was no time to start yesterday as planned,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Letter To My Daughters

My Dearest Cuties,
How are you doing today? Hope you are doing great and having a good time?  We are fine except that we miss you so much. We are eagerly looking forward to the Christmas holiday. The days seem so slow while the nights drag too long. In just three weeks we are going to be together. These three weeks seem like a whole year to me. How are your friends? Do you find time to talk a little and have some fun or do you just read read read and read? 

Every evening I imagine you two reading in the School library. I see you walk back to your different rooms and Shaloooo, I see you waving goodnight to your little sister Boboo and I just wish that you two share the same room or hostel. If it were possible, I would have ensured that you both sleep side by side. 
It is shocking how

Monday, November 12, 2012

True Confession Night

Spent the whole early hours enjoying #confession night on Twitter and laughing. Will like to share the twelve  that made me laugh the loudest: I refused to confess on Twitter and chose to make my confessions in the "privacy" of my blog readers.

Friday, November 09, 2012

High Heeled Shoes? Not Anymore

A short Comment I left at Romance Meets Life inspired  this post. While admiring Myne's collection of  lovely high heeled shoes, the memories just came right back. Never thought I'd say this here, but the discussion  after my comment made me decide to share. I love heels especially platforms. They help you walk elegantly. When you wear high heeled shoes your steps are taken care of. Even without much on, you feel confident and classy. I love platforms, I love heels. However, a fall I had recently made me decide to reduce my inches when it comes to beautiful stilts:

My husband and I were at a

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Ten Commandments Of Our Bathroom

English: Pedestal squat toilet
English: Pedestal squat toilet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Decorative toilet seat
Decorative toilet seat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  1. If at first you don't succeed, KEEP FLUSHING! DON'T RUSH OUT!
    1. You must sit straight up. Bending forward is not permitted as it may splash toilet water on your bum. Bending forward may soil the whole place when you have a running stomach. Sitting straight sends it straight down and neat too.

  2. You must not talk while in there. Lips must
    remain sealed to enable you concentrate.

  3. Do not forget to spray the deodorant before leaving. Spraying more than once can be offensive and choking so one pufffff is enough.

Monday, October 08, 2012

What's In A Name?

Eya Ojong Ayambem
"Today it is Joy Ojay, Tomorrow it will be Eya. Is she OK at all?  What is her name by the way?"...  "This lady is not serious at all. At a time when we are getting used to Joy Ojay, she suddenly switches to one long African Name Lol!"

Dear readers, please bear with yours truly. It is just one person.

Friday, July 27, 2012

How can I discover my true self?

Eya Ayambem, three months after delivery of my baby boy (he just finished suckling o. Remove your eye from there, this is my fifth eh?), Cutting the cake at Hubby's Birthday Dinner. Why the photographer cut my palms, I do not know. ShinesTeeth.
While growing up in my village, I started even as a young girl, to gather other kids my age, and begin to teach them by mimicking my favorite teacher then, Mr Williams, may his soul rest in peace. I will hold a cane in my left hand with a piece of  chalk on the other. Stand in front of my friends and try to teach whatever I learnt in school that day. Surprisingly,
these kids parents return to thank me for a class that was supposed to be like children playing. The kids go back home, recite whatever I taught them and their parents are impressed. I grow older, and as a teenager, I begin to teach the children's Sunday school class in my local church.
Then I grow much older, I graduate into teaching the teenage Sunday school class, and honestly I still remember the faces of those who came to tell me how my teaching affected their lives.

Later on, I write JAMB examination hoping to read a course that will really pay much money when I eventually get a job. However, after failing the examination twice, I decide to try the Polytechnics and Colleges of Education Examination. I passed this one at my first trial and then consoled myself that

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beauty Tips For My Face

These tips are what works for my face. No matter how hard I try, if I do not get enough rest, the pimple ( acne) just won't go. Without any efforts, my face bounces back to it's freshness when I include green veggies and fruits in my meals and then do these three major things: A smooth face is easy to have and maintain, if only we constantly do what works for our faces.

  1. Rest whenever I sense that my body is tired. 
  2. Sleep sleep sleep. 
  3. Remember not to go to bed with make-up
It feels like the second point is impossible but it is't. We cannot get enough sleep because of our priorities and time management. If we take some minutes out of the time we use for each of these:

How I Manage My Kids In Public Places

Unruly children in public can be such a handful. They can get even the most patient of parents screaming and yelling if s/he does not constantly caution herself.
Successful  and stress-free managing of kids in public starts right at home before we set out.
Tutoring and reminders help me a lot. One thing I have realized over the years is that every time I take kids out without having a word with them at home, we get the same old results of rowdiness, difficulty in managing them, At the end of the day, we come back home really tired as a result of a stressful outing.
These are some of my tips:
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