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Monday, June 12, 2017

Should I let my Nigerian daughter attend prom?

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Hello Aunty Eya, please help me ask blog readers in your group. This question has been bothering me ever since my daughter informed us that she wants to attend prom. We told her outrightly that prom is not a Nigerian culture and she has been crying and begging that all her friends will be there. This prom thing, I understand you have to attend with a boy who
Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Well deserved photoshoot by Nigerian couple, with their lovely baby that just arrived after 10 years of waiting (Photos)

Nigerian couple
To God alone be the glory! Nigerian couple, Mr & Mrs Andrew Omosimua from Delta state were married for 10 years without a child despite their numerous attempts.
Not until God, who is still in the business of making miracles happen, answered their prayers, Mrs Andrew Omosimua conceived and this adorable baby was born. The excited new parents had a recent photoshoot with their newborn. See photos when you continue below...
Friday, June 09, 2017

This DNA matter sef tire me,but if you insist, come get help here

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Aren't you guys tired of the DNA posts yet?? Haba.

Facebook citizens ( especially the Nigerian Chapter)will run a reigning topic to death. Leave some for next month please.

My Goodness!

My take on the DNA ish: I'm indifferent. Very indifferent. But if you have doubts about the paternity
Monday, June 05, 2017

6 months after birth, Nigerian man discovers through DNA Test that baby isn’t his

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A Nigerian man in South Africa proudly announced the birth of his son by his South African girlfriend on Social media, and, just 6 months after, proud dad discovers baby isn't his. The bewildered Nigerian Man Oba Don, has taken again to Facebook to disclose that he just discovered the baby is not his.
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Read his story below...
Saturday, May 20, 2017

Man allegedly beats son to death for stealing doughnuts

Here’s how a psychologist shared the news on Social Media:
What a cruel world. This week Tuesday, between the hours of 8 to 9 am. I saw a crowd of people around my vicinity gathered by this little boy, so I stopped by and inquired what happened.
They told me this little boy on his way to school, stole doughnut from a shop. The people whom he stole the doughnut even gave him more of it and mineral and asked him to go. They all claimed that his father and step-mum have the habit of
Sunday, May 14, 2017

Beautiful baby shower photos from a young couple in Warri

The lady has since been delivered of her bundle of joy. The bouncing baby boy arrived on May 5.
see more lovely photos...
Thursday, May 04, 2017

Sickening Story of How School Bus Driver Tried To Kidnap Pupils In the Bus

If Nigerian parents will have to start sleeping with one eye open after putting kids in a school bus then na real wa! for Nigeria. What could be worse abeg? You See this life? While the dad was out there working selflessly for kids he didn't know, God sent Angels to watch over his own kids and help them. We should never be weary of doing good, never worry about the fact that you work selflessly and no one recognizes or acknowledges you, just remind yourself all the time, that God's reward is better and more preferable. When he wants to bless or help anyone, he doesn't need man's help to do that.
 A Nigerian lady, Anazodo Caroline shared this shocking story on her wall to save lives. She says:

'Two days ago, my nieces, the "Igwe girls", were picked from the house to school as usual. The school bus driver who has been driving for the school for 4 years, accompanied by a school teacher picked them and proceeded to the next location to pick other kids for school which is typical.'
On getting to the home of the other kids, the teacher had to go In to get the kids from their apartment (which I wonder why the bus was accompanied by just 1 teacher, leaving kids with the driver, but again, who knows the heart of man). 
Guess what? After the teacher left to bring the other kids to join my nieces to school, before she got back, the driver had sped off with my nieces already. The teacher came out with the other kids and the bus, driver and my little girls were no where to be found. 
He switched off his phone while the innocent girls had no idea what was going on. I mean, what do
Monday, May 01, 2017

Little boy assaulted with hot iron by Cruel Aunt in Kano State (photos)

When people treat young innocent kids in their care as criminals, one is forced to ask if the kids were forced on them, but even if they were sef...
A 10-year-old boy, Fawaz, who was accused of stealing was reportedly brutalized by her Mum's sister, Mama Arafa, who used  a hot iron on him. According to the lady who shared the story, the boy's aunt lives in Naibawa, Kano. 
Here's what Aishat wrote...
"Another child abuse in kano today!
Rukayya or Mama Arafa brought her nephew from a village in Osun state , no school no
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Meet 37-year-old mum of 38 children, she got married, started giving birth at 13 (Photos)

Miriam in a black dress with some of her 38 biological children.

Miriam the mother of 38 biological children says her father had 45 kids that came in quintuplets, quadruplets etc. Wow! They need a reality Television show so we all can see what happens daily in her large family and how the identical ones react to others and so on. A 37-year-old mother in Kabimbiri village, Mukono District in Uganda has given birth to 38 children.
In what must be some sort of record, Mariam has six sets of
Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Read This and learn!

Parents please don't relent be watchful!
This story shared on Social media is a waje up call to parents trying to raise kids in these difficult times. Parents working so hard to put food on the table while sometimes unconsciously ignoring the area of our lives that's most important.

I received a long mail from an unknown elderly woman yesterday night and it was so touching. She requested I put it up here for everyone to read and learn from.

Kindly read it below.

Hello madam,

I wake up in pain everyday and wish everyday and I pray the next time I open my eyes,  I should find myself in the world beyond and not here on earth.

I came across your different posts yesterday and felt I could share my secret with you and may be if I did,  my story may help one or two parents who read your posts.

I got married at the age of 24years to my
Monday, March 27, 2017

Stop giving palm oil to induce vomiting, it can kill your child - Doctor

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Below is what a pediatrician wrote to Nigerian parents fond of rushing to give palm oil as first aid whenever a child ingests poisonous substances. Do you know that giving ordinary water or milk is better than palm oil? Read below...
I received a call on Thursday from an ATP member.....that's not unusual......"We are being referred to LUTH from General Hospital....a little boy".....As usual my response "Yes bring the child...straight to our CHER.....I am not in CHER but let me know when you get there" I usually will try and pass through to know what is going on!
Thursday was extremely busy....our final year medical students were doing their clinical exams.....We did not finish until 6pm! Tired and worn out....then had to briefly attend the wake-keeping ceremony of one of my friends and colleague Paediatrician's mother.....I completely forgot about the child till today.
When I remembered, I called to know how far.....I knew she did not end up in LUTH because
Friday, February 10, 2017

The best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to educate them on the use of condoms.Telling the youth to abstain is a failed strategy, as they will have it anyway - Church Leader argued

A counselor and elder of the church of Pentecost, New Achimota District in Ghana, Mr Nii Armah Hammond, has admonished stakeholders to allow teenagers who can’t control their libido to be allowed to practice safe s*x.

The respectable church leader, was speaking on Ahotor fm during a program aimed at educating the youth.

Hammond believes that the best means of preventing teenage pregnancy and its associated complications is through protected s*x. As he puts it, the stigma associated with teenage pregnancy affect the family concern long after the act and in most cases making the products of such pregnancy liabilities for the nation.

Telling the youth to abstain is a failed strategy, as they will have it anyway, he argued, so the best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to educate them on the use of condoms.

*Hmmm, do you agree? 
For me, I can't imagine myself teaching my child how to practice safe sex or how to wear a condom. I know I taught the girls how to wear sanitary pads, demonstrated with underpants and some pads, also taught how to properly dispose used pads. I did that happily and
Thursday, February 02, 2017

Apprentice kidnaps boss's three year old daughter 5 days after meeting (photos)

This young girl, 3 year old Oluwasemilore Adebiyi was kidnapped last Saturday 28th of january, 2017 by one Miss Grace John from Benue State, who is an apprentice with her mum at No 1 James Oyedele St, Mosalasi Alagbado at around 3pm.

Kindly contact any police station or security agencies if sighted or her father Mr Lawunmi Adebiyi on 08028521316.

Apprentice Grace had resumed work at Oluwasemilore's mother, Tobiloba Adebiyi's bead and hat making shop last week, Monday, January 23rd. She was asked to provide a
Friday, January 20, 2017

Whenever you don't hear your baby's voice, remember this photo

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Dad is even in the shower and can't run out immediately to save situation. Whenever you don't hear your baby's voice, kindly look around. Don't trust them. 
"Babies are Beautiful" shared this photo Online and then the comments began to roll in from different parents.
Read them below...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Step-mother & Father kill son over church's revelation; Biological mother cries out in pain

Mrs. Erueke John, the biological mother of late Joshua Zikeme, the seven-year-old boy, who was allegedly tortured to death at Akaba community in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State by his father and step-mother over allegation of witchcraft, yesterday, cried out that her son was a victim of a vicious father and that he was not a wizard. 
Mrs. John claimed that the allegation of wizardry by the suspects was based on a revelation from a church based in Yenagoa. According to her, “the church is a one room place of
Friday, October 21, 2016

5.5kg Baby Boy Delivered Vaginally

5.5kg baby delivered vaginally? Women are wonderfully created. I fear big babies like this can slacken a woman's canal o. Doctors please help mothers, even if tests show she can do it, I think a caesarean would be much easier and better for the down below. Delivering this baby vaginally is not beans oh.
Congrats new mum. You need plenty rest, hot water and body massage.

Thursday, September 29, 2016
Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Hello Eya, 
I came across your blog while looking for remedy for my daughter's dark spots on her legs. She is 6 years and has had these spots since barely 1 year of age. 
She reacts to all sorts of bites, scratches her skin resulting in sores which end up with black scars.
She wears pantyhose 24 /7 now even to school!. I have been to dermatologists to no avail.
Please someone help me. What else can I do to get rid of these spots??
Thank you so much.
A worried mother,
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nigerian husband ran away from home after their 3 kids tested positive to Sickle Cell anemia. Here's her story!

 This is exclusively from Laila's blog. the heartbroken lady called her on phone with the story you are going to read below.
 Good Evening please hide my Identity to avoid been ridiculed. I want to appreciate you for your love and care you have showed me now. 
 I am in deep pain and don't even know who to talk to about this to avoid been ridiculed but I know God is the God of all flesh he alone can do this,  but I am as well loosing my mind. 
I got married years back like 10years ago which produced 3 lovely destinies, vivacious,
and God's images in my life ages 8,6 and 3. 
We had a genotype text, I and DH (darling husband) before wedding and it was a good to go result till after our second child. 
The children were falling sick often and on, so we decided to go to the hospital for test and there two them were tested SS. It was very disheartening moment of our lives,  we did our own test I and DH this time it was As+As=SS which was a mistake from the first laboratory before marriage.   
We had wanted to sue the laboratory but will that correct the lives of our children, we then faced God and have been praying for God's healing using Jeremiah 30:17, Psalm 107:20, Exodus 23:25 giving them anointing oil and communion, after some times the crises stopped for almost a year,   
We went to the same laboratory for test and they were AA, we went to church and shared our testimony. I later conceived my last child which now a girl,  I told
Sunday, August 21, 2016


The reason most parents give young children phones is to keep in touch at all times. Some parents give phones to kids from when they are 8 years old, others wait until these kids are teenagers. For my family, we wait until Secondary School. In Primary School, you use mummy's phone for all communications with friends and classmates. For some families, the child has to get to Senior Secondary School before owning a phone, for some families, getting University Admission or any

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