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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Drama as 'Pastor' hires bouncers to stop wife's corpse from being buried on her property

 Abuja- based cleric
This kind of confusion can only happen if the marriage was rocky before the deceased passed. If there was a smooth relationship, this property would have been known as "THEIR' property not as the wife's. If the house was completed, wouldn't it have been for the family? If their marriage relationship was peaceful, why the hurry to sell the property? and there won't be any need for bouncers because what belongs to madam equally belongs to oga. May her soul Rest in Peace amidst all this confusion and corpse dragging!
Read story below...

There was drama over the weekend when an Abuja- based "cleric", Jacob Oyedepo, invited ‘bouncers’ to disperse relatives and friends who had gathered to bury his wife of 17 years on a
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Couple who met on Twitter get married one week after meeting in person (Photos)

Couple who met on Twitter

A couple who met on Twitter just got married few days after meeting for the first time. Khadijah and her Indian/Egyptian husband, Mohsin started dating after they met on Twitter 2 years ago.
They finally met in person last week and got married on Sunday, 21st May. She shared beautiful photos from their marriage and wrote;
“Started in the dms 2 years ago, met in person this week and now we are finally married today. Alhamdulillah to me and my best friend 💍
See more photos below...
Monday, May 15, 2017

Nigerian man prostrates for his soon-to-be Mother-In-law after proposing to her daughter (Photos)

Yes oh! Mairo Ese, after proposing to his girlfriend Olive, prostrated to thank his soon to be mother-in-law, The African way. Below is what he wrote..
Sunday, May 14, 2017

Heartbroken Wife shares conversation between 'anal-loving' husband and his mistress (See Photos)

Image result for husband demanding anals from wife

A distressed lady has cried out to relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, over her husband's infidelity and feels she might have been infected by him as she is sure he doesn't use protection, according to her its just a year into her marriage. The husband cheated because he wanted anal something from her, but she refused, so he went in search of one..

She came back from church and found the hubby asleep in the living room, went through his chats and found out he was cheating, she went ahead to share the chats...Read Below...
Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Mercy Aigbe’s husband Lanre Gentry shares throwback photos with messages for her

The posts from Gentry

Actress Mercy Aigbe’s hotelier husband, Lanre Gentry, is employing subtle moves to get his estranged wife back.

Since the story about his assault on wifey broke out last week with pictures of a battered Mercy, he has tried to explain his side of the story.
Still maintaining his stance that he didn’t beat her and never did, Gentry has started
Friday, April 28, 2017

Eyewitness' account of how Mercy Aigbe destroyed property, packed out of her matrimonial home, brought policemen to arrest her hubby

According to an April 19th mail sent to Instablog9ja, a shocked eyewitness reveals how Mercy Aigbe allegedly got her husband, Lanre, Gentry arrested, how she brought her friends to the house, destroyed their gate and packed her belongings out.
Read below...
Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nigerian man who dumped wife for giving birth to only girls, married a second, just welcomed twin girls from second wife...

A Nigerian man in search of a male child dumped his first wife for giving him all girls  and married a second. See what happened to him two nights ago. Twitter publicist Ope shared the story and says it happened in his neighbourhood in Ikorodu Lagos.

Read his story and reactions from Nigerians below:
Sunday, March 05, 2017

Na real wa! NURTW Boss thanks wife for accepting his mistress' pregnancy

 Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

The wife of Kokozaria ( also an actor), Mumcy Aliyah, took to her Instagram in January to shout out to Nollywood actress, Awele Odita, wishing her a safe delivery and praying she enjoys her relationship with her husband. 

 The actress didn't deny the relationship, she and married lover later both confirmed their relationship on Social media after wifey's called out, see below and also see his post thanking wifey for support and understanding...
Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nigerian man pranks wife, claims he impregnated another woman

A Nigerian man pranked his wife and shared their conversation on Palm Chat. It's either that his wife is a very strong woman or he didn't play the prank well.
Read below and share what you think.
Saturday, February 18, 2017

Re: My Husband's irresponsibility has no part 2. Hubby replies separated wife and those who left comments

If you didn't read that post in 2016, read it here. A Nigerian wife sent a mail for posting, she was tired of her hubby's ways and wanted to know the next right step to take. Many blog readers left comments and right now we do not know if the poster is still married to her husband or divorced. So, this morning, I opened the blog and saw messages from her husband. He has replied and insists that his wife's post was  not the whole truth and also replied some comments left there. 
See his replies below:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stubborn Tonto Dikeh deletes all photos of estranged husband on Instagram

Actress and mum of one, Tonto Dikeh has deleted all memories of her estranged husband on her Instagram page. I'm so disappointed and pissed already. A pity how some women cannot even try their minimum best to keep the family together. Marriage is hard work and whoever is entering that door should be prepared to work hard and to look the other way a times. As an actress and make-believe-expert, I hope Tonto didn't think that the scripts she acts in movies are what marriage is all about? Is it that most actresses go into marriage expecting things to be the exact way we see on the large screen? I am so very disappointed in you Tonto, every marriage gets to that wilderness period of dryness, lack of affection, trials and patience and tolerance. This marriage sure brought you so much joy, having your own family and settling down into a more responsible woman gave you more fans but you won't keep
Saturday, January 28, 2017

Woman seeks divorce over husband’s choice of Brother as his next-of-kin

A housewife, Folasade Fayemi, on Friday urged a Customary Court at Agodi, Ibadan, to dissolve her three-year-old marriage, citing her husband’s decision to make his brother the next of kin.

Folasade also accused her husband, Temitope, of beating and harassing her. She said:
“My Lord, my husband bought a plot of land and put the name of his sibling as the next of kin without considering me and my son, who is the only child of the marriage.
“He loves his siblings and mother more than me, always in close contact with his
Monday, January 23, 2017

Tonto Dikeh Releases Tests Result To Debunk Rumours That She Was On Drugs While She Breastfed Her Son King Andre

Last weekend, there were stories all over the Internet that Tonto Dikeh's husband relocated to Ghana because he couldn't stand the sight of her breastfeeding their son while puffing cigarettes and even marijuana. Some speculated that the stress of recent happenings in her marriage may have pushed the mum of one back to her old habits. That smoking while breastfeeding an 11 month old baby story was too sickening for me to post so I just let it pass.
Right now, the actress has gone an extra mile to debunk those reports. She just released a test result she got
Friday, January 20, 2017

Two Married Deeper Life Members Fight On The Street & In Court Over One Man

Image result for 2 women fight on the street and in court over one man

The women, Nwazema Oluchukwu, 58 and Chizoba Alloy Njoku, 34 were charged before Isolo Magistrate’s court over real ownership of Chizoba’s husband, Alloy Benson Njoku. 
Both, who are members of the same church and hail from Owerri in Imo State, were separately married with children to different men before. 

While Chizoba married and lived with Benson, Oluchukwu alleged that Benson was her  secret lover who she introduced to Chizoba while still married to her own husband. 

She told the Isolo Magistrate’s court that Benson and Chizoba were merely cohabiting despite the fact that they had three children because they did not contract any marriage as Christian or as Igbo culture demand. 

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that Oluchukwu 58, a senior member of the Deeper Life Bible Church, decided to take Benson back when her own marriage reportedly crashed. But things turned to worse when Chizoba, who all along knew the relationship between Oluchukwu and Benson, decided to fight and hold on to Benson and this resulted in a
Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nigerian mother of two who walked out of an abusive marriage marries a hot single never-been-married Igbo man

Facebook user, Aishatu Ella John shared this amazing story of her friend, Noma Oma Patrick, who just got married to a single never-been-married hot dude.

Nora was married for some years, had two children, suffered emotional and physical abusive, had the courage to walk out and got married to a single fine man last December. 
Read what Aishatu wrote below:

When Nora Oma Patrick told me she was getting remarried, I screamed for joy and started dancing. When I saw the wedding pictures, I couldn't contain my excitement. I was jumping up and down, happy excited and even crying tears of joy, I told Nora her wedding got me more excited than mine, I don't think she understood, she must have assumed I was some crazy person lol
 For people who may not understand my excitement let me tell you a little about Nora and her journey.

Nora got married very young, she was young and innocent, she assumed she would like a life of happily ever after but soon that illusion was shattered with abuse and serial cheating. The peak of her tumultuous relationship with her ex was when she just had a baby and he wanted to hit her on the hospital bed.
Nora has a truck load of painful experience from her first marriage, she tried everything to
Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Judge dissolves 5 year old marriage because husband planned with Doctors, removed wife's womb without her consent

Image result for Judge dissolves 5 year old marriage because husband planned with Doctors, removed her womb without her consent

The five-year-old marriage of a couple, the Musilius, came to an end on Thursday when his wife found out that her husband had her womb removed without her consent.
A despaired housewife on Thursday asked an Ibadan Customary Court to dissolve her marriage because her husband rendered her barren by conniving with doctors to remove her womb without her consent, P.M news gathered.

“My lord, Musiliu has systematically rendered me barren, because I can no longer conceive due to the removal of my womb during a caesarean surgery when I was trying to deliver my first child.

“While in the hospital, he should have informed any of my relatives that for me to have a
Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My husband's cousin secretly sexting him yet his family insists that she travels with us for Christmas

Last year I saw messages between someone I totally know as hubby's cousin and they were sexting each other, I was even here excited she was going to come for 2015 Christmas when I saw the texts of her telling hubby she will teach him how to go more than one round. This girl comes to their family house, even while we were dating I have met her there severally everyone says she is their cousin BT when I asked my husband he said he can't even remember how they are related BT that it is his father's side of the family? 
So I banned her from coming to my house since they were sexting and I rebuked my hubby. He didn't feel remorseful his family and mother inclusive all supported him and claim it was just a game the girl.was playing. I was hurt BT moved on.

Now the main reason I am seeking advice is cos we were supposed to travel for Christmas and last week the mother called me to say hope I won't mind that that their"cousin" must
Monday, December 05, 2016

Read This Interesting Conversation Between A Mistress & Wife

This interesting conversation between an accidental side mistress/side chick and a wife was sent to Relationship Blogger & Consultant, Joro Olumofin so other ladies can see and learn.
Sunday, December 04, 2016

Surprised to discover that I no longer find my wife attractive after paying her in her own coin

Years back When I married my wife, we were in love or so I thought. However, I was always the one initiating intimacy in the bedroom. A little more than a year ago I started to give up. I started to withdraw from my wife a bit more and focus on myself. About nine months ago I stopped any attempts at initiating sex, intimacy or touching. More recently, I was surprised to discover that I no longer found my wife attractive. For the first time since I met her, I couldn't think of her in a sexual way. Yes, technically she was still attractive. All her attributes were the same, physically nothing had changed, but I just couldn't see her as "attractive" anymore.

Now it's easy to go without sex with her because I no longer find her attractive. I broke the habit. Then in a moment of clarity, I realized I was now as detached and uninterested in her sexually as she'd behaved for our whole marriage. Wow. I finally found out why she hasn't been interested in me all these years, I finally know how she feels. This has been a HUGE turning point for me. She really never loved me the way I loved her, the way I needed to be
Tuesday, July 19, 2016


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