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Getting Some Parenting Help From Police

Young boy arrest
A mom gets her misbehaving 10 year old son fake arrested by a police officer to bring the derailing young man back on track, after it's shared on Social media, some praise her for fake arresting rather than wait and face future REAL arrest of her son as a criminal. She is applauded by moms who think whatever it takes to raise a son well is in order provided the boy is not hurt by her decision. Others came for her calling it bad parenting.
Full story

I cannot judge this mother in any way. She must have tried other methods before involving the police. It's not like it's a real arrest. Boys at this age can be a

Abducted Kids Have Been Found

Just going through my Dashboard for updates and there's news that the kids (3 boys) abducted by a housemaid have

Searching For Adoptive Parents For My Unborn Child, How Do I Go About It Please?

I received this short message and the expectant mom  wanted me to advise on how to go about getting adoptive parents in Nigeria but I honestly do not know the process so I replied that it would be posted on the blog.. Please who can help her out?

...Good day Aunty Eya, I am a

Nigerian Baby Names For Twin Baby

Hello ladies and gentlemen of wives connection. I am one of you, an anonymous reader who has been following this blog for over a year but never been able to comment successfully. I write you this mail with so much joy in my heart. We got married in 2009 and waited this long for my fruit of the womb. It's been five solid years and at a point I was giving up because friends and inlaws were beginning to make life a living hell.

After three years of enduring childlessness, I suggested adoption but my husband won't take it. He doesn't think it's possible to love another man's child like your own.


Posting Our Children's Pictures On Social Media?

Hello Eya,

Few minutes ago I saw a message on my Whatsapp "Please mama debbie... Am happy for you... Stop exposing your baby to social media. The baby is too young. Expliotation and manipulations is easy on social media...not everyone is happy....oooo. It just a suggestion...."

I did sincerely appreciate this friend's concern and courage to speak up rather than curse me within, however I did ask what risks children are exposed to as a result of innocent parents/friends posting their pictures online so I can

UPDATED Made In China By Aunty Flo

Made In China
So 2 weeks ago, my friends and I were sewing the costumes we will use for our Migration Day 2013 cultural presentation when the conversation veered to baby sex selection and how having a male child is very important to Nigerians, especially Nigerian men.
In the process, one of my

10 Must Have Baby Items For New Moms

Good morning Aunty Eya, Hello WC, please I need help ASAP. I am due in two weeks and I just realized that the list from the hospital has only items that would be needed before and soon after delivery. 

Baby Items the hospital will make use of. This is my first and am not sure what the must-have items are for a new mom. I don't want to make the same mistake as my cousin who out of excitement bought so many unnecessary baby items that she never got to use.


Where Did We Lose It?

Hello Eya and WC visitors. Pls ill like mature analysis of this mail. No teen aged reply(not just by age,even from adults). Forgive me if my tone may sound harsh cos I'm  practically livid by an incident and I'm usually a calm person. Here goes:
My neighbour and friend is off for Omugwo at her first daughters house in another state, so she begs me to pop into her house once in awhile to be sure everything is ok. She has four more kids aged 21, 17/17 and 15.(Boy, boy/girl(twin) and girl). My neighbour and I are very good friends and have mutual respect for each other. I'm also not the type to judge people, I have her consent to publish this cos she's also a WC visitor.

Now one day, I go over to her house by late noon and after asking welfare and all, I'm surprised to learn that the kids are yet to have lunch by 4pm. What's the reason? Shock: the 15yr old daughter whose is supposed to cook is

Justified Reasons For Pregnancy Termination?

Hi aunt Eya, it's me again (that's if you can still see the old mails I've sent you) please hide my details, and WC readers, no, I'm not planning on terminating a pregnancy, just want to see what people think on this issue.

So I was

BreastFeeding My Son While Pregnant

Good day aunty Eya, am a silent reader of your blog which has helped me tremendously. Please I need help from Wives Connection. 

My son is 1yr+ still

Me, Hubby And The Children, How Do I Handle This?

Hello Aunty Eya and fellow blog readers, pls I need advice before I do something stupid. I don't like the way my husband handles things and he knows it but won't change.

I reported the children to him, how they spend all the time online playing dress up and Fashion games. The reason he subscribes monthly is to enable them use the internet for their school work but I realize only about 20 percent of  that monthly subscription time goes to home work research while 80% percent goes to playing dress up and fashion games. In fact they take turns playing during the holidays and I don't like it cos these games are addictive. Okay, I reported them and asked him to stop subscribing and let them use their school text books for homework, he didn't say a word and before I knew it, they called

China Milk Poduct Scare: Can We Go Soy Milk?

The death of these innocent Chinese babies is so painful. When I hear of babies dying because they are fed with tainted dairy milk, I feel so bad for the babies and mothers who innocently give poison while trying to feed their babies.

My friend's baby took Isomil (soy milk) from day one until she got introduced to

Child Marriage: Talk With Nigerian Senator Yerima

Child Marriage in Darfur
Child Marriage in Darfur (Photo credit: UNAMID Photo)

About Twelve Thousand Girls Have Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) In Nigeria

Watching Former Governor of Zamfara State, Senator Yerima on KAAKAKI this morning, hmmm, may God help our daughters in this country. He says "maturity has little to do with age" and to him : child marriage is marriage of a girl who has not reached the age of puberty." Any girl who has reached puberty is old enough for marriage. 

He argues that child marriage does not disrupt the girl child's education because he married his first wife at 16, they have six children together and now

Baby Is Here: We Are Both Doing Great

Congratulations To Lizzy!

Lizzy and baby
 Hello Aunty Eya,

Just to let you and WC fam know that I had my baby boy early hours yesterday morning. We are both doing great.

Slight post natal problems with me but I give God the glory that it's all history now.
My kids are

Punish A Parent For A Child's Misconduct?

John Kumuyi and Love Odih's wedding versus another Deeper Life member's wedding
I have silently been following this Deeper Life Church and John/Love's wedding drama and just prevented myself from putting it up here. 

As a child, I remember attending Deeper life and know first hand what Deeper life doctrine is. What my mom suffered in their hands after I broke away? Anyway, she finally left on her own to another pentecostal church and I heard then that they actually prayed and fasted for her, for "backsliding."

Some people say Deeper life doctrines relate to a different kind of religion. Someone said they are like the Taliban's of Christianity. I remember when it was a big sin to own a TV. As a child, I can't recall what happened to our TV after my mom

Beyonce's Father Remarries, How Does It Feel?

Reading about Beyonce's Father (Knowles) remarriage and knowing that both she and Solange were already adults when their parents divorced in 2011, I feel she will give her support and would say "there is no hard feeling," It's not easy at all. "Oh well, she is an adult, happily married with her own child so how her Mum and Dad chose to live may not really be her headache." Ok, so Beyonce has a step motherThen, I start to look at it in a different way;

When relationships break up, it is never easy when one person moves


Happy Children’s’ day

It is really partial and annoying that I don’t get a day off work coupled with my colleagues that get a day off today.
I woke up this morning with a wide grin. My mum’s sister sent me a text this morning saying ‘happy children’s day’ and I thought c’monMummyO’ at my age.
It was such a struggle getting

Please Teach Me Again

Thanks so Much Aunty Eya and every other person in the house. I read a post on how to make soya beans for babies and I have been trying to do it for my baby. My problem is I don't seem to get how to peel the

Malt Drink For Children, Is It OK?

Hello Eya, how are you and the blog fam? I have a little thing I would love to ask people in the house.
 A friend saw me putting  a can of Amstel Malta drink in my 8 year old's lunchbox and she condemned it that it's not healthy for children. 

She suggested that I give them other packed fruit juices (which are all

Encouraging Better Behavior, Should You Smack Your Child?

Using a cane on a child's palm as a form of discipline
Yesterday, I went shopping at the open market and saw canes on sale. Although I asked why canes are being displayed for sale when we know that they cause pain. The seller explained that they are for discipline. That these canes help to tame naughty, stubborn, rebellious and disobedient children. While she  talked, I remembered my last girl who
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