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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Call A Spade Just What It Is- A Spade

As opposed to what you may think or the picture of me that my write-ups have created in your hearts, I’m no saint at all, c’mon; what were you thinking? I’m only a product of grace. I have literarily been there, done that (YES! that) and also gotten a crest on my T-Shirt for it. *biko, if you’re less than 18, don’t read this and I really can’t handle judgmental folks*
‘Back to da marrer peeps’; my first relationship was sweet (or so I thought) until we had to break up due to certain issues (permit me to leave the break up issue out of this piece because that’s one long story for another day). 
I ended up being hung

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not All Closed Doors Are Bad

Have you ever wanted something so bad but met a closed door? Sure you prayed about it really hard, even had to fast about it so much but the door remained locked shut.
Well, welcome to my world. I’d like to share a story with you as regards closed doors.
“I had my life planned out before me and the next step in my books after my BSc. was Masters in the UK.
In my books, I had to work for a while to raise at least half of the tuition and I worked rather hard for a young girl and raised the required £4000 in about a year.
By June, I had paid the initial

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Advice To All Women Out There By AY

Please an advice to all women out there: A friend of mine just called me some minutes ago to tell me about the recent happenings in the life of this our other friend. We were all friends from school. When we were in school this our friend was known to be a very outgoing girl whose eyes were only for the rich guys, dnt dare be "poor" or "have potential" and dare talk to her o. Anyways, we graduated, and started working. one by one we started getting married, but she will always complain about our choices so much that it caused quarrel between her and another friend of ours till today they dont talk. We all got married before her, she just recently got married some months after me this year. All the while she sang her husbands praise, he is rich, he bought this car for her, she will give birth in America he built for her mother, they will vacation in paris etc, and then conclude by asking me, Ay, that your husband sef, make una try go Ghana na as e bad reach, make e buy u car na etc.I noticed her type of person and gave her a wide breath.

If you are the type who gets carried away, you will start resenting your boo, thinking if suffering is only for you and all. Today, i learnt that the so called jeep her "husband bought her' was actually bought by her hard earned pre -marriage runs , that the so called house built for her parents does not exist., that even the wedding ceremony was done by her money,how the money for America baby delivery was all hers,(she was pregnant as at marriage) that the tokunbo Honda car the man rides , she bought it for him just before the wedding, that even the wedding ring was bought by her. Right now, her marriage is in huge trouble because the man's eyes has opened and is asking her her how she has been able to achieve all those on her 100k monthly salary?Now he knows she was a runs girl, and still probably is and is now saying he isnt the father of her baby! I am so shocked, i cant believe someone would go to such lengths living a lie.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

If You Get What You Want?

If you get what you want, will you really want what you get?

That I used to bite my nails is no longer history but that I’m trying so hard to keep them LONG should be in the Guinness world book of records * do those books still exist self*?
I had bitten my nails for the better part of my life and trust me when I say that I had battled with keeping them long, or at least make them presentable. I fixed my nails severally especially when I had an event, so as not to embarrass myself. When I had to shake someone or do anything with my hands in public, I had to apply great caution. When anyone asked why I bit my nails, I always had to be economical with the truth( or if you chose to call it lie) most times saying that I liked my nails short just when I couldn’t keep my hands from my mouth was the truth.
I met some tall dark handsome,

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Are We Passionate Enough?

In our country Nigeria, hardly you see a roadside cleaner, a school cleaner, plumber, manual bricklayer, servant etc, or even most civil servants looking cheerful in their jobs. There are more angry, unhappy and bitter ones than cheerful, grateful ones.  

It is not the job, it is our attitude. A young teacher once told me that the reason he resumes late to work and is nonchalant is because there is no job satisfaction. He says that once he gets "a great job offer," he will do it better and then I smiled and told him that attitude has already been formed and growing so, he cannot perform better anywhere. I tried to explain to him that the habits and attitude he puts up now is the foundation that will carry him all through life.

A little

Monday, June 10, 2013

Everything Works For Our Good

A man lost his donkeys at a time when these were among the most prized possessions to have. He is so depressed and sends his son in search of these donkeys.  This young man searched three days with no sign of the donkeys. Suddenly, his servant remembers they could get help from a seer. They look for and find the old seer who tells them "those donkeys have been found and right now, your old father back home is no longer worried about the donkeys, but worried about your safety.

I know why these donkeys got lost. Why? To

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear Women, Why Do We Hate Ourselves?

This post title is enough for my blog post, I don't feel like adding anything more. Would like us ladies in the house to please answer this honest question. 

I have seen so much in this my life, enough to make me believe that women hate themselves.
Going by

Friday, May 31, 2013


Wives Connection Is One
Emergency kitchen
Celebrating one year of blogging. To God be all the glory. Though I wanted to blog and just do something about families, women, cooking etc, I didn't know it was going to kick off on that fateful day. It all started on the 31st May 2012 late at night trying to experiment with my daughter. Suddenly we saw pageviews and decide  to try again, we saw more pageviews and I'm "Ok, I think people enjoy reading what I post so I'll keep posting"

Between May 2012 and January 2013, the blog had just over 30,000 views. Between January 2013 and May 2013 this blog has seen over

Friday, March 1, 2013

Guess There's Improvement On Recipe Images

Boiled Rice With Chicken Breast  and vegetables
 Today, is what Linda Ikeji will call a Slow News Day:
In July 2012, when I decided  to keep an online kitchen diary. I thought about my daughters. I felt like leaving something for my girls. Something like a guide kind

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here's Announcing The Birth Of Our New Fry Pan

 The new Monix Fry Pan
If a fry pan were as big as a "posh car" or "a mansion in Aso Rock," May be, somebody somewhere would have felt like "show off." The good thing is that a fry pan is just an ordinary "kitchen ware" that

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Re: Your Marriage Can Work, If You Make It Happen

Nigerian wedding picture image courtesy: In Love Naija.

After reading her story, It felt like the Sophia here has done what we should be doing to let the single ladies know that marriage is a Union that requires hard work. There are no two marriages that are the same. There is so much talk about divorce these days. Many singles have become scared of  commitments. Some go into marriage with BIG expectations, and when it is not what they envisaged, they rush out almost immediately. 
There is so much about woman empowerment and equality before the law. I am a believer in these, but I do not think that a "modern marriage"  is one where the woman goes into power struggle, or shows no  respect  at all for her husband, or where the woman talks to her husband like a no body. Whether we like it or not, In Africa, the man is still the head of his family and he deserves that respect. I am a believer in *any marriage can work if you make it happen.*

I have been married for over twelve years and the truth is my marriage is more peaceful now than when we got married initially. I remember times I practically

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Eya, Learn A Second Language!

French homework
French homework (Photo credit: eefeewahfah)
Learning a foreign language has become very necessary for me. Kids bring homework for supervision, I do it successfully in all other subjects except French Language. Every time there is home work in French Language, I keep my head straight,  put a little frown on,  before giving the response " Leave that one for Daddy or go check Online" If I do not put that little frown that makes me very serious, I will have to answer too many questions for not knowing  the answers to "that simple French Homework"

The kids are learning French in School. Hubby can speak English, French and  German fluently and even a bit of Japanese, so, why can't I just try to speak at least one foreign language. Am I that dull?  I announce to them on Sunday evening that before this year ends, I will not only be learning but speaking French Language in this house. They ask how and I refuse to say.  Why should I?  when all I want is shock them with speaking. 
There was no time to start yesterday as planned,
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