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When To Stop Wearing Diapers On Your Baby


There is no set time to stop using diapers on babies because you know what? they are all different. However, while some show signs of readiness and stop as early as two, others may not be ready until they are three. For instance,   my girls stopped wearing diapers earlier than their brother. At two they were no longer padded, could say when they wanted to use the potty and stayed dry the

Love Generously. If God Didn't Have A Purpose For Us, We Couldn't Be Here

Read This:
At the prodding of my friends I am writing this story.  My name is Mildred Honor. I am a former elementary school Music Teacher from Des Moines, Iowa.

I have always supplemented my income by Teaching Piano Lessons...Something I have done for over 30 years. During those years, I found that Children have many levels of musical ability, and even though I have never had the prodigy, I have taught some very talented students. However, I have also had my share of what I call 'Musically Challenged Pupils.

One such Pupil being Robby. Robby was 11 years old when his Mother (a Single Mom) dropped him off for his first Piano Lesson.

I prefer that Students (especially Boys) begin at  an earlier age, which I explained to Robby.  But Robby said that it had always been his Mother's Dream to hear him play the Piano, so I took him as a Student.

At the end of each weekly Lesson he would always say 'My

Is Alcohol Completely Condemned By Scripture?

Wine Versus excessive drinking, Which Is Wrong?

Good day Eya, I'm a Christian wife and mom who is getting quite addicted to wives Connection Blog. My husband is not an alcoholic but he drinks a little. I do not drink at all and because of this the kids think am more Christian than their father. I tried to explain to them last night when they said it, I told them that

10 Things You Should Never Say To People Trying To Conceive (TTC)

 Image: TheGrio.

People sometimes don't know what to say to those going through this phase, and when they finally say something, you just wish they hadn't. In the journey of waiting on The Almighty, the giver of children, women have heard crazy, heart rending things being said to them. Surprisingly, these statements come from people very close who know their struggle.

1. You are still young, why are you worrying yourself? Yes na, we all know she is still young and she knows also that, if she is not too young yo get married, then she is not too young for anything. 

2. You are too fat, maybe you need to lose weight: Haven't we seen lots of big

When Should I Tell My Family That I'm Pregnant?

Hello Anty Eya , I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and I'm not sure when to tell my parents and my husband's parents. I've had three miscarriages in the past, two after I told my relatives I was pregnant, the last one happened before I could inform anyone. Telling I'm pregnant and later losing could be making me look

Kudos As The Ministry of Education Moves to merge Christian and Islamic studies in schools. I Love It

Merging Christian and Islamic Studies Is  A Welcome Development

As I mother, I love this development by the Ministry of Education because you know what? If kids are given the freedom to know something about other Religions, there will definitely be less Religious Crisis in future. Tolerance for other Religions begin right there in the classroom where a Christian and an Islamic child sit together to listen to lessons about God. If they grow up learning Religion together at School, there will be more understanding and acceptance of others. After all, in our days we were taught that way. I learnt about  other world Religions in Primary and Secondary School, that made me realize that the whole world is not just filled with us Christians alone, there are people who believe in other supreme beings and that there are also people (Atheist)  who do not believe in the existence of any God; School taught me about Hindu, Budhism, Islam and so on. 

Although I grew up in the south not knowing what a mosque looked like, I was still taught and made to understand that Muslims pray in a place called a Mosque. The very first time I saw a mosque, it wasn't that strange because already I knew a little something about it. As a teacher, honestly, I never really liked the method of taking kids to separate classrooms when it's time for Religious Studies.Teaching these kids together doesn't mean they'll be converted into different Religions, No, Let's not forget that NO KNOWLEDGE IS WASTED. I support this move wholeheartedly, let the kids begin to sit under one roof when God is being mentioned and to ask questions and laugh together and know that the whole world is not just populated by Christians and Muslims alone. Read the article below and please let's hear if you are in support or against, leave your reason/s on the comment box...


10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Kids

African American baby crying
Baby photoBanana Stock/ Jupiter.

  1. You'll never sleep soundly again. From the moment you leave the delivery room with your baby into the post natal ward, you start to worry about what to do next and what to do after that and after that. Doctor visits, going early for immunizations, checking tiny heartbeats, checking even while baby is sleeping soundly, worrying bath water might choke baby, soap might hurt  baby's tender eyes and so on. Sleep is gone out the window, even if the baby is a deep sleeper, I still cannot sleep. All through the years of my raising these kids, sleep deprivation has really dealt with me I won't lie. The sign is clearly written on my dark eye circles, but now, thanks to good Foundations and concealers, una for run when una see my dark eye pishures.
  2. Mummy brain, I don't know if this too is caused by

10 things you must do as a first time mom

    Breastfeeding position
     Image courtesy: Pinterest.

  1. Breastfeeding isn't easy in the first few days of life: Your baby will fuss and cry a lot because he is not latching properly. If you have a kitchen stool, sit on it, a chair that has firm back and bum rest, sit on it to breastfeed. Avoid sitting on cushions and your soft bed to nurse. Sit and hold the baby like shown on the image above. If your baby has a great appetite and can suck for hours "Foodious baby" try changing positions to avoid back ache. You can start with Cradle hold, then change to cross-cradle hold, lying on your side to breastfeed or doing the laid back method. These are the best breastfeeding methods taught at antenatal and post natal clinics. When you lie by your side to breastfeed, ensure that you do not fall asleep o. Your newborn can choke on the freshly loaded boobies. If you wake up at night to feed and still feeling sleepy, try your best to sit.

    ALSO READ: How to give bath to new born baby
  2. You need some new mom breastfeeding essentials like breast pads to keep the loaded milk from soiling your clothes, ask for either disposable or washable breast pads at the baby items shop. There's so much in the disposable packs that you may not exhaust all before your breast milk stops leaking. Remember that stale milk has an odour and as you breast feed, deodorants are

My Friend's Weird Relationship With Her Uncle; Should I Do Something?

Good morning Aunt Eya, I need advise from the wives connection blog, Please help me share without my details. I’ve had a close relationship with one of my friends since the days of Secondary School and we are now in our twenties and, graduated from Uni though none of us don get work. My friend has lost her father as a teenager and probably because of that she is close to her uncle (Her

My Mom Prefers My Siblings and she doesn't hide it. Is My Plan A Stupid Idea?

Hello Aunty Eya, I spent this whole week reading issues posted and commensure,  honestly I beg that you kindly share mine too on wives connection, sorry to bother you all with my teenage drama but I really need help. I am the last child of my family, I'll be 18 this year, I live in South Africa, found your blog on Google search and I need some advice please.

I just concluded in my head and mind that I'm my mom's least favorite child. I know a lot of kids think this, and I might be overreacting but it's something that

Re: I'm 8 Months Pregnant With The Hymen Intact, Can't Bear To Be Disvirgined

Ok, here is my comment for those of us who have asked me on Whatsapp to also leave a comment on that post. The poster replied today and says she is waiting for my comment too. I think the post has really gone down to page 2 of the blog and a lot of those who commented there may not see my thoughts if I don't bring it up here so here is what I think

My Comment:

We Decided On Formula For Our Baby, Please Suggest good ones

Good Pm, aunt Eya, please I need your advice. I had a 5 weeks baby girl, whenever I breastfeed her she's not satisfied always crying for more. Me & my husband now

We Are Worried About My Son And His Controlling Wife

Hello Madam Eya, I am a forty something year old lover of your blog who left Nigeria long ago but, still feels like home when I come Online and connect with Nigerian blogs like wives connection and a few others. can you please help me post my little challenge with my adult son on the blog for advise? Three years ago, my then 25 year old son met a girl, 23, and "fell in lust" here in the US .....unknown to me and my husband at the time, she was already married

New Mom Tips: Best Hot Water Flask To Use In Nigeria

Hi Aunty Eya, Am a new mom who got so much help from wives connection during the period of my pregnancy. God bless everyone that shared pregnancy tips on the blog. I need help from other moms

Antenatal Care In Port Harcourt. Suggest Best Hospital

Aunty Eya Good morning. i'm just confused as to where i'll start antenatal care here in port harcourt. I stay in choba Uniport and i'm in my final year although i'm not based here.

How To Teach your child to clean his bottom

Maybe you weren't taught growing up as some African moms may not know that wiping clean is an art that should be taught. Please don't let the kids learn by trial and error. Poop stains in their under pants is not hygienic. While you clean your child up, it's good to have a conversation, talk him through it. For girls, make sure she knows she should always wipe from front to back. Boy or girl, you may have to get graphic to describe what you're doing, yes oh.

A girl should never wipe from back to front as that can introduce germs and faeces from the back to the it.
How to teach your child to wipe their bom bom:

How Can I Make My Son Born Out Of Wedlock Legitimate In Nigeria?

Good morning wives connection family. I had a fight with my inlaws because they show no respect when they come visiting. It's like my kitchen is a thoroughfare where they can just pick whatever they like as a takeaway, open freezer to see what's in there and even check pots on the cooker like we are mates.

So we exchanged some sour words with my SIL and she kept repeating that my son is an illegitimate child ;(
I had this boy before hubby and I wedded officially,  in

Help With My Baby's Hair

Please I need advice on how to grow a baby girl's hair. My baby is 15 months old. I only trimmed her hair a little when she was about 9 months old. the front was long but the back was very low and scanty.
The back refuses to grow. The hair looks like its cutting and looks very dry. I usually use shea butter but stopped about 2

How To Care For Baby Skin In Nigeria. I need help oh

Hello WC, I was advised to get aveeno if I want the best skin for my new born. Now, Aunty Eya, it's like her skin was better when I used black palm kernel oil which I dropped cuz I don't like the smell. There are rashes on my

My Baby Is Ready For Potty training, How Do I Know? READ ALL THE SIGNS BELOW

 A Potty should not be made to look too fancy else toddlers mistake them for toys. An hour doesn't pass without my baby dragging and pulling the potty all over the house even into the kitchen.  So, one has to maintain 100% hygiene for their safety.

  Yesterday I went potty shopping because the one that came with the bath tub is now small and too low for my baby. He has started school this week and GOD! I'm so grateful. He started showing signs before Christmas but I wasn't interested, all I wanted to do was wait until he is 2 at least but now that he is in

Do You Keep Financial Secrets From Your Spouse?

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