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09 February 2016

An American Coming to Nigeria For My Wedding, I Need Some Clarifications

I'm an American coming to Nigeria to marry my fiance of five years. I don't know what a band is, he said we need rings, Birth Certificate, 2 Passport photos and "a band"  I don't know exactly what that means. Here in America the only

27 December 2015

Yoruba Introduction Ceremony How To

Hi Eya, I  am a Yoruba properly married woman. I read an old wives connection post where the poster asked how Yoruba Marriage Introduction is carried out, but could not post my comment. In the Yoruba culture, an introduction is held so both families can meet officially. 
Yoruba Introduction Ceremony used to be an affair of just close

16 July 2014

Church Auditorium For My Wedding, For A Fee o

Dear Mrs Eya,

Good morning! I stumbled upon your blog this morning.

We are planning a wedding for next year but need a church venue. Do you
know of any church in Lagos that allows non-members to

20 November 2013

Requirements For Court Wedding In Nigeria, Please Help

Hello Aunty, I would be glad if you can make this a post for me please. I am currently not in Nigeria but coming to Nigeria for my Court wedding. I have not attended any before and i know absolutely nothing about it and likewise my beau too but we both know its gonna be 19th of December and we should be in the Country say 7th of December.

Please Aunties and Mommies, how is it done?  how much do they pay at the court, when is

11 November 2013


Glowing on my wedding day, this is the day of joy the lord has made
It's our Marriage Anniversary and my hubby's birthday.
I've been all so emotional since last night and it's just like yesterday we said "I DO".
When I think of

19 November 2012

My Less Expensive But Classy Nigerian Wedding

Well, there is no wedding video here. This is not about my wedding video, LOL!  It is about what I consider Less Expensive But Classy when it comes to Nigerian Wedding. It is also about what is "acceptable wedding" in the Nigerian Society.
In the past, Nigerian weddings were less stressful and cheaper. Then people wedded according to what obtained in their tribes. Then, the Aso-ebi was more of a Yoruba thing. The only weddings where people attended  in uniformed dresses were  those by The Yorubas. A bride and groom from another part of the country focused on what obtains in their tribes and just did that. 

Again the Aso-ebi was only used during the Church (white) Wedding. The Traditional Marriage Ceremony was usually conducted without friends of the bride and groom making Uniform dresses. The highlight is just the bride and groom who attend dressed in their traditional attires. The bride picked her 'colors' for just the Church Wedding alone. For the Registry and Tradition, guests were free to wear what ever they chose. 
The trend has really shifted, and shifted even more in our twenty first centuryNigeria, which is a
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