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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Wife And Her Mother Are Killing Me Slowly, I Need Advice

I'm a 26yrs old guy married to a 22yrs old lady. We've been married for a year now and we have a 5 months old daughter. I live with my wife's family cos am not financially stable. Ever since I moved in its been hell for me,i moved in with her because I wanted to be with my wife and new born baby to bond with them through this

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Information Regarding Marriage In Nigeria, Filipino/Nigeria

Hi. I would like to ask some information about marrying a nigerian guy. I am a filipina but i was married before and separated for 8years in philippines. But the problem is the married still not annulled. 
And im still using my married name to my passport. Is there any possibility that

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Teniola Confirms She Is Pregnant For Tuface Idibia

Listening to 98.3 Hot FM News this morning, I feel so disappointed and disgusted. According to the News, Teniola has come out to say that she is truly pregnant for Tuface and that he is well aware of the pregnancy. According to her, Tuface's denial is just to appease his wife Annie Idibia. She says that all she wants is privacy for herself and her unborn child. Chei!!! (What do we stand to gain? What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? After destroying another woman's marriage "That's if she let's you sha," Can you be truly happy?)

After all these years of pain, doesn't Annie deserve to relax and enjoy her marriage? I don't know how this feels, but I know it must be very painful. Even after marriage, she cannot have peace in her home. I know it is easier said than done, but, If I were in Annie's shoe which I

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Married For Seven Years, Fending For The Family With My Earnings While Hubby Works For God. What Can I Do?

Hello sister Eya Ayambem, I love your blog and I've introduced it to a lot of my family and friends and they re hooked.please I need advice from wcm, I've been married for 7 yrs plus with no kids.

Since i married my husband I've been the one fending for us with the job am doing,he doesn't give me money for upkeep cos he does not have, even I've had to buy some basic electronics we need and use in the house cos he can't afford to, I even give him money from time to time..I've had to pay Gynae  tests and drugs prescribed for us.

But the thing is, he is very committed to God,the Lord told him to go to hospitals to be praying for the sick and he is been doing that consistently for 4- 5 yrs now, in church if no one

Why Nigerian Wives Accept Illegitimate Kids?

Hello Eya, how are you and the baby? Can you please help  post this on wives connection blog? There is something I want to know about your country Nigeria (Mine too by marriage). From advice given on your blog, whenever a married Nigerian man impregnates another woman, his wife is advised to accept the child and if possible, bring it home. Why is that? 

Don't the women on your blog

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Am I Still In Love With My Husband? Someone Pls Explain Love Cos I'm Lost

Hello Aunty Eya, how are you doing? Please i need help frm WCM, am married with Kids, have been having issues with Hubby these past years but i thank almighty God for how things are going now, but there is  something that worries me, I DONT KNOW IF AM IN LOVE with hubby.  I want to think of him and feel something maybe butterflies or goose pimples rather i feel nothing, or am i wrong with what am saying or is it that i still feel hurt with past

Sunday, February 9, 2014

How Do I Handle This Demanding Type Of Mother-Inlaw? So Confused

Good morning WC readers. I have been married for some years now and i love my husband very much. The problem is his mother. she is just too demanding! he has two young siblings who are still in school and an elder brother who has stopped  helping the family.

Despite husby's struggles to set up his mum,she always squanders the money.he also gives her monthly allowance,stock d house with food yet they still want more.i am not against him doing all that but what makes me angry is that the mother likes to party ehn,aso ebi here and there which husby pay for. she loves party to the extent of asking husby to pay for party first before paying his siblings school fees. 

what makes

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is It Wrong To Leave Cos Of My Husband's Infidelity?

Good day aunty Eya, pls I want to ask the WC family if it's bad that I left my hubby because of his serial cheating with several women and also cos of the insults from his sisters tagging me a gold digger. 

The worst is

Monday, February 3, 2014

Stress From My Husband's Cousin, I Need Help

Good day aunt eya, please hide my ID. I have been married for about 5months now and my husbands cousin has been living with us since we got married. Tho they were staying together before we got married, we talked about this issue several times before getting married and he promised the guy was going to move out but when

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Husband And Malice

Hello anty eya,pls I need advise.I have been married for three months,we dated for about hubby is fond of keeping malice,when we

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Sister's Friend Warns Me About My Husband, Confused Poster

Anonymous1:28 PM
Sorry to deviate from the tooic but pls I need advise fron your readers aunty eya, I normally dont go thru my hubbys phone but I did cos for 3weekends straight he was always travelling without any proper explanation. So wen I checked gis WhatsApp I saw alot of girls he chats with calling sweet names but one caught my eye she is a friend to my sister and so I sent her a msg with his phone telking her it was me and tgat she is very stupid ti use such nam3s in my husband only for her to call my sis and say she shld warn me that if she wanted to destroy my

Saturday, January 11, 2014

How Marriage Introduction Is Done In Nigeria

Hi aunty eyah
From one of your youngest blog readers :)
My fiancee asked me how Marriage introduction is done and I don't really know.

We have a

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I am Glowing, No Longer The Down Trodden Wife Anymore!

From Odun, Fomer ikorodu Lady (Lolzzz)

Happy new year... may 2014 bring in so much joy and peace into your heart and home.
I am sure you are surprised to hear from me... i am still a follower of the WC.. but i just read and learn from the posts and the comments. Sometimes i still find myself wondering why i dont see Ahdaisy, Jay, etc on WC anymore.
Sorry , before you wonder who this is .. you know my name but people used to refer to me on your blog as ikorodu lady(lolzzz)
I read a post on your blog this morning .. and it took me back to those days of depression. So much has happened to me since and i felt strongly i should share with you an overview.. so you know am still very much alive and well.
You remember how i was just withering away after what my hubby then put me through after i defied everyone to marry him, gave up my former job to satisfy him literally turned myself to a doormat just to get the littlelest smile and approval from him.. it was during those periods that i stumbled on WC and just bore my soul on that platform.
I remember people writing to encourage me, asking me to stop talking about killing myself when i have got a beautiful son and so much to live for and  do something constructive with my life while suggesting what i can do to make my husband change his abusive ways.
I moved closer

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pre-Nuptial Agreements In Africa, Let's Discuss Please

Good day Ma.
    My name is Ivy Brown and I want to seek your opinion and that of the house as regards pre nuptial contracts. This is a contract that a couple intending to marry sign in case of divorce. It is very common in d western world but not in Africa. Isn't it a good idea for intending couples to have a pre nup? In a pre nup, things like cheating, domestic violence, etc are tackled. The couple can also agree on custody arrangements, alimony and just about any legalities they want to.
    I was thinking about Dino and Tokunbo Melaye and

My Husband And His Mistress, HELP!

Hello Madam Eya good day, pls hide my id.
my story is a long one but I need u and WC readers to be patient enough.
I met my husband when I was in secondary school and he, a fresh graduate, then I was 17yrs old. We dated for 4yrs b4 we tied d knot and right now we ar already 4yrs into the marriage so we have been together for 8yrs.
During the period I met my husband, I asked him if he is into another relationship he told me that his last relationship ended bcos the girl cheated on him. As I was young and naive I believed him, meanwhile, in the course of our relationship I received an anonymous msg warning me to leave her boyfriend alone. I confronted my husband then my bf he denied knowledge of a secret affair.
Some years later I was already an undergraduate one thing led to another I got pregnant which hastened the plan of our marriage. Our plan is to get married d coming year but the pregnancy changed the plan. 

Within one year of our marriage, my husband started seeing his ex. D same person he said that cheated on

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another Child? What Am I Supposed To Do?

Good morning Madam Eya and my people, pls I need your advice on hw to
To cope with this kind of situation. We got married almost 8 yrs ago and God
has blessed us with 2 wonderful boys. 

Recently, I

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just Moved Back In With My Parents, Am I Wrong?

Good day Eya,
I pray you get to see this early and post early because I am in a really confused and angry state of mind now. My husband and I were married for almost a year without a child and although he kept telling me not to bother,I did bother and cry to God because he would misbehave (cheat) and when I found evidence would tell me that I should be concerned about important issues which of course I knew the meaning.

Fast forward to now, just a few weeks to our anniversary, my God answered me but my husband wasn't excited,he beat me twice during the early stage of the pregnancy.

He believes in

Good Morning Baby, From This Same Girl, Please Advise Me

Hello Aunty Eya, good afternoon. I am 21yrs Old, married with a son who is a year plus. I am currently doing my national service and will be through by February. My problem is this, Eya, earlier this year my husband took an interest in helping a young girl (probably btw 16-17yrs of age), he dint tell me about it initially, I found out and asked him why he was hiding it, he said he wasn't sure about my reaction that was why he dint tell me. 

Truth is I

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This Orphan Is Infecting My Marriage, What Do I Do?

Hello Eya,trust you're great. As custom please hide my details,lol.
My WC people I get small challenge and I believe I'll get the right answers here. It might be long but ejo bear with me.
Hubby is a very religious fellow, he loves God and is so passionate about helping people.

Before our wedding he told me of this girl whom he wants to help.
She's an orphan and family members rejected her, even her brothers don't care and she doesn't even know where they live.

I allowed hubby take her in before our wedding after much plea as I had said "let her stay somewhere so I can come in first coz I don't want someone living in my matrimonial home already before I come in" but obviously she had nowhere and I felt am being kind to the poor as a good christian should.

A few weeks after the honeymoon I

Monday, December 9, 2013

Infertility Is Affecting My Marriage, Please Advise

Good morning madam Eya. I am a reader of your blog I leave comments mostly as anonymous. I sent you a mail about 3months ago but I never saw it posted but all the same that does not stop me from giving advice on my comments to other posts. 

Madam Eya I beg you in the name of God to  advice  me on what to do about my problem am going to be shared with you and the entire WC. Its been a year since I got married and I have not been able to conceive. If I tell you my marriage is suffering you will not believe me. Initially like about 5months ago my husband was not complaining, he even told me on several occassions that it does'nt even matter if its going to take us for 2yrs for us to start making babies but out of pressure from families and a particular friend of his things have changed. Few years ago when I started my menstruation (I was 15 now am 23) I am always irregular, well it did'nt matters to me then but I complained to my mother and she always promises to take me to see a doctor which she never did. 

I think all of that is taking its turn on my fertility now cos whenever I visits a doctor since my TTC they refer to
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