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13 August 2014

My Husband IsTaking A Second Wife, What Can I Do?

Hi Madam Eya and Wc, please help me with. My head is confused this morning. Family members are even making things worse. My husband of  20 years is taking another wife and my aged parents are OK with it. I married him at 19. After secondary school, every other Education I got was while married to him. He was very supportive during my schooling days studying Economics and making babies. He stood by me all those years paying my school fees and the children' without complaining. 
so am not yet forty, am still a young woman who tries her best to look good and take care of her family.

We are from different tribes and it has not been easy. His family kicked against our marriage in the beginning but when we continued, they began to accept me and things have been fine all these years. I have two girls for him and he has always loved his family. 

Recently, my husband's trips to his village have trippled. He spends practically every holiday at home using the excuse of checking up on the project at his home town. Even weekends are not left out, whenever there is a long weekend, he travels for one reason or the other.
I have a few friends from his village so I trust that what am hearing is true. He and his family are secretly planning to marry a very young girl without my knowledge. According to the source that informed me, the lady will not come to stay with us here in Lagos, she'll either move in with his aged parents or he'll get a place for her.

His ways have been

19 July 2014

He Is Insisting I Keep This Pregnancy

Before I narrate my plight please I want reasonable responses and no insults.thanks.
I am a 26 year old lady, I met this guy in 2010 in my final year and we dated for 18 mths then I got pregnant for him toward the end of my nysc. it was really tough cos my then he was just bout going for his nysc. we did a hushed introduction 2 months before i gave birth and i was shuffling between my parents house and his mums house. cos i was spending a lot of time with my family outside lagos with the baby , issues started coming up with him and his mom so i had to move to his mums house in lagos. cause of the baby nd no one to really help out it wasnt easy getting a job.Last year the issues with his mum was plenty so we had to move outside of lagos to stay on our own.
Now the problem is everytime i bring up the issue of marriage he is always saying he isnt ready cos he hasnt got a job yet,i dont av one too buh i do makeup and learning beads.i am so frustrated and i told him see if a job isnt coming learn smtin too, the look on his face was pure hatred as if i sed smtin bad. my kid is 2year plus now nd i just found out am pregnant again. i want to get married before having another baby but hea insisting i keep d baby nd its not like we are

01 July 2014

Strictly For Job Seekers And Employers

When I saw this mail this morning, I thought to myselfb that there may be some one right now planning to send a mail about their location and qualification for publication on the blog. I know a mail like tghis was posted last week. Let any one that needs employment or in need of specific kinds of employees advertise here for free now cos I don't want to offend us when I begin to ignore individual mails seeking for emplyment.
Poster, please permit me to post your mail here and give other readers the opportunity to sell their market too: Who knows someone might just be the answer to all your fasting and prayers...

Good day madam Eya,may God bless you for the good job you are doing.I
am a reader of your blog and I really apprieciate you and all WC
women,please i am a single mother of one (girl)left my husband after
1year of marriage due to domestic abuse now living with my mum in our
family house.I am

28 June 2014

Lagos Reader! Someone Needs Your Contact

This mail would have been forwarded to your inbox but I no longer have your contacts. They were deleted in error. Here is the mail I got from Ayo:

Good morning Aunty Eya,
How are you and your entire family doing?
Great I guess.
Can I

27 June 2014

Lesson Teacher By Fisayo Talabi

Onyeka had gotten married faster than any of her friends had. She had been only twenty and in her final year at the University. 

She'd made plans...

• To graduate with a first class degree in      
   her department. 

• To build a career in Chartered              
   accounting and finance before age 25.

 ....and a lot more. 

She hadn't been married off by force or by pre-planned arrangements by her parents. No. It was a wilful decision. She had met her husband when she was only eighteen. She had been in the executive team of her department and they had planned a career programme which needed sponsorship and the involvement of finance organizations. 

The moment she had walked into his office and started to discuss the department executives' proposal, he had fallen in love with her, so he claimed. He had said he loved that she was so young and ambitious, and that he loved intellectually strong women. 

Fast forward eight years later. 

Onyeka sat in living room of her matrimonial home, watching on CNN the woman she had always wanted to be; Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Her three year old was crying and wailing loudly, because her five year old had wrecked her doll. Her seven year old was eating his lunch, filling the floor with orange grains of jollof rice. Their voices drowned every word Ngozi was saying on Tv. 

Her husband had promised she could pursue a career after they got married and after she had graduated. He had promised to get her a good place of primary assignment for NYSC, but she had gotten pregnant and he made her stay at home. After the second year, she still didn't have a job. He always said he was working on it. Then, one day, he said he wanted her to nurse all the kids first. 

Now, it was eight years gone, and time had passed her by. Graduate trainee programmes had an age cap of age 27. She was 28. 

Her husband was never home. He was at the peak of his career, receiving this or that award, for financial excellence. At first, he used to take her along to those award dinners. But after she had started to add on weight, and for some other reasons, he stopped inviting her. 

This day, he was away again, at Ghana. She looked at her kids. Her husband had said he didn't want househelps, so she was alone in taking care of the home. She had screamed and yelled at them, but nothing seemed to change. She sighed. She looked at

24 June 2014

I Don't Keep Friends, I Need Advice From Strangers Please

Hi Aunt Eya and WC family.....I met my guy January and we have been going on fine as if it's being years,He has met my Father and I have been talking to his family members on phone, I haven't visited them cos of the distance and our job too but we have planned to see them soon. 

The problem now is His ex, He told me when he met me that his EX jilted him that he was hospitalised and had HBP buh he has to move on with his life, After 5 month he met. For 2 months now The girl had been pleading to come back.she calls anytime. 

Anytime I am there for weekend she calls earlymorning and bedtime...,Now I aam confused who the Real Madam is, I

23 June 2014

My Husband With A Call Girl, I Need Help

Good afternoon A-Eya, wc peope I hail o.I have been a reader of this blog but have never wrote to A-Eya before. Wells I got married early 2013. My husband is ten years older than me and I don't really understands him any longer he comes home very late, sometimes around 11pm past 12 etc and I was pregnant all this time and have been receiving threat messages from his female lover telling me I will loss my baby that am not the only one pregnant for my own husband and I showed my so called husband the messages but he said he does not know who is sending the messages to me and that I should never in my life show him the messages again,and I was already heavily pregnant so I have to go and see one of his friend told him he knew my husband was cheating and he never advised my husband so l left the guys place so I guess the friend called him on the phone and told him I came so my husband started calling me but I did not pick cos have already packed some

22 June 2014

Who Needs Me In Lagos? You Cannot Do Everything By Yourself

Hello Aunty Eya,how has the rest been so far? Trust good.Pele Ma.
Anty Eya,you sure dnt know me,but I have been an ardent follower of your blog. Ever since I stumbled on the url on LIB(good stumble tho),And I must confess that I have learnt so much on your blog.
My cooking has improved,and some advice to the real life issues has also proven helpful.

I am a hardworking female  student of Mathematics and Education in the university of Lagos.‎Even as a student,I been struggling and managing myself.God has been faithful.Until recently,im so rich(broke).I've done ushering jobs for sometime,but it leaves me drained and unable to study,hence my quitting it.Please,Eya,come to my not telling you to dash me money(i hate living off people,and I can never beg).Actually,im a very resourceful person.‎Please just help me use your platform source for jobs.

‎‎Here are the things I know I'm quite good at doing.
In addition to selling " very nice "ladies wears such as gowns,tops, skirts,shirts,undies etc.
2)im very good at arranging and cleaning up( you have no idea how skilled I am with my hands and brain until you throw me in a messed up room ‎).
‎3) I am a good errand person,i can do

15 June 2014

The Silver Frame


Fisayo Talabi

It was about five thirty p.m on Friday. Most of her staff had started filing out one by one. The famous RCCG camp program was happening so it was pretty sure there was going to be traffic. In an hour, she was the only one left in the building. It wasn’t that she had any work in particular to do.  In fact, she had more thinking to do than work. She had gotten all the reports she needed and discussed with staff from the Legal department on drafting the necessary contracts she needed towards the new contract they were bidding for from a foreign company.
She removed her Jimmy Choo high heels and relaxed in her Leather chair. The picture of her and Lanre in the silver frame on her mahogany desk stared her in the face. That one picture, she couldn’t get rid of, even if she had decided to let him go.
Yeah, she had to let him go…because he did not belong to her. He was another woman’s husband…
Folusho had been really lonely. She had

24 February 2014

Any Tips For Water Water Arms And Thighs?

Dear Aunty Eya, God bless you for using your blog to help a lot of people out here.

Sometimes ago I had this sickness characterized by inflammations, low oestrogen and low calcium. I lost bone mass and muscles/fat. I mean I lost a lot of weight.
Now my problem is this, I am left with this flabby arms that jiggles. If I shake it, you would think there is water in it. I mean it doesn't look firm/tight like it was before the weight loss. I call it "water water" body. The upper arm seems to be big but flabby.
Same thing goes for my thighs.

I am fine now but this

20 February 2014

Information Regarding Marriage In Nigeria, Filipino/Nigeria

Hi. I would like to ask some information about marrying a nigerian guy. I am a filipina but i was married before and separated for 8years in philippines. But the problem is the married still not annulled. 
And im still using my married name to my passport. Is there any possibility that

18 February 2014

Married For Seven Years, Fending For The Family With My Earnings While Hubby Works For God. What Can I Do?

Hello sister Eya Ayambem, I love your blog and I've introduced it to a lot of my family and friends and they re hooked.please I need advice from wcm, I've been married for 7 yrs plus with no kids.

Since i married my husband I've been the one fending for us with the job am doing,he doesn't give me money for upkeep cos he does not have, even I've had to buy some basic electronics we need and use in the house cos he can't afford to, I even give him money from time to time..I've had to pay Gynae  tests and drugs prescribed for us.

But the thing is, he is very committed to God,the Lord told him to go to hospitals to be praying for the sick and he is been doing that consistently for 4- 5 yrs now, in church if no one

In My Thirties With No Relationship. Help A Sister

Hi Aunty Eya.God will surely perfect all that concerns you in Jesus' Name.I am a 30 year old lady without a relationship. I don't know what to do.I've prayed,fasted,and all sort but no show. Can fellow sisters advise me? (kindly hide my identity)

Eya Says: Your mail is too short for

Why Nigerian Wives Accept Illegitimate Kids?

Hello Eya, how are you and the baby? Can you please help  post this on wives connection blog? There is something I want to know about your country Nigeria (Mine too by marriage). From advice given on your blog, whenever a married Nigerian man impregnates another woman, his wife is advised to accept the child and if possible, bring it home. Why is that? 

Don't the women on your blog

13 February 2014

Am I Still In Love With My Husband? Someone Pls Explain Love Cos I'm Lost

Hello Aunty Eya, how are you doing? Please i need help frm WCM, am married with Kids, have been having issues with Hubby these past years but i thank almighty God for how things are going now, but there is  something that worries me, I DONT KNOW IF AM IN LOVE with hubby.  I want to think of him and feel something maybe butterflies or goose pimples rather i feel nothing, or am i wrong with what am saying or is it that i still feel hurt with past

12 February 2014

My Fiance Thinks He Is A Rock, What Can I Do?

Hi aunty Eya,
I stumbled on ur blog yersterday when I was looking for answer on how to handle my fiance's attitude and it has been a wonderful experience since then.

Please I need help. My fiance is a man that loves me so much but at  times his temper scares me. He doesnt shout but it is something u rather avoid. He is of the opinion that his woman shouldn't talk back at him and that anyway a woman's home turns out, it is her own making cos she has the power to form it. That if am to tell him something I shld put it in the right perspective and in a calm voice. But the annoying thing is that in anger he says hurtful things like" I wonder how u reason at times" I have

05 February 2014

Is It Wrong To Leave Cos Of My Husband's Infidelity?

Good day aunty Eya, pls I want to ask the WC family if it's bad that I left my hubby because of his serial cheating with several women and also cos of the insults from his sisters tagging me a gold digger. 

The worst is

04 February 2014

I Want To Feel Respected, please Advise Me

Good day to you madam Eya.Hope our babies are kicking in the Lord.May God continue to give you strength-- Amen
Let me start by saying I work in a construction site where you get to me lots of people.Am not a proud person and I show respect to those that respect me but what has been trending @my place of work is that some people keep saying

Confused, Aunty Eya Please Post My Mail And Stop Hoarding It

Gudevenin aunty eya, pls as usual pls hide ma identity ma name is xxxxxx and am 22yrs old hv been in dis relationship for 4yrs and d man hs been vry amazing he always talks abt marriage but am d one stil holdn bck I jt need tinx to get fine,u knw wot I mean, financially. 

But recently ma relationship hs been crazy we quarrel virtually evryday we cn be dis sweet today n tomorrow we r quarreln n d tin is dat lil tinx dat doesn't even mata mks us quarrel, he loves me a lot n I love him am so scared of loosn him he hs changed ma life in so many ways he is ma best frnd if he leaves me pple wil mock me n I love him so much n nevr want to leave him, he tells me evrytin we recently quarrel and  he hsnt pickd ma calls for 2days hv called n calld he hs deleted me frm his bbm, twitter, fackbook whatsapp am scard he may say its over, he

03 February 2014

Stress From My Husband's Cousin, I Need Help

Good day aunt eya, please hide my ID. I have been married for about 5months now and my husbands cousin has been living with us since we got married. Tho they were staying together before we got married, we talked about this issue several times before getting married and he promised the guy was going to move out but when
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