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Is it Ok for a Christian to own sex dolls?

Hello. Good evening Eya. I need help with some clarification. Can you please help me post on the blog or any of your social media handles. This question has been bothering my head ever since the stories of smart sex dolls and their brothels broke out. Considering  these are mere objects, not

Let Me Tell You Something About Loans, Grants, Credits; My experience growing up

Iya shade is one of the most hardworking women I have known in my life. She was a hustler! My mum was a landlady, the popular title given in a typical 9ja household. But she never allows that get to her.
Come rain, come shine, 41days after childbirth, she was back to hawking her wares. My dad was always ashamed on her behalf. She no send am.
Her first business was palmoil. She started with kegs and bottles, hawking the streets of Alausa. Business was booming, everyone wants epo Iya shade(Iya shade's palm oil). Demand became high with limited supply and cash. We had too many neglected orders.
My mum decided to expand, she collected money from all and sundries, and began to roll in drums. Wow! Her business wore a new look, we could meet client's and home demands and lived well....
Wait for it.............................
After 2months, I was barely 12 years old when we woke one morning to

Basic Items Needed for a comfortable stay after Resumption in Nigerian Universities

Image courtesy:pricena.com.
This list is basically for Freshers: If you are thinking of what your teenager really needs for resumption to school after gaining admission into Nigerian Universities or you are the admitted student that has no clue on what to get and what should wait till later, read this post and help your family save some money. You do not really need to carry too much luggage because at the end of the school semester, you'll discover some items you spent money on are not really necessary and if you are being sponsored by parents or guardians, you don't want a situation where by the time you return home for Christmas holidays, your dear parents are back home in the village after spending every dime on your school list. The list below is not exhaustive but contains all that you need to live comfortably at campus. While you are

Jim Iyke brilliantly explains his meaning of 'STYLE'

Eloquence is his other name! Savour his HOT, brain feezing, classy, saucy and inspirational definition of style below. Many can't help but agree with the 'meanest' Nollywood actor...


How to recharge your phone from your bank account and easy bank transfer - In case you do not know yet....

Image result for how to recharge phone with any bank
No more recharge cards or pieces of paper. You don't have to look for where recharge cards are sold. Nigerian banks load your phone at the comfort of your home, bedroom, anywhere. Just type in the code, amount and get credited instantly. Transfer money from your bank to any bank without downloading Apps or visiting the bank.
Knowledge is Power, so I thought those who don't have this knowledge yet might need this.

     USSD code
How to transfer money and recharge  phone from your bank account. (All banks)

How Nigerian Petrol Attendants Cheat You In Filling Stations and precautions to cut the cheating attendants

Image result for nigerian fuel attendants

With the recent high cost of living in Nigeria, The rise in the price of petrol from ₦86.50/L to ₦145 Naira/L still leaves a heavy toll on Nigerians, most  have gotten used to the excruciating fact that a litre of petrol now ₦145 Naira.

Sadly, as if the skyrocketing price of petrol isn’t enough, the ‘friendly’ fuel station attendants have found numerous tricks to add to their regular income, and undercut the customers who at the first place are paying through their noses.

The nefarious activity perpetrated by petrol attendants nationwide has gone unnoticed by many motorists as they drive into the filling stations to fill their tanks.

Fuel Station scams are not something new. There are plenty of foul plays which can leave you cheated at a fuel station.

Why do the petrol attendants cheat you?


Image credits: wikihow.

Ma,I want you to help me out, I do have nightmare and most of the time I have this bad dreams is when am excepting something good.that is when I normally have this dreams, please help me ask the meaning on the blog because I have fast and pray yet no change..


Image credits; My brown baby.
When I was a little kid growing up in the North, my mom didn’t work outside of the home. Instead, she stayed home with me and my sisters, playing with us and cooking every meal we ever wanted to eat, teaching us things, reading the yellow hard cover "my book of bible stories' with us and prying along, caring for us, and when we got older she dusted her certificate and went back to work as a staff nurse at a hospital. She would “go back to work” eventually, but while we were small, she was a full-time parent. When I was preparing to have my own child, I wasn’t sure if that was something that I wanted or not. Ultimately, the financial realities of my working class family meant that it wasn’t really a decision I had to make, because my family needed me to be working to sustain us in this economy. And to be honest, being with my son 24/7 and having nothing else that I had to do during the lengthy postpartum period made me feel antsy and weird. When I started working, and especially when I started working on a  schedule, it


Hello Eya, please help me share and ask on wives connection how to care for my ankara fabric bags and shoes. I recently fell in love with and bought a couple pairs of beautiful ankara shoes. For my leather and rubber shoe and bags, we just wipe with shoe shiner or polish and they bounce back ,now I want to clean my ankara bags but thinking about how our fabric fades with ordinary washing, I'm worried. What if I wipe with soap and the fabric begins o fade? The heels look dirty and in need of


  1. Prepare, plan and pack ahed of time but don't over pack.
  2. Have your own medicines, supplies ready; cough syrup,paracetamol, flagyl etc. Be your pharmacy.
  3. If you are travelling with a private car, get a car seat for the baby even if he's under 2, you don't want to lap a baby the whole time.
  4. Prepare for the worst, your baby might get car sick and throw up.

My Wife Says I'm Blowing Things Out of proportion, Is she right?

Hello Madam, I'm a reader of wives connection blog based outside the shores of Nigeria. Haven't set my foot in the country in over a decade but making plans to visit... This will be my first time posting, even though I have been reading for quite some time. Here is a little background before I get to the questions I have for you guys. Please bear with my long story. My wife and I have been married for 14 years, and have 4 kids. We met and married right out of high school, and were each other’s first loves. We both grew up here and met here. My wife growing up, was a straight laced girl. She always got super good grades, and was very responsible. Because of this, I have always believed and trusted everything she says. I could not even imagine her lying to me. She has the type of personality, that she is not afraid to tell you exactly what she is thinking. She can be very blunt, which is one of the things I have always admired about her. I have always trusted her for that reason.

Well, a couple years after getting married, she got a part time job, and not long after

Between Chewing Stick; Oral B; Charcoal; Crest; Pepsodent; Closeup; Macleans; Aquafresh; Colgate, Darbur Herbal And Sensodyne Toothpaste Brands; Pick Your Favourite

Image credit: Konga.com.
Good evening Aunty Eya, I have a little challenge and will need the help of blog readers. Ok, my cousin's gums bleed every time she brushes her teeth, I thought it's the closeup tooth paste she is using that's not effective enough, advised her to try macleans toothpaste and I don't know if the bleeding has reduced or still the same. She

Tips For 2016 as three hundred naira exchanges for a dollar

By now, it should be clear to all of us that this year will be a difficult one and to survive it, you just have to start planning from Day one.
Be prepared to let go of some things and spend only when absolutely necessary. If you have saved money, try not to touch it quickly.
Avoid capital projects in the next few months until you are certain of replenishing your bank accounts.
Avoid social travels that bring no added income.
If attending a burial, wedding, naming ceremony, marriage anniversary will eat into your savings, avoid them. You would be called names, accept the name calling but understand that these same
people will call you worse names if you have to borrow from them to feed your family.

Reduce your responsibilities. Your first duty is to your family. If you don't provide for them, others will rarely do so.
Talk to your friends who are working not to bother asking

Water In Your Phone? Get A Bag Of Rice

I am one mom who's very good at hiding her mobile phones from restless crawling walking babies,blaming other mothers for letting kids throw their phones in buckets of water and I called that carelessness but, this time, I don't know what happened and he found it. Before anyone could stand up to grab, it was aleady in a cup of water. I vex eh! The phone continued to work after I opened and cleaned it up. Later in the evening, everything went blank and it won't come on. My Bil overheard me talking about taking it to Emab or GSM village for repairs and he tells me there's no need for repairs, that rice alone can fix it for me. The bag of rice delivered

It's been three months now and the phone is still working perfectly fine and even posting to the blog. I opened it up, brought out the battery and sim cards, dipped the phone in a bag of rice and left it there for two days as advised. I forgot to bring it out on the second day so the following day it came out looking very dusty. I wiped with

How Do You Save With Fifteen Thousand Naira Monthly Income?

Savings on very low income, is it possible?
This was meant for me but I couldn't answer so I'm posting here, who can help break down fifteen thousand naira for a 30day month and leave something for savings? Please help us. Is it possible to save on a monthly salary of #15,000?


Should People Take Off Shoes At Your Doorstep?

Shoes inside or outside the house? 

Shoes are seen at doorsteps, beside footmats almost everywhere one visits. Some shiny, dirty, unpolished, with tiny dog poop, with some careless driver's cough phlegm or mucus, with some mud, stepped on some roadside leftovers... Inside the living room some people are seen still wearing their well buckled shoes while in some cases, children and domestic staff like drivers and gatemen plus househelp are barefooted.

In Canada for example, people must wear their shoes at all times whether they are guests visiting or in their homes.

I have a few experiences where I leave my shoes outside only to be made a little uncomfortable by dust or sand on the floor or carpet.

Whether it be
slippers, bata sandals or any type of shoe, I am one person that doesn't like to take off my shoes unless

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