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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Four Nigerian Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

     A pot of isi ewu cooked with potash..    
  1.  Ngwongwo:  (Not the goat meat type, I mean dog meat ngwongwo). This is a dog meat delicacy from Calabar also known as forty forty. Not all Cross Riverians eat dog meat

Monday, November 02, 2015

Re: Please Suggest Good Igbo Names For Twin Babies

Hi Aunty Eya, well done and may God Almighty bless you for all that you are doing for us on this blog. My table has more variety since I found this blog. You will reap bountifully. I am a reader of wives connection who discovered the blog just last week. My wife is in her third tremester of

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

How To Start A Weekend Home Daycare In Nigeria, Make Quick Cash

First of all, let's talk about why you need a weekend daycare before looking at how to start one and make cool cash from desperate owambe mothers seeking where to drop kids off and enjoy Saturday events. The time to start opening weekend daycare centers in Nigeria is NOW, you know why? Life generally ha become very busy and stressful especially for single moms.

Last week Saturday , I needed to go gym for at least one hour and because O don't have anyone to leave my baby with, it didn't work out. Canceling the gym appointment made me feel bad that there's no where in this country where one can just drop their kids and run a few errands that might not need taking baby along.

The season of weddings and other events is here, after a

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Hate My Son Now, How Do I Change It Please?

[04:15, 23/06/2015] : Anty Eya.
[04:15, 23/06/2015] ‪: Goodmorning ma.
[04:16, 23/06/2015] ‬: I guess it's easier to reach you here than mail.
[04:16, 23/06/2015] ‬: Bikko read and post this asap. It's urgent and important.
[04:16, 23/06/2015]‬: HELP, I DNT LOVE MY SON.

I'm not going to bore you with the very long story, help is what I need and help is what I'm asking. But for clarity sake, permit me give you a brief summary of the entire story as it is.
I'm a single mum,my son is 9 years old and im 19years older than him. I'm a very dutiful mother. Right from pregnancy till now, the irresponsible man I got pregnant for hasn't contributed up to 10,000N in this boys life. He is the only regret I have in my entire life, I wish he wasn't the father of my son.

I have loved this child right from pregnancy, when I held him in my hands as a baby for the first time, I loved him more, as a toddler, I still loved him silly. He was my entire world, I lived for him. Until.... well, until his father yanked him from me at the age of 3yrs, and went to dump him with his elder sister...story for another day.
I prayed and fasted, I kept in touch with the sister, id send money, food, sch fees, etc. In short, I was still there as a mother for my son. I kept praying for his return,17months later, the aunt miraculously returned my son to me, without me asking him.

The love of a mother knows no bound, but when I saw my son, he looked so unhealthy. I couldn't believe it. This was a child that was very chubby and healthy before he was taken away. They returned a healthy soul but sick body to me. What could I do? He was my son, my first.Love drove me to action.I took him and nursed him back to health. And it was indeed a battle, cos for another 3years, I kept treating one boil, and rashes after the other.... too long a story... Thank God. He's whole now.

Hate is such a strong word to use here. No,that's not what I feel for this child right now. I just don't  like him. I dnt love him either. I dont have feelings for him. Don't get me wrong. God has really helped me. My son attends one of the best private school in my area. I buy good clothes for him, feed him well, he has a private tutor, cos we stay together,he's also smart too. Damn, im to Damn well a dutiful mother.
But,Deepdown, I can't bear to show him affectionate love. I dnt know when this thing started, 3yrs ago?

Friday, December 05, 2014

Eya Girl At The Gym Burning Calories

 Really panting here, yet no sweat making it look like I 'm not serious.
 It's fun trying to lose weight and live healthy. Can't afford to over work my small blood pumping heart. I hardly sweat and don't like it. After all the exercises and panting, the only clothing item on me that tasted sweat was the sports bra, every other thing looked like I just woke up from a restful sleep. I didn't know that even without sweating much sef, one can still burn calories. I burnt close to 200 at just this first visit.

With a body weight of 87.3kg as at arrival at the gym, I need to lose but, come to think of it, I am tall so, it's not that bad. If I can lose just 10kg, I'll just maintain. My ideal weight is 75kg, here I know the body is healthy and the heart is not overworked. So help me God. Yes, I need this prayer cos I wanted to gym daily but was asked to make it four times per week. My next appointment was supposed to have been last weekend and here I am still planning to. It takes a lot of determination and hardwork and sacrifice.

I love to exercise, and, gymming everyday wouldn't have been a problem but right now it is a bit of a challenge because the two men that carried Mr young man while I exercised saw hell. He was ready to scream his lungs out until Mummy appears. If I was keeping him at the daycare or even a nanny would have really really made things easy but for where? I'm not allowed to enjoy any of these privileges now.

Hubby says he

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Family Threatens To Kill Me, If I Come Back Again For My Child, Please Help

Pls ma save me from this wahala o!
 I had a child with this illitrate guy who claim he is a pastor 15yrs ago. he denied the paternity so i decided to go see his father since they all knew and i dnt have a job and my family d
that could help said i have to take him to court to decide how he would take care of me but I refused since he is a man of God thinking we could settle it through church. 

when i got there his father claimed his son has married a church sister and havd travelled to south africa for church work but that i can drop the baby (2yrs then) and write her date of birth.

 In 2004 i went back when i got a job, to have my child back but the father refused me only for the family to give my

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mother-In-law Has Placed Me On Diet Soon After Giving Birth, That Ok?

Good day aunty Eya and fellow blog readers.Am an ardent reader of wives connection blog I prefer to remain anonymous.

Pls I need your advice am a first time mom,i had my baby few weeks ago,Hubby & I still live with his mum & siblings.Immediately after the birth of my child my mother inlaw placed me on a no carb diet she feels she's helping me because according to her hubby is still young and doesn't like chubby ladies and may fall out of love with me if I ever get fat.

For now I eat strictly fruits,peppersoup with 5 spoons of brown rice,unripe plantain and beans.Pls moms in the house i'd like know if this can affect my little one in any way as I plan to breastfeed her exclusively.

And also I

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Farting From Front Passage

Dear Eya and wives connection blog readers,

How you doin? God bless everyone.
I wrote you some weeks ago ... The first time mum with an unstitched tear I sustained during delivery and I got a few suggestions that helped (God bless everyone),I feel better now, the tear has closed up but the problem is that

Sunday, September 14, 2014

First Time Mum: Has Anyone Been In This Situation?

 I must say that I have learnt a lot from wives connection blog though I never knew a day would come when I'll have to write in for help...

Am a first time mum,had my baby ten days ago and I had a little tear which the doctor said didn't need to be stitched,its painful like crazy and am so scared even after d normal everyday hot water massage

Initially I couldn't

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hospital List For Delivery In Nigeria

Helloo Aunty Eya and WC, I discovered this blog on Google while searching for recipes of Nigerian soups and have since become a follower. I need a little help. I am a first time mom in my third trimester. My hospital is a private one maybe that's why I haven't been given a must have delivery list for pregnant mothers.

I asked my midwife and Doctor, they all teel mke the same thing, to come along with my personal effects and items I will need without listing them out. I'm planning to

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Six month Old Lacks Head Control

Please could you post my question in your blog so anyone that's had a similar experience can comment.
My daughter is currently six months old and she can't hold her head yet. our pediatrician directed us to a physiotherapist but the exercises we have been doing haven't changed things much. she's rolling over and meeting all her other mile stones except the head control which she can't hold for more than five seconds and when she does it tilts to the side though she can

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unripe Banana Meal For My Baby

A serving of soft unripe banana meal for babies
Babies love unripe banana pudding. While crackingn our heads on what to start with when introducing them to solid food, THIS is one of the best. Cooked with enough crayfish. Ikokore babana is cooked just like wives connection step by step ekpang or the normal water yam ikokore. It can be served adults too and I love it.

This meal can be prepared for the whole family with other sources of protein but when cooking for these little ones, crayfish alone is just ok. Cooked without pepper for now.

Ingredients For Unripe banana meal:

  • Unripe banana, you need

Friday, August 15, 2014

Updated: Dear Pregnant Mom, Your Mail Vanished

I wanted to post with a phone very early this morning. Copied and do not know what my finger touched next thing, the mail disappeared. I must have unconsciously touched a button or something. I spent the whole morning looking for this mail cos from the tone I guess you are a first time mom (inexperienced), who wants to do what is right for you and  baby but mom won't let you and now you seem confused.

From the little I can remember, your mother wants you to dump the car and use public transport cos according to her driving is not good for the baby. She has stopped you from bending to sweep and suggests that your husband helps out but you feel he has been doing great since you got pregnant and now it seems he is over stretched and you don't know how to help out.From your mum's rules, all you need to do now is just rest so as not to stress the baby.

You are worried cos you can't stay in a dirty environment and now you are not expected to bend down and sweep. I know there are other questions you asked but can't remember clearly now.
Please Aunty mom, if you still have the mail, resend to enable me publish or update here.

In the meantime, we have a post already that addresses some of your questions like
should a pregnant woman bend to sweep the floor and I know that a lot of pregnant women sweep even up to their EDD, I remember Ace talking about women in the village who farm, bend to cut grass until some even go to farm at 9 months but we all know sha that bodies are different. I don't think even Doctors and midwives discourage bending to sweep but your body might be different from other preggers. For me o, I sweep but not with the short broom, there are some brooms that enable sweep and even pack while standing. There's

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Anyone Knows Natural Tips For My Jaundiced Infant?

Hi Aunty EYa
Pls help post as it's urgent.
I just birthed a beautiful baby boy but has jaundice.  We've been in and out of hospital. Pls what natural remedy can I do to cure it..
Was told about unripe pawpaw soaked but Wat quantity is he to take nd if I need to take too. More suggestions r welcome pls.

Eya: Ok, the pawpaw water my neighbor gave her jaundiced baby, there were no measurements o. She
gave a few baby spoons each time she felt baby was thirsty kind of and it cleared within days but I have never tried it. I wanted to after we left the hospital with my baby but all the paw paw trees we found then had no single fruits, I guess that was not a paw paw season. We searched, asked people to help but none could find any unripe paw paw so I just continued to take him outside every morning until it finally cleared. 
Those coloured eyes lingered for over a month cos the sun wasn't coming out early and by the time it comes, it's already too hot for a baby's skin and then even when we see it and rush out, clouds cover the rays but since the Doctors said the bilirubin level has drastically reduced, I just waited and trusted God until the eyes finally cleared after like close to two months which was too long for any mother.

Eya: I'll

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Any Tips For My Preterm Baby?

Hello WC. Good day to you all. I wish you all the best in life. I really hope my concerns would be put up for discussion. 

I am a first time mom to a preterm 2 weeks old baby. My baby came at 35 weeks. 
My concerns are that I am not lactating well, so, I have been using formula. 


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pregnancy Is Past EDD, Can I Escape Being Induced? I Need Help Please Mothers

Good evening everyone,  Pls this is a personal question which I need advice to urgently. Pls help post on the blog, I also  need your very own advice ma. It's 6days past 39weeks in my pregnancy and labour is not forth coming ,this is my first pregnancy. 

The doctor told me they will have to induce me in the hospital if after 40 weeks and labour do not happens( heard it is very very painful). My questions are: 
during my 37th week I crossed a busy road  with running a little, I then felt a gush of water from my vagina soaking my pant and a bit of discomfort in my  lower abdomen.

 I remember getting

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Re: Photos, Bathing A Baby, My Baby's Sheabutter/Vaseline Skin

My baby at 3 months
Hi Anon, I promised to upload a picture of baby's vaseline skin on the baby bathing post but it cannot upload there so I brought it here. At birth, I started with sheabutter but right now it's vaseline all the way. This was a selfie taken just four days ago on our way to pick his sisters from School.

A lot of people say that

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pictures: How To Give Bath To Newborn Baby

Handle the baby like shown in the picture to prevent soapy and slippery baby from slipping off your grip. Your left hand must grab the baby's left hand from the armpit and remain there until washing is done. The right hand does all the soaping and pouring of water. Even if bathing baby in the sink, grab armpit plus arm with left hand and do not release that grip.
I refuse to show him in swim suit(: with diaper is ok.

  1. Get a low stool to sit on. The bed in baby's room is low enough reason I didn't use the stool. If you prefer to stand while giving the bath, then place items on the dining table. I won't advise Nigerian moms to bathe babies in the kitchen sink cos we cook with a lot of pepper, palm oil and all.
  2. Ensure the room is well lit, close doors and windows to keep room temperature warm.
  3. Arrange baby wears, towels... large and small, sponge and baby soap, diapers, combs, cream or oil, baby shampoo, hair cream, dettol, cotton buds, bucket of warm water, hot water flask, cotton wool, methylated spirit and other items you'll need, vaseline or sheabutter or whichever you use. I started with sheabutter but changed to vaseline after we got admitted for jaundice.
  4. Check to see that everything is at arms length, if your baby is the type that cries hunger while bathing, try to breastfeed before undressing.
  5. Place the big towel on your thighs cos this is where baby will be put immediately after the bath.
  6. Undress the baby, grab as shown in the first picture and proceed with giving the bath.
  7.  I start with shampooing hair, then wiping the face with face towel, soaping the neck, armpits and whole body then finally washing with clean water from the bucket. 
  8. For the cord, I just make the remaining bath water a bit warmer, soak a clean face towel in there a hold above the navel while the warm water pours in there or I use the scoop. A few times though, I put both legs across the baby bath tub, still grabbing baby as shown, I place on my thighs while pouring the water on the navel. After this, wiping with methylated spirit and clean cotton wool is mandatory.
  9. Sometimes though, I start with washing his legs and end with shampooing hair before the navel. 
  10. Baby's genitals do not need any special douching and scrubbing please, for a baby girl, just gently wipe with the bath face towel and that's all.
  11. All those massages may not be necessary cos baby's body is still forming and growing and will definitelyn take shape as the baby grows older. Nigerian mothers, please let's stop all those painful massages while bathing our babies, we can't change the shape and stature.
  12. When satisfied, remove baby from bath water and place on the towel you had spread over your thighs and immediately start wiping water off with a towel.
  13. Cream or put oil on the tender baby's skin ASAP so you put an under wear on before completing the processes of wiping ears, navel and wearing diapers. New babies' catch cold easily reason I proceed to cover the chest with at least an under wear before completing the baby bathing process.
  14. Clean navel very well with your cotton wool and spirit before wearing diapers. 
  15. Oil baby's hair with a little oil if you like.
  16. Comb the hair with an appropriate comb, if your baby is very hairy like my boy, use an afro comb specially kept for baby's hair. If baby begins to cry while combing then check the size of that comb.
  17. Complete the dressing and by this time baby should be sleeping.
  18. You can now relax and put sleeping baby to rest.

Arrange baby bath items, everything you'll need before undressing the baby. This pic should have come first. My camera is giving a wrong date o, no mind am. maybe date of manufacture, I don't know but just turned it off since I can't set it right abeg.
Well, this is how I bathe my babies. Different mothers may have different methods.
This post is dedicated to our readers and first time moms who have no mother or mother inlaw to come do the "omugwo" (Care given to new moms and babies soon after delivery until the baby is about bthree months old) job after baby is born. I have seen new moms making arrangements with friends and church members and even elderly neighbours to help with bathing the baby and truth of the matter is that most times when other people bathe our babies, we are not really impressed; It's either we think the bath water is too hot or not hot enough, the massage is too vigorous for a tender baby, too much powder on baby's skin , not enough cream, bathing took too long thereby exposing baby to cold and I can go on and on and on. What if you learnt to bathe your baby yourself and

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Can Low Sperm Motility Be Corrected? Visit Doctor Before Fertility Prayer Please

My lovely WC family. Its been awhile! Trust you are all doing well? Ok , can you recall a woman who wrote to ask about HSG sometimes ago? OK, its me and am back with my praise report.
With mixed feelings I went for the HSG! Mehn! It was a bit painful but all thanks to the radiologist who is a true believer, she was like a mother, she was really gentle and kept encouraging me. (God bless her). The result came back very good.

I saw the doctor the next day and he ask me to go for hormonal profile and my honey boo boo for sperm analysis.
With anxiety and all I wanted for cycle day 21 for the blood sample to be taken for the test. And hubby went for his sperm analysis. Hubby was diagnosed with low sperm motility and he was placed on Vitamin E. Can  low sperm motility be corrected?

For me, I waited for more than a month for my hormonal profile result to be ready. Mehn! I didn't know it will take that long. There were days I couldn't sleep, thinking and worrying for nothing!
Finally, result was ready. All hormones shooting very well expect progesterone which was within the range but not too good. I was placed on clomid and metformin.
I trust God that He will complete what He has started in us. And I know I will come to this page I share my testimony.

For someone trusting God for the fruit of the womb, abeg go see a doctor so that your prayer will be properly directed, know what you want God to correct! 
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