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Saturday, January 21, 2017

For Men Only: Ditch the husband mentality



1. Your wife is not beneath you and she is not above you. She is a team member. Consult her in all you do. She has been designed with helpmate resources and techniques to improve your life. If you are not letting her help you because you think you know it all, you are not wise.

2. Stop using “women are weaker vessels” as an excuse to look down on your wife. Yes, the vessel might be weak but the content is strong, very strong. And what the weaker vessels analogy connotes is for you to cherish the vessel not to look down on the vessel. Be wise my brother.

3. “Women have chicken brains and their reasoning faculty is low.” Bros, with the learning and exposure in this 21st century if you still believe this trash, then shame on you!

4. Improve your wife. Don’t carry somebody’s daughter into your house and leave her the way you met her. For example, if her father gave her first degree, when you marry her add Masters and even PhD. Don’t kill her dreams because she married you. Are you a dream killer?

5. Calling women feminists is now a new trick of men to manipulate women to
Friday, December 30, 2016

Your marriage wasn't based on love - Journalist writes open letter to Lilian Esoro & alleged Ex hubby Ubi Franklin

Outspoken Nigerian journalist, Chris Ayo Joseph has written an open letter to actress Lilian Esoro and Triplemg Boss, Ubi Franklin.
Read below:

Honestly, I really don't want to believe Ubi Franklin's marriage to Lilian Esoro is over, seeing he still got his wedding ring on, and despite Lilian yanking off "Franklin" from her Instagram profile name and deleting all Ubi's picture. Obviously, there's a message she's trying to pass across to the public. But honestly the public don't care. WE DON'T CARE.
Lillian, can you be matured for a minute and stop letting the public into your matrimonial issues?
Apparently, so much has been said online about Ubi Franklin & Lilian Esoro's marriage hitting the rock; some blaming the wife while others pointing fingers at the husband. But
Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My husband's cousin secretly sexting him yet his family insists that she travels with us for Christmas

Last year I saw messages between someone I totally know as hubby's cousin and they were sexting each other, I was even here excited she was going to come for 2015 Christmas when I saw the texts of her telling hubby she will teach him how to go more than one round. This girl comes to their family house, even while we were dating I have met her there severally everyone says she is their cousin BT when I asked my husband he said he can't even remember how they are related BT that it is his father's side of the family? 
So I banned her from coming to my house since they were sexting and I rebuked my hubby. He didn't feel remorseful his family and mother inclusive all supported him and claim it was just a game the girl.was playing. I was hurt BT moved on.

Now the main reason I am seeking advice is cos we were supposed to travel for Christmas and last week the mother called me to say hope I won't mind that that their"cousin" must
Sunday, October 16, 2016

My husband is begging to watch another man sleep with me, he used to be jealous before this sudden change. I need advice

Hi Aunty Eya, Am in my late twenties, married with 2 kids.
 My hubby want me to sleep around
I can't discuss this with my siblings
 He say it's turns him on. Am a Christian I can't do it.
 Pls I  need your advice
He want me to go out and look for and he want to also watch another man sleep with me
Sunday, October 09, 2016

Do You Change Your Married Name When Your Husband Dies?

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Hello Admin, please I need answers from blog readers and people who understand these things. ...After a divorce, people understand why you'd change your name. But after being widowed (God forbid o)? It feels like you're expected to keep your husband's name alive, to keep everything — your name, your memories — just where they left them, forever. For a woman like me who does not plan to remarry even if am
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nigerian husband ran away from home after their 3 kids tested positive to Sickle Cell anemia. Here's her story!

 This is exclusively from Laila's blog. the heartbroken lady called her on phone with the story you are going to read below.
 Good Evening please hide my Identity to avoid been ridiculed. I want to appreciate you for your love and care you have showed me now. 
 I am in deep pain and don't even know who to talk to about this to avoid been ridiculed but I know God is the God of all flesh he alone can do this,  but I am as well loosing my mind. 
I got married years back like 10years ago which produced 3 lovely destinies, vivacious,
and God's images in my life ages 8,6 and 3. 
We had a genotype text, I and DH (darling husband) before wedding and it was a good to go result till after our second child. 
The children were falling sick often and on, so we decided to go to the hospital for test and there two them were tested SS. It was very disheartening moment of our lives,  we did our own test I and DH this time it was As+As=SS which was a mistake from the first laboratory before marriage.   
We had wanted to sue the laboratory but will that correct the lives of our children, we then faced God and have been praying for God's healing using Jeremiah 30:17, Psalm 107:20, Exodus 23:25 giving them anointing oil and communion, after some times the crises stopped for almost a year,   
We went to the same laboratory for test and they were AA, we went to church and shared our testimony. I later conceived my last child which now a girl,  I told
Friday, September 02, 2016

After 5 Years, I just discovered we are both AS genotype; Am Praying for a miracle...

Gud evening
 I came across your blog
 ‬Just dat am having emotional problem
 ‬I get to knwo that my fiancee has same genotype with me
 ‬AS andAS
 ‬As it stands now his own family are aware and they're not in support of it anymore.
 ‬And this is a guy that so much luv me, we luv each other so much and've plans for our future
 ‬I even took d risk of getting pregnant and thought everything will change but I was surprised when his brothers were against it and asked me to go for an abortionšŸ˜¢
Wednesday, August 31, 2016


 Image result for HUSBAND

He walked in the house only to find his wife angry, deflated, moody, irritable, frowning and with a long face.

"Hey love" he greeted her as he placed the newspaper on the table.

"Hey" she said with a dull tone. She was struggling to remove her shoes.

"You've just arrived?" He asked her as he went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water.

"Yes" she answered.

"The kids?" he asked.

"They are upstairs. Changing clothes and taking a bath" she answered as she stood up dragging her feet to place her shoes at the corner near the door.

"Are you OK?" He asked her.
Sunday, August 28, 2016

How do I forgive a husband who has not even accepted his wrong?

Warning: If you are below 18, oya read the next post and ask your mum what's on this post.
Good morning Aunt

Pls hide my ID... Am a 27yr old lady married for almost 2yrs now, I have a daughter and am pregnant for another one.
I have a problem that I want to share with u concerning my husband... He's the type that's always with phone chatting mostly with ladies he's so addicted with it and I have told him that I don't like Several times that's why his phone has password.. On several occasions I have seen suspicious chat that indicates he's having extra marital affair but when I confront him he denies it..
2 days ago I was reading an article on his phone and he slept off then a whatsapp message came in and lo and behold my eyes could not believe what I saw.. Pls permit to share it "baby it's been a while
Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Feeling of guilt after stopping my husband from seeing my neighbour

Good morning wives connection family. I need advise with the way my husband and our neighbour's daughter were carrying on. My husband had an emotional affair with this girl who is like half my age, I'm 38 this month. She came over to my house EVERYDAY when he was on his annual  and even sick leave. He spent a significant amount of time alone with her. Time he never seemed to have for me for years now. He always told me he was tired. He would come home from work, go to his room, eat dinner there while watching tv and then go to sleep, even when the food is served on the dining room, he carries it to the room and eats like he is too exhausted from work.  Fast forward to when he is home, even if am around too, she would come over in her daisy daisy dresses and low cut shirts and sometimes shorts and sit real close to my husband while gisting with us. If I have to do errands and was gone 10 mins, she would be at my house, if I ran to the bank and was gone 20 min,  she was at my house, if I was gone 2 hours with the kids, she was at my house, if I was gone 10 hours at work, when I 

Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Hello madam,
Please help me out, if possible share this message, l am a man of 44yrs married but have no child, doctor have confirm my wife won't give birth to a child. Now could you and this media association connect me to a beautiful wife that will born for me. Thanks. l am Williberforce.
0806 663 8520
Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Pastor Adeboye advises men not to marry a woman that cannot pray for one hour straight, cannot cook. Nigerians took to Twitter to express themselves with all kinds of videos, funny pictures and argument. Well, he is a man of God and we aught to show respect but I'm seriously thinking about praying for one hour straight daily and I know it's very good but not praying that long, can it make you a terrible wife? I pray but sometimes like in church when prayer requests are read, I often see that my prayer is ended and my eyes open even before the co-ordinator shouts the final "IN JESUS NAME"
At home, it depends on the occasion and prayer points but honestly there are times I have written a long list of prayer points and still finished praying on them all before it's 1 hour.

For the cooking, a woman should try her best to learn to cook well for her family, very important! many men's hearts can be penetrated through their stomach but no be all oh. ok, I read this anonymous comment today and would love to share it with you....
Advice to young men: When I decided to marry, if i had wanted a cook as a wife, i would have gone to calabar kitchen and got myself a nice cook. But I decided I wanted to marry someone i d love to be with and to match my type of person. She cannot cook, she is lazy and cannot wash clothes and i knew these but I love so many other qualities in her especially her honesty which was the most important virtue for me. We have been together for 10 years and I still love her and will marry her over and over again. Follow your heart and whispering of God's direction
- Anonymous 
Cooking well and praying long without physical attraction might not sustain a marriage but again physical attraction fades quickly for most men if a wife cannot cook well.

Watch the Pastor Adeboye's video that everyone is talking about below and see some tweets of how Nigerians are reacting to the video:
Sunday, July 31, 2016


Certificate credits: Sample Templates 123.

Hello, I did traditional Wedding in 2013 but the marriage ended early 2015 and according to our tradition I have to get the dowry I paid back which is 85 Naira..and my former in-laws have refunded it back to my kinsmen which is where it will go....we have parted ways  and I don't even know my ex's where I am planning to remarry, went to make enquiries at the marriage registry and they said I should bring a Certificate of Divorce which I don't have. My ex wife and I were not
Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Good day madam,

Please I got your email address online. I actually saw it on a forum you were addressing people's questions on marriage certificate registration.

Please i will appreciate if you can guide me on marriage certificate registration. I want to know if there are any difference between the marriage registration done at Federal registry
Thursday, July 14, 2016


A couple had a misunderstanding and as a result drove in separate cars to church. When they got to church, they sat down together smiling, as people complimented them but, all they did was  put up a face so people do not get to know that they are at 'war' with each other. At the end of the service, the husband drove home while the wife waited to attend the women's meeting. The husband was home already, when he checked his phone, his wife had called him thrice. He disregarded calling her back out of malice. The wife drove in some forty minutes later. He saw Usman opening the gate for her as his phone went on ringing. He checked it. It was his wife. She was in her car at the garage already.

"What is she calling me for? Foolish and stubborn wife!" He said and ignored her calls. The call went
Friday, July 08, 2016


Every man's needs are different but most men have some common basic needs that we wives have to meet for the good of our marriages. The key to a successful marriage is selflessness/unselfishness. If you can put your spouse's needs before yours? You are on the right track and your marriage will bloom like this beautiful flower in my small garden.
If you truly love your husband, you'll want to make him very happy and these six things truly make men happy, I know because I have been married for over a decade with 5 kids by God's grace. Doing these things is easier in some marriages than it is in others, but we just have to keep our marriages intact and create the "happy family" we want to see, God helping.

As a wife of 16 years and counting, I know how comfortable wives get around their husbands with time and that is a good thing. As a mother of five, I know how easy it is to stay in pyjamas all day especially on weekends, I know how easy it is to wear a black hair net from evening to noon, I know how easy it is to that that that. Some days are like that, it's difficult and you can't help it but don't let that become a habit. Put an effort, try harder, work hard at making yourself attractive to your spouse. There is no natural beauty, you may have those good features but if you do not put an effort, the beauty won't show. You may feel you are naturally good looking but that's not all, consciously do something extra, make yourself look attractive and sweet even at home. That doesn't mean we go shopping for beautiful clothes and cosmetics every other week, it means waking up in the morning, taking care of yourself first. As I type on this laptop right now, my husband ate his breakfast talking with me looking natural but wearing light makeup. I don't plan on going out today but first thing this morning, I brushed and took care of especially my face even before packing lunchboxes and his breakfast. While he ate, we talked about the Dallas shooting watching CNN breaking News and just generally talking about all the shootings in the Unites States. At a point, he carried his breakfast from the dining and joined me in front of the TV and I don't know if my smooth looking fresh face is the attraction or the News, whatever.
My daughter saw me putting on some foundation and she was like "mummy have you had your bath
Friday, July 01, 2016


Hi Eya,
 please help me share this in your forum
I came across the above topic and wanted to share my story letting you know that the rich also cry.
its not by beauty oh .I have a wife as beautiful as this. Even though I don't want to cheat on her but, she is not helping matters and there by pushing me into temptation.
 She has a good character she is really not


Hello bloggers, hubby cheated on me with a lady we buy food stuffs from. I have been suspecting him for a long time but he keep on denying, deletes every calls he makes. I had to install auto voice call recoder in his phone without his knowledge. As usual, he deleted all his calls and I went to the file, and read all the calls and discovered what was going on.confronted him with the fact and he did all he could do in order to collect the piece of evidence that I have but did not succeed. finally he confessed cos he had no other option cos I threatened to expose him to some people that are looking
Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Hello Wives Connection. My husband's family did not want their brother to marry me because they want him to be sending them money, except their mother but she died before our wedding , after our wedding I spend one year in the village with their father but it was hell for me but I endured it. my husband was not happy about what I was passing through then,so one of his brother almost threw me out of their house that I did not know how they built the house, he almost beat me up but I treating him that he will spend the least of his life in prison, he became Afraid . 

Now my husband brought him to Dubai where we are staying, I also approved his coming not even
Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Good morning Aunty Eya and wives connection, please I need some  advice on how to carry on from here. I am a mother of one, still very young in my 20s who left school to marry my husband but now I hate him, I feel he is ugly. I was still a 200 level student at the University when I got pregnant and we had to hurriedly get married to avoid the shame. There was no proposal and all that kind of stuff, I agreed to the marriage because of the pregnancy.

Honest Truth is, I knew my husband's family long before we dated and have always admired my husband's younger brother, I liked his charisma, the way he treats other people and always felt like he was more intelligent than my now husband. I think I had a crush on him back then but how things turned and I started dating the elder brother I didn't really like, can't tell. Somehow, not long after, I