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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Succeeding In Nigeria is just Like Driving in Lagos, True or False?

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Have you ever woken up one morning and tired of this struggle called HUSTLE?
As just weak for mind, body and spirit?? Everything just tire you, your moral just down laidat!
You're tired of trying, you're tired of getting started, tired of indefinite outcomes, you're tired of uncertainties... Damn, you're tired of everything!!
You checked your friend(s) lives, everything on Fleek. it's incomparable to your present situation. You see them slaying in affluence, Dubai trips, good businesses, exotic cars, pepperdemgang, looking fly and doing exploits... These na people wey una follow start o.. yet na you hustle pass??.. Baba God kilo shele gangan 🙆

YES, you are freaking tired of hearing the usual motivational quotes...its getting long and no one

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Can I start a business without capital? Yes you can, See how to do it

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Can I start a business without A CAPITAL!????

🤞Yes You can!
🍷Yes you can't!

When you start a business without a working capital, you would only be able to tick the ✅🗃 hunger box. You would barely pay bills EXCEPT you PUSH HARD!!!

When I started my online fashion store OGEHOMES in 2014... I had nothing, as in I no get shishi!!

I knew a handful of women love BEAUTIFUL shoes, bags and accessories etc..and I needed a platform. I started with a Bbm channel(i currently have 12000 ➕ followers). I made sure to
Monday, July 03, 2017

Packaging is like constantly painting an empty house which you reside in, Stop trying to meet up with strangers' expectation - Sound Sultan

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Nigerian music sensation, Sound Sultan, has dished out advice to Nigerian celebrities who flaunt wealth on social media, with zero, Life savings.
According to him, one should take care of his inner satisfaction before trying to meet up with strangers’ expectation. Here’s what he wrote on his page...

What you see in this picture is a reflection of who and what you are

What you see in this picture of Steve Harvey and wifey in a private jet,  what you make of this picture is a direct reflection of who you are, what you have been through, what you think of

A Blogger's Concern About Biafra! What and what has been put in place for Biafrans to go back to in the east?

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Quite Interesting, how Ibos differ on the Idea of Independence for the Igbo Nation. A lot of Igbos are coming out on Social Media to say that not all Igbos are in support of the IPOB thing. Many are asking what the 'Igbo' Governors in Nigeria have done differently from other Nigerian Governors to show that if they finally get Biafra, the masses will live a better life than they got as Nigerians? She concludes that their present and past Igbo Governors are as corrupt as their Nigerian counterpart and have nothing different to offer the Igbo masses.

 An Igbo lady who lives and works in Lagos comments, exclaiming loudly that she cannot imagine needing a Visa to visit Lagos in the future if this Biafra dream is realized and called on Igbos who are not in support to speak out because if eventually Biafra becomes a reality, every Igbo automatically becomes a foreigner that will need visas to visit other cities in Nigeria. 

Beauty Blogger Chi Ezenwa-Ezeh posted her valid concerns on Facebook, read below and be inspired...

Your Happiness Is Valid! Do not let anyone define what YOUR happy should be, people are different

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I read a lot of the time how it seems like if you don't have lofty dreams or big time aspirations you've failed. And then I begin to wonder. Not everyone has big dreams. Not everyone has aspirations of "going out there to conquer the world". Some people are happy just being in their corners and letting their light shine gently there.
In example, these days seems like being a mother and a wife is no longer enough. You have to be
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

'Marriage isn’t about how compatible couples are but how they deal with their incompatibility... Your Loyal Mugu' - Charley boy as he celebrates wife on her birthday


Grand Father, AreaFada also known as Charlyboy has penned down some very inspirational words as he celebrates his wife Lady Diane. He shared the photos below and wrote:
“My Wife,
I trust that our
Monday, May 22, 2017

Diary Of A Pastor's Wife

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That morning, my husband David came to pick me at the airport. He was dry faced and tensed, very unusual. Other times, David would be so excited to come pick me, he would kiss and hug me passionately; but today, everything is different. "You kept me waiting for hours in there." I said, gazing angrily at him. "Don't tell me it's traffic honey, today is Saturday." 
"I'm sorry, I had to pick the kids from summer lessons and then rush to church to counsel a few couples." He said soothingly. 
"You now prepare the kids for school? What happened to Ifeoma? She is the kids' nanny." 
"And you are the Kids mom!", he screamed suddenly. "You've been away from your family for 5 months, Ekom; the kids don't even talk about you anymore." David deliberately slowed his breathing in a bid to calm himself down. 
I was silent for a while. My lips quivered, but David ignored that he saw tears glistening in my eyes. Catching his eyes as he tried to look at me, I sensed a shiver of unease go through him. He was right, I was away from my family for four months or more. I had women's conference and hundreds of women to mentor in Houston. It was a moment I didn't want to miss. Then I broke the silence; "what of Ifeoma?"
David looked uncertain. "She fell ill, so I asked her to go see Doctor Dennis", he said.
We were both quiet until we got home. I sat on my bed now, slipped off my slippers and sank my feet into the rug and decided to keep them sunk in so that my toes would feel cushioned, so that a part of me would feel safe. 
"Mummy!" my daughter screamed, breathing deeply. She snuggled into my arms and I grabbed her tight to myself. "Where is your sister?" I whispered into her ears. "She is sleeping", was her response. 
Not long I heard tiny foots running along the corridor that led to my room. "Mummy, mummy..." She jumped on me and kissed me on my cheeks, leaving me in the sweet comfort of motherhood. They looked so healthy and chubby." 
What has aunty Ifeoma and Daddy been feeding you with?"
"Golden morn and banana porridge!" they chorused shrilly. 
"Mummy, Church people said that you are no longer daddy's wife"; my first daughter, Teye, said. And her eyes became sad. Deep and sad. "Aunty Ifeoma now sleeps in our daddy's room." Mfon the youngest said. 
My heart jumped, I knew at that moment, that there were stories in their eyes that I was yet to know.

I was still devastated with the thoughts of Ifeoma and my husband David. After I watched the kids sleep, I strolled into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. Just after I poured the milk in a mug, I felt someone was in the kitchen too. I looked back quickly, surprised. "Welcome madam", she said; almost stuttering. 
I slowly poured the hot water from the flask into the mug, stirred it a bit and sipped. Then I noticed a protruded stomach, she had tried to cover it with her handbag. "Are you pregnant, Ifeoma?... you look it"; I asked in a soft tone. Her expression was in earnest. "Yes madam, didn't pastor tell you? I am pregnant for him, we are expecting a child." Her voice had a tremor in it, even though her face was bold and firm. 
Her words were like the score of a sharpened blade across my heart. I sensed the wound gape open even before she'd finished speaking. "You were sleeping with my husband while I was away?" 
"I am sorry madam, I think pastor is in the best place to answer that question. It was an agreement", she said calmly and walked out of the kitchen, making a flappy sound with her shoes. 
I stood there for moments like a mannequin, the tea cup in my hands, and then my eyes right at the door. The sound of my ringing tone, brought me back from the shock I had. "Hello Ekom?" "Yes Lizzy", I responded with a sigh of relieve. "Thank God I have been able to reach you, I have been dialing your American lines but not going through." She sounded a bit terrified. 
"Well, I am back in Nigeria now. I came in this morning. Is everything fine?" I asked.
"Not at all. Pastor brought your girl for maternity scan at my clinic last weekend. What's that her name again?" 
"Iyaaa, Ifeoma." I was shocked to see her all over him like they were lovers. What is happening?"
Tears rolled down my eyes as Lizzy went on talking about things that went on while I was away. Something flared deep in my eyes, but my lips remained sealed. I was stricken silent, but the thud of my heartbeat sounded like cannon fire in my ears...
Monday, May 15, 2017

Who is actually Robbing God? The Sheep OR The Nigerian Shepherd?

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BOWEN UNIVERSITY *N650,000 per semester

COVENANT UNIVERSITY *N640,000 per semester

BENSON IDAHOSA *N500,000 per semester

BABCOCK UNIVERSITY *N450,000 per semester

*N450,000 per semester

*N350,000 per semester

MADONNA UNIVERSITY *N350,000 per semester

All  these UNIVERSITIES were built from TITHES and OFFERINGS of the common people who now can't afford to send their children to these schools today.

Where is the morals and responsibilities of the churches as CHARITY in Nigeria?

What is the difference between
Sunday, May 14, 2017

Beautiful baby shower photos from a young couple in Warri

The lady has since been delivered of her bundle of joy. The bouncing baby boy arrived on May 5.
see more lovely photos...
Monday, May 01, 2017

Man rapes 6-month-old baby, hires 10 lawyers to defend him

The singulat act of hiring Lawyers to defend after such heinous crime could just mean that there's no regret  over what the devil used him to do. There are 'sins' one commits and the best thing to do is own up, take responsibility and bear whatever consequences o. Hiring 10 lawyers, is it to intimidate the poor parents of the child who can't even afford one lawyer? Is it to oppress them and prove that with money one can get away with almost anything? 
A little girl whose name was given as Khadijah Bashir, was allegedly raped when she was just 6-months-old by her mother's male friend and left traumatized by the act. She might not be getting justice after all as the man who committed the said act reportedly hired 10 lawyers to defend him in court.
Khadijah who is now 8-months-old, is currently being treated at a hospital in Kano after undergoing surgery, as her parents are
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nigerian Student decides to spend the holiday with her friends' family then this happened...

A confused student has cried out for help after her friend's father pays in so much money into her account. Confused as to what to do with that kind of money and how to stop the man from making advances at her, she sends a mail to relationship blogger Joro and shares the chat she has with her best friend's dad. Read the chat below and please say what you think she should do in this situation?


Continue below to see all their chat...
Tuesday, April 25, 2017


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1. After the first try to see if you can escape and yet you couldn't, do NOT struggle anymore....
2. Pretend you are weak, this will prevent him from beating you or further harming you.
3. Beg him to treat you well... Lie to him that you have succumbed....
4. If you can, help him pull your under panties and try romancing him.... This is to make him relaxed, with thoughts that you are horny, crazy or want it too.....
5. When his penis is out
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

While we were praying and fasting, they went to work

This article is a MUST READ for every Nigerian because honestly what is mostly practiced here is what you may call "Religion without Morals " With the number of churches and mosques in this country,  there is no reason Nigeria should be where we find ourselves, if only religious Nigerians spiced it with good morals. Read below:

"After independence, in order to build a great nation, each country went to work. But in Nigeria, after independence, our people went to pray and fast.

So, while we were praying, Malaysia came here and took our palm seedlings and built a great factory of it.

While we were praying, Singapore went into investment in technology.
While we were praying, India went into ICT.

While we were praying, China went to massive industrialisation.

While we were  praying,  UAE went into massive infrastructural development.

While we were binding and casting Lucifer, Japan went into technological development.

While we were speaking in tongues, Denmark went into education of her citizens.

While we were mounting big speakers in our places of worship, USA was
Saturday, March 25, 2017

Love yourself in your own skin

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Love your body. Its the only one you've got. I've noticed that as women we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look perfect. But what is perfection anyway? Perfection is you. Perfection is me. Perfection is that kind smile and caring heart. Perfection is subjective.

Don't let society or anybody put their standards of perfection on you. Find your happy,and glow in it.

You don't like trousers? Skirts do it for you? Then ditch trousers.You can't handle natural hair? Abeg get that relaxer and relax that hair mehn.

You prefer natural hair? Then go natural sistah!

Forget the need to be anything or anyone in particular and recognise the perfection in imperfection.

Don't date anyone who doesn't like your body..a partner who is constantly nitpicking at your
Friday, March 17, 2017

Weep Not For Apostle Suleman Or Fatoyinbo Or, Weep For The Church In Nigeria

Image result for apostle  suleman and fatoyinbo
Image result for apostle  suleman and fatoyinbo

The allegations of serial adultery swirling around Mr Suleman, a self-styled apostle, have provided much drama and comic relief in the recession-fuelled tension that has gripped our dear nation. It is important to note that, till date, the allegations are still unfolding. And until they are conclusively proven one way or the other, decency demands that Mr Suleman should be given the benefit of doubt – at least, to all reasonable extent.

But in the unfolding drama, the joke is not on Mr Suleman. The REAL JOKE is on the entire
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SLAP YOURSELF: So, Tonto Dikeh invested all that money, time and energy to make us believe she had...

Piece written by Ima Obong Uboh. Read and let's know if you agree with her: 
So, Tonto Dikeh invested all that money, time and energy to make us believe she had the best husband and life?  
The luxury cars, jewelries, vacation, birthday parties and clothes.  
Only to tell us they were all lies? That he never bought her anything, that she was just putting up a show to upgrade him? 

I can't stop imagining how many people felt less of themselves watching the euphoria. How many marriages and relationships were wrecked because, some of us got mad that our partners were not doing enough. If you were one of them, take a minute and SLAP YOUR SELF! 
Some girl you know, just had a flamboyant wedding and while she is feeling miserable that it was all her money, with little or no support from her husband, you're also feeling miserable because your wedding was nothing compared to
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thin Tall Tony The Traitor? This is how I feel as a woman and wife #BBNaija

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Thinking about other Seasons of Big Brother. I remember vividly, that Big Brother Africa Season that shook the whole of Africa. "The Richiana" Season. We couldn't stop watching because everyone was anticipating, waiting to be the first to catch that moment when Richard and Tatiana would kiss on live TV. The day Richard won a task and chose Tatiana as the housemate to spend the night with at the Pent house, emotions raged high, Africa stayed awake the whole night to see if they'd be strong enough to resist the temptation and they did. The final day came, Who won all that money? Richard did.
 Africa fell in love with Richard and tatiana until the last day when Richard's wife appeared on stage dancing, celebrating her husband's win, walking majestically to take her darling husband home with their money. 

Thin Tall Tony is a strong contestant just like Richard. However, NOT as strong  because Tatiana knew that Richard was married, he told her about his family back home. Knowing his marital status actually helped her restrain herself from all that. Even though on the first day they clicked while discussing in the garden, he had bared his mind to a very understanding Tatiana and actually confessed to her that no one ever listened to him the way Tatiana did.  Moving forward, he let all the housemates know that he is a married man and that helped Tatiana to be strong and not fall too deep. Honestly people, Richard wore his wedding band while at Big Brother's house. He never took off his ring!

For our own Naija Thin Tall Tony in Big Brother Naija house, he just continues to drag the Intelligent Bisola along with lies. Honestly, having watched Bisola this past four weeks, she is very smart and nothing would have made her suck a married man's HOTDOG on National TV unless on a movie set. She is falling for Tony, perhaps hoping that the feeling is mutual, maybe, looking forward to a relationship outside the house, unaware that she is hurting herself, her votes, Tony's family and the whole of Africa. I pray Thin Tall Tony doesn't drag her out of The Big Brother House because she is doing great aside that relationship with him.

Oh, yes! We know his wife permitted him to go play for 25 Million Naira. We do not know if
Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What it means when YOU are being taken for granted

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When you are taken for granted, it means your value is being underestimated. You are expected to always be available, to serve without needing a 'thank you', an appreciation. In short you are being taken for granted when people or someone expects you to serve without needing recognition/acknowledgement. When try as you may, give until you have nothing more to give yet, you are seen as ''after-all you are doing what you should be doing" You go all out of your way to render some services yet that recognition is not given you and you are wondering why? Just know that YOU ARE BEING TAKEN FOR GRANTED.  Your value is not appreciated or, you are not even valued by whoever it is you are serving.

To be honest, so many people feel they are being taken for granted but are not really sure. Now, here are signs to prove that you are truly not valued either by an individual; husband, wife, In-laws, friends, family and the list goes on.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Lagos Boy posts a woman's very private parts on social media

Be careful! When you give a man everything like this to keep in his phone, better remain his slave for life oh, the day you hurt him, you never know how bitter the revenge will taste. Those nudes you take today may become your downfall tomorrow. Things may not always be like this. The tune might change tomorrow and you cannot take back those nudes. See this one, even opening for the boy to grab her intestines. Where is the sense in this? If any lady thinks that giving a man your nudes will prevent him from cheating on you, SORRY DEAR. The 'highs' from your nudes will soon fade and he will look for fresh ones to obssess on.

Young ladies ...receive brain, receive sense, receive understanding, receive discernment, receive extra perceptive sense, receive God IJN. Amen. I was about to say that this boy deserves an arrest but on a second thought, she gave him the power to do this to her. She handed over EVERYTHING including the two holes (A "blank check") to him to do as he wishes and the scripture reads   " woe to them that put their trust in man, trusting him to keep their vagina safe in his phone (Not even a husband sef). Lady, you did this to yourself, when you come back again if there is anything like reincarnation, do not let anyone take a photo of your wide open veejayjay and nyash hole like that. Nonesense girl

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