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10 February 2016

Replies For How To Spy On My Husband's Phone Without Touching It

Ok, so we all remember that post? Where the poster wanted anyone with information to teach her how to hack into her husband's phone without touching it as touching to hack will look suspicious. I copied it and posted on wives connection Facebook page and would love to share some replies there because not everyone visits that page. To read the responses there yourself, Go here.

Replies: Ada Emmanuel Okeke says: My dear its so hard nt 2 no wat is happening with ur husband tru checking or hacking his fone but i will tell u dat it is best dat u liv his fone alone 4 u 2 v peace n b sane in dat marriage 2 raise ur kids.i was a master hacker n dectective.i

09 February 2016

Drying Up After Giving Birth

First let me thank you for the general knowledge you give on the blog(cooking, home, marriage, kids etc),God bless you.

Ever since I gave birth,I noticed I dry up in d middle of sex

An American Coming to Nigeria For My Wedding, I Need Some Clarifications

I'm an American coming to Nigeria to marry my fiance of five years. I don't know what a band is, he said we need rings, Birth Certificate, 2 Passport photos and "a band"  I don't know exactly what that means. Here in America the only

08 February 2016

Over The Years We've Been Arguing More And More, My Husband Becoming Less Affectionate

Good Morning Eya, please kindly help put up my post on wives connection, I don't know how to do it myself.I have been married for 21 years, we have an 18 year old son. Over the years we've been arguing more and more and my husband has been getting less affectionate. We now haven't had sex in 4 years, mostly because he has erectile dysfunction and low libido because of health problems. The only affection between us are occasional hugs and quick pecks on the mouth. He doesn't even want to talk about me

07 February 2016

I Left Him

Ok so that's it my dear wives connection and Aunty Eya, I have posted here twice before over the past one year to get advice about the type of relationship I was in and have been given the best advice to be patient and prayerful and good looking and all that but ... the man has refused to change. I wanted us to see the pastor, he was invited, he refused to show up.... So much wahala in my young marriage of just 3 yrs, though I dated my husband for six years .. He had become very controlling of me, always questioned where I was at, how long I would be, and if I was longer than I said I'd be then he would be very red in anger when I got home (this would be after simple visits to my parents/a friends) He was insecure.

 He was also verbally abusive towards me, he would name call (this happened in front of my children a couple of times too) he always said I needed to get in the real world and that I was the stupid one for thinking the way he behaved wasn't normal, I constantly questioned myself thinking I was overreacting, looking at friend relationships wondering if they had the same going on behind closed doors. Every time I mentioned the word respect, he would be

Scared To Try For A Third Child, Please Help

Heĺlo Eya, I don't know how to start a new post but please help me start this message as a new post

Subject: I want a third child, scared to try again

Hello house, I will love a third baby but hubby says no more kids. I think it's because

05 February 2016

Why Did He Agree To Another Child If He Has Been So Miserable In The Marriage, I Never Even Got A Chance To Apologize Because He Never Told Me He Was Hurting

Hello, my good wives Town Hall connection family,Three weeks ago my husband told me he's been unhappy in our marriage for 9 years and that he didn't know what the actual problem is. Well, we've been married for 9 years. We have two beautiful girls, one is just 8 months and he dropped this bomb. He agreed to go see the church counseling unit or our Senior pastor. He went alone on a Saturday, and then asked that we go together the next week.  At our first appointment together, he brought a 7 page, back to back, typed sheet of "grievances." He handed a copy to our  counselling Unit Leader and kept one for himself. Then he proceeded to tell us everything he's had a problem with for our entire marriage. I had a chance to read it once we got home after the meeting, and honestly, I couldn't get up to go to church the next day , I was too physically weak as a result of the revelations.

 He's never mentioned any of these things to me. Some of them never happened, some of them were assumptions on his part, some of them were scenarios where we had made

04 February 2016

3 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Marriage

1. You Complain That Your Husband Doesn't Show Affection When He Actually Does: 

Aside celebrities and Snapping for Instagram, only very few African marriages are doing the PDA (Public display of affection) thing. Most African men are very conservative, especially after marriage. Your husband will do everything inside the house, but, when you two go out, even holding hands is work. It's as if he just prefers to talk and occasionally smile, look tough, that's all. When you see oyibo marriages, there's so much affection you just wish but, come to think of it, many don't last past the honeymoon stage. Once that initial "sweet belly oil" dries up and the marriage begins o need hard work, it's bye bye.
By taking care of you and the kids, working hard to give you a comfortable life, your husband may just see that as his own way of showing affection. The way boys are raised in many African families is

29 January 2016

Can I Talk To Some Good Heart On The Blog?

Good morning Aunty Eya and the beautiful people of my ever warm wives connection. I feel like talking to someone. This marriage thing is a tricky road to travel. There are so many expectations that we place on ourselves and that we allow society to place on us. What we thought before we were married about each other does not always seem to be true after a few years down the road.

I married way too young - at age 21. I'm now 32. I fell deeply in love with my husband to the point of obsession. But I must confess that I can't stand him now. We've since grown apart tremendously. Throughout the years, we grew into different people (more so on his end). He's had sex with so many women while in our relationship, he’s lost count! Thank GOD, no STD's! In my heart, he's always had a side chick from past relationships or from social media connections, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twittter and some that I can't even pronounce names. I once tried my best to revenge with just one affair (that didn't involve sex o, just

28 January 2016

I Just Want His Attention

Good morning ma, I don't know if my husband is taking me for granted or something else. I love my husband, but sometimes I feel like the small dog who is circling around, jumping at the big dog saying "HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! LOOK AT ME!

27 January 2016

30 Things Nigerian Husbands Want And Expect From Our Wives

  1. Go and slim down. Do not let people take you for our mother when indeed you are our wife. We love to see you exercise and eat less.
  2. Mind and control your tongue.  
  3. Keep the house clean.
  4. Be hospitable, how you receive our friends and families matter to us. Make them feel welcome by coming out to greet them, serve them water if there is no drink.
  5. Dress neatly and smart always, look good for us.
  6. Do not disrespect us, we want to feel respected even with our imperfections, correct us with respect.
  7. Treat like a king, make us feel important and we shall treat you back as our queens.
  8. Do  not always claim right.
  9. Be polite
  10. Be quick to say "I am sorry"
  11. Do not delay us when we have to go out together. Start getting ready well ahead of time and don't keep us waiting because we can be very impatient.
  12. We don't like tension, make us smile and laugh around you and we will want to hang around.
  13. We love good food, if you have to go to a catering school to make us eat well, please do.
  14. We do not like nagging. When you make your request, believe in us to do it in our own time. No amount of nagging can change us
  15. Do not belittle or gossip us to anyone. If there are issues that need be addressed, find a quiet

My Mother And Mother In-law Do Not Talk To each Other, I Cancelled My Wedding Because My Mom Won't Attend, What Can I Do?

Hello aunt eya,I wanted to post this on your blog but av failed.. am 24 yes old married with a son..I got married last yr march but we have in a relationship with my husband since 2009..all this tym my mother has been against our relationship but I cudnt leave this man coz I Love him so much and he loves me too.we wanted to wed but my mother said she wud not come to my welding as a result we just got married.. my mother hates the

26 January 2016


  1. Take time to listen to us, we want to talk to you.
  2. Seek our opinion in decision making, especially on matters that may affect the family.
  3. Always come home early, it shows you value us and our children.
  4. Empower us by investing in us (Allowing us to work or open a business for us).
  5. Accept your responsibility as the head (by giving leadership).
  6. Defend us always. (Let us have the feeling that you are always there for us)
  7. Prove to us that you care (Care can be seen, felt, touched or heard).
  8. We like sex, but, allow us to tell you how we want it. Read good books on this. There is what is called foreplay, it comes before the real thing. You can also prevent yourself from coming too early; learn from books.Our mood matters, make us happy to want it.
  9. Do not cheat on us, it brings wound that is difficult to heal
  10. Earn our honour, respect and submission by giving them to us
  11. Always treat and relate with our family members the same way you want us to treat and relate with yours.
  12. Prove to us that we are more important to you than your money. ( Tell us about your earnings and give us free access to your accounts).
  13. Please, do  not be dirty and disorganized. (Keep your belt, shoes, socks, used clothes, where they should be).
  14. Consciously create time for us and our children.
  15. Allow us to be free around you, play with you, touch, joke, laugh and even make mistakes around you.
  16. Go with us on visiting days to pay visits to our children in school. The children appreciate it and it earns you more respect with them.
  17. Look good for us (Let us be proud to tell our friends to meet our husbands).
  18. Give us pocket money. ( This is different from the family upkeep, it tells us you are mindful of

Why Did I Find Condoms In My Wife's Handbag?

Good morning madam Eya, My wife of 8 years has never cheated nor given me reasons to suspect her even though I derailed a few times before cautioning myself. She never got to know though. Last night, while trying to fall asleep, her phone began to ring in her bag while she was taking too long in

25 January 2016

Having issues in my marriage and any attempt to talk to my husband about these problems has turned into an argument

Hi Wives town hall connection, I'm  a silent reader of wives connection who has learnt so so much from the blog, having issues in my marriage and any attempt to talk to my husband about these problems has turned into an arguement that has gotten nowhere. I am married with four kids including a pair of twin. Our oldest son is just 6 years, a four year old and two year old twin.
I think the main issue we have in our relationship is that I dont feel like I am getting enough support and help from my husband. He feels that because he works and I stay home, I should be responsible for everything relating to the house and kids. A lot of the other issues we have I think all stem from this e.g. our sex life is almost non existent, this is because I

My Husband Thinks That Sex Is Not That Important, Any Advice?

Hello bloggers, I am a 25 year old ardent blog reader and have been married to my 32 year old husband for over 2 years now. When I started dating him I felt like I finally found the guy that I have been looking for for my whole life. I am a sexually active person, love sex, I think it is important part of relationship and had amazing sexes with my exes.  But after all the disappointments I suffered in their hands, I decided that my next man will have to wait until after marriage. On our wedding night we were both too tired, so some days after the wedding, I realized that our sex drive level is so different and before marriage he was honest with me, he told me that he is never crazy about sex and I was already contemplated to break up but he is such a great guy, and I was never as happy as I could be with anyone else but him, all my previous relationship failed because I chose the wrong character and here I have such a great guy so I decided to stay with him and thought that I could give up some degree of sex.

 When we met I was in Kaduna but even before I met him I knew that I wanted to leave Kaduna, because that place made me stress out but I stayed for him, everyone thinks we are a great couple, everything is great but

How bad is it for me not to move with my husband to another city?

Hello Wc, my husband and I have been married for three years and we have always lived just 30 minutes away from my aging parents. My mother has retired from active service and she's been very helpful with the baby and I also am used to checking up on them from time to time as am an only child. Hubby just informed me he has applied for a job in another town about three hour drive away and initially I was excited but now after much thinking. I don't think I want to move to another town just yet. I prefer a 30 minutes drive to my parents to driving three hours just to see them. I don't know

24 January 2016

I am battling Emotional Infidelity from my husband

 Please I need ur candid advice, mr Johnson, Adaeze, Brandybless and all other wonderful blog visitors
My marriage is 9years and for some years about 4years now I have been battling with emotional infidelity from my hubby. There is this number he always calls n they can stay on the phone for like 30mins or more each day and this can happen 3times a day. I have complained, begged, nagged

23 January 2016

I have an issue with my husband calling his colleague sweetie and honey.

I have an issue and need advice from other ladies and gentlemen on wives connection blog. My husband and I have been together for 12 years. We dated for 6 months before marriage and I have never given him a reason to doubt or suspect my movements.  last year December ending, I walked passed my husbands office phone which was lying on the bed face up, so I read the message, it was from a former female colleague that wished him a happy new year and wanted to know how things were going at work. 

He replied that things are same and he wished her a happy new year. Then she told him she found a new job and loves it. He

20 January 2016

My Family Has Brainwashed Me So Much, I Can't Even Enjoy My Marriage

I have been an orphan all my life never knew my parents and was raised by my moms older sister. They really took very good care of me n loved me more than their children. I was well educated till I was a graduate, but i started having problems right after marriage. I got married to a good  n religious man, the type i had always wanted. He was so kind and respectful to them until they started to control my life.

Two months after my wedding, my aunt gave birth, i must say am not much of a social person so don't like gatherings as such, have never been to any naming ceremony before
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