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06 May 2016

Must Read: Best Domestic Punishment For Our Husbands

I offended my wife and she insisted a million
sorries were not enough. I didn't know what to do, so I asked her to choose a punishment she
considered satisfactory.
She said I should do all home chores for one week. I

05 May 2016

Tiwa Savage Tied A Dormitory Scarf To Look Humble - Charles Novia

Me, I don't think so. how can a woman so broken be expected to style her hair and make up before granting an interview? Not possible. Below is what says: 
 In a long post, the movie-producer and social commentator suggests that Tiwa Savage and her PR team were only trying to play a game of damage control, comparing the interview to something 'Olivia Pope' would have done.
He also suggests that the image of humility portrayed in the video by wearing a scarve on the singer's head was not in line with the image she had been trying to project since she became a hit in the entertainment industry.
Among several other things, Mr. Novia is of the opinion that Tiwa should have maintained a stance of dignified silence, and that now that she has blown open

10 Things We Should Be Doing For Our Husbands On A Regular Basis

  1. Baby him when he is sick.
  2. Cook his favourite meal
  3. Take him out on a date
  4. Discover his sexual needs and try your possible best

03 May 2016

What Do You Think Is The Number One Reason Why Marriage Fails?


Hello Aunty, I have a qustion that has been bugging me ever since I watched the Tiwa Savage interview. I have been married for just two years and it's already feeling like two decades because my darling husband seems like a man who

My Wife Says She Loves Me But Is Not In Love With Me

Good evening Madam Eya. Am a male reader of the blog wives connection. Recently my wife of 8 years has told me that she is no longer in love with me.  She says she loves me, but is not in love with me.  I completely adore her, I still love her and always will.  My problems began when I would get mad

Is It Justifiable For My Husband Not To Do Anything Around The House?

Hello Ma, I have been married for 6 years with two kids who are still in those earlier years of rambunctiousness (hope the grammar no fall my hand)? I work 5 days a week every week, my husband works sometimes 5 days and some weeks six days. I tried to get advise from my mom but she doesn't believe a husband should do anything around the house. She thinks it's my responsibility to do all that even though I still wake up and go to work daily. 
 I'm  expected to do everything and still handle his affairs.  Is my mother right? Shouldn't hubby help me out on weekends, I really am tired of house

What Your Phone Reveals About Your Marriage

cell phones hold hands
Iwant to think that marriage has a way of making one lose their fundamental human right to privacy. I love me some little privacy whether married or not. I always want to have my own room to keep my things even though hubby and I share the masterbedroom, I love to just be alone sometimes but after reading this wonderful article by Dave Willis, I'm a bit confused sha. 
Read what he says below:
I recently received a message through my Facebook page from a wife struggling with a very common issue in modern marriages. To paraphrase her

02 May 2016

Three Pieces Of Marriage Advice You Should Listen TO

SisiYemmie Nigerian wedding image via 36ng.
Once you’ve found the person who you will vow to stay with in sickness and in health, things aren’t always smooth sailing. This is the marriage relationship advice they always forget to tell you about.
This isn’t to say that marriage is bad — it can be bad, it can be good, or it can be teetering somewhere in the middle. In lots of ways, marriage is applicable to those annoyingly inspirational sayings you always find on t-

01 May 2016


Hello mums in the house. I am a mum of two and hubby says no more. However I will like to have one more baby in future, with his consent of course; i'm talking about another 5-10years time, God willing.

As such I want to go on family planning. I need a method that I wont easily fall pregnant on as well as one that wont render me infertile/make it difficult for me if/when I am ready to take in. I spoke with friends, sisters and colleagues and below are the methods I have in mind, and my perceived pros and cons of each method.
1. THE PILL: Leaves one with the least side effects as the effects leave the body very fast when one is ready to

MY Baby Is Less Than A Week Old And Hubby Is Asking For S3x Already

I have been married for 2 years and blessed with 2 kids. The problem in my home is my nagging husband. He complains about everything. The milk or Milo he bought in the house or the way I talk or the way think. 3 weeks ago I had my 2nd child and before he turned one week old my husband has started complaining that I don't give him attention and that he wants sex. I don't have

My Marriage Has Become Lukewarm And Boring Over The Years. I Never Wanted To But Because We Had A Child Together

My Husband Calls Numbers That I Call Or Text That He Doesn't Know.

Hello Mad'm Eya, I'm married and have been with my husband for 13 years. We have 2 kids 14 and 8. We met when I was still 18 and he was 29. I feel like I was pressured into the marriage because we had a child. I NEVER wanted to get married! My family always tells me that I'll never do any better than him and if doesn't beat me then there should never be a reason to leave.In the years we have been together we have both changed so much. He has always had trust issues. He would always accuse me of being out with other guys. He would call up to my work or school and make sure I was really there because he didn't believe me. Reads the phone messages and calls numbers that I text or call that he doesn't know. I started texting a guy I work with. It was

30 April 2016

Video: Tiwa Savage Marriage Crisis - Lessons

Tiwa Savage Giving an exclusive interview On Pulse TV

There have always been Social media rumors that Tiwa Savage's marriage to Tunji Balogun was suffering but, without evidence, I never believed until I watched the video yesterday and when I got to the point where she broke down, I also broke down. It was really touchy and I've

25 April 2016

My Husband Says Complaining About Me To My friend Was A Joke

Goodmorning  Mrs Eya, I need help from wives connection blog. My husband and I met and got married after a brief courtship which was mostly long distance because we work in different cities. Before the wedding, I tried my best to get a transfer to join him but perhaps because I work in a private firm, that wasn't possible. We then decided that after the wedding we'll reschedule and ensure all weekends are spent together.
To make that possible,  it was his idea that we buy a house in the town where I live, and that I spend my money  on our wedding but that he'll surely refund when the bulk

24 April 2016

How Do Affairs Begin?

The rate at which affairs are happening these days?  Especially with technology making it possible for people all over the world to connect. God forbid, but do you know you or your spouse are more likely to have an affair than a divorce? 

Affairs can lead to so many heartbreaks, yet a lot of people do it why? You know, affairs usually begin with an attraction to someone you know fairly well, someone you spend time with each week:  your friends, neighbours, exes and co-workers. 

 Never ever allow yourself to believe  that those feelings of love are a signal from God to abandon your relationships and rush into this new relationship. It's no signal from God. Instead, it's the way our emotions mindlessly encourage us to spend more time with those who meet our emotional needs. If we submitted to our emotions, and chased after anyone who at the moment

Tamarind Seed For Vagina Tightening. Anyone Tried It?

Fresh Tamarind.

Good Morning Madam, I heard from my Northern friend that Tamarind is a natural vagina tightener. Says she removed flesh, boiled the seeds, allowed to cool a bit and kept splashing there for just seven days and it was tight like new. I'll like to try it but first help me confirm on the

There Are Things I Can Do To Get Closer Hubby's Friend But I'm Scared Of The Consequences

Hello  Aunty Eya and the loving wives connection family.  I have been an ardent reader of the blog for only three months but have learnt so much more than I could imagine. I am female, 36 years old, and have been married 10 years. Lately, I have felt very ignored and restless in our marriage which has remained sexless for the past two years and counting. I don't think my husband is aware of these feelings because I try to talk about them but he doesn't seem quite interested in talking about sex life and that kind of stuff , but the urge and feelings? they are  alive in my heart. He buys me beautiful gifts and tries to give me his love and support in other ways,  still relates with me without problems and kept enjoying my blow down there for almost 2 years without reciprocating with at least a one time penetration or something. When  I got tired of satisfying him one sidedly, l stopped and that has been it. He acts

22 April 2016

Why Does My Husband Still Keep Photos Of His Ex Girlfriends?

Hello, my husband still has pictures of his ex girlfriends in his photo album till date. Some of his University days babes and some he befriended even after he left school.We have been married for good three years and each time I try to make him understand that I don't like it, he just shrugs and makes me feel like I'm too petty or that I worry over unimportant things. The other day we had a heated argument and I told him that if those were unimportant like he wants

He Says 8 Months Into A Relationship Not Enough To Be Committed

How Long Before People Get Committed In Relationships?

Hello ma, I have been together with my husband 2 years.  I'm periodically furious with him because in the beginning of our relationship, he played me just because I was still young and foolish. Was pretending to be committed but still hanging on to his ex babe. I found those emails WAY afterwards. I did confront him and he said that he just had trouble letting her go but kind of blamed me for being so naive to think that 8 months into a relationship, he would have been committed. Then I keep wondering, How can he say that? People meet and get married in less than eight months. Since then he inappropriately emailed some other woman from his past (like 3 yrs ago) which I later found out.

 I don't really understand that but find it disrespectful. Then I keep feeling badly about myself. Like I'm

21 April 2016

10 Things You Should Never Say To People Trying To Conceive (TTC)

 Image: TheGrio.

People sometimes don't know what to say to those going through this phase, and when they finally say something, you just wish they hadn't. In the journey of waiting on The Almighty, the giver of children, women have heard crazy, heart rending things being said to them. Surprisingly, these statements come from people very close who know their struggle.

1. You are still young, why are you worrying yourself? Yes na, we all know she is still young and she knows also that, if she is not too young yo get married, then she is not too young for anything. 

2. You are too fat, maybe you need to lose weight: Haven't we seen lots of big

20 April 2016

Successful Marriage Takes Commitment, Communication, Hard Work

“A successful marriage isn’t the union of two perfect people. It’s that of two imperfect people who have learned the value of forgiveness and grace.”
 Darlene Schacht

Shortly before I got married, a friend of the family gave me some advice that proved to be the most important I had ever heard. She told me that at some point a few weeks or months in that I would ask the question, “What have I done and why am I here?” — but she also said that feeling would pass and things would be good. That feeling came and went, maybe a few times, and there has been more than one occasion when I looked at him and said something about not liking him at that point or him annoying me only to be met by a similar response,