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Melania Trump Fashion Style 1

Ever since Donald Trump came into power and some renowned designers backed down on dressing Melania, her revenge has been very sweet with back to back representation like the model that she is. Always appearing poised, elegant and regal in public functions, with an air of royalty around her outfits. 

More photos below

A Little Patterned Dress With Fab Sandals

 In a little patterned dress with high heeled black  sandals. 
 I love little dresses, in black, brown, patterned and any other form or color that flatters mty skin shade. The little
dress is a very versatile staple in a any woman's wardrobe. It could be a little black dress or one made with any color like my teal blue dress. It can also be a patterned little dress like this.
The little dress, in whatever color, can be worn with a belt,  a tweed jacket, classic pearls or any accessories of choice. Better not to over accessorise. 
 Can be worn with or without a black tight if it's really little and above the knees. Mine is right below my knees and doesn't need a tight to look fabulous. 
A little dress can be worn for fun outings with friends, on a date,  for dinner, office look and can be dressed up or down as the case may be. 

How To Wear Skinny Jeans, My Look Today

How to wear skinny jeans.
I love skinny jeans, they just have a way of making one look slimmer especially the darker
shades.The name skinny jeans does not mean that they are meant for only skinny people, no. These are called skinny jeans because they are, and look skinny, tiny compared to flared and other types of jeans. With appropriate shoes, tops and other accessories, even Plus size women can comfortably wear skinny jeans. The word skinny refers to the cut of the leg which is tiny and skinny..

How to wear Skinny Jeans And Look Fabulous:

  • Choose the right size of skinny jeans, the size that won't look too tight and bumpy on the knees.
  • Pick a size that fits properly, that's just reasonably tight and allows you bend and squat comfortably.
  • If you are a plus size, I'll recommend the high rise jeans so you don't show off everything at the backside each time you bend to sit.
  • If you want to draw attention to your long legs, then go with brighter colors on heels but do not forget that darker shades make you appear skinny.
  • If it's too long, get a tailor to alter by, cutting off some inches and sewing back the end part to your jeans. Cropped skinny jeans look good on every woman.
  • With proper accessorizing, you can wear skinny jeans even to work, yes, to the office.
  • Skinny jeans should be worn on high heels to create a dressy look and on flats to look casual and smart.
  • Wear fabric that's stretchy, with a combination of spandex and denim.
  • Finally, you know your body and what colors and shapes flatter your figure, be creative when styling your skinny jeans, make it go with your body type whether petite or plus size.

Looking at myself here, some full neck with white pearls would have been magical, that's all that is needed for the wow effect.Now without them I look too simple and just about.

This is  What goes on behind the scenes each time mummy wants to take her pics for the fashion blog, thank God for holidays, his sisters are around to cajole and take him off the "set"
 he just threw his shoe and the keys away, throwing real tantrums to be picked up because someone is facing mom with a camera.
 Skinny jeans shouldn't be too loose or too tight, just enough to help you move around and bend comfortably.
 With my hair rolled up there, they look good but as I look at this pics now and type, it feels like letting these braids down would have given me a more feminine fuller look, anyway, there is always a next time.
 I am even more convinced here that wearing my braids down with chunky white pearls would have created a lovely look.
 What to wear with skinny jeans, block heels etal. Don't mind the nail polish o, I polish finger nails more often, for toe nails, it's like once in two weeks if not more, they last longer even though without the initial shine and gloss.

  • Wear skinny jeans with g string panties, tights or no panties at all ( If you chose "no panties" then please wash after wear, lol). However , thinking again, I think they can be worn with any under wear because they are very thick, enough to cover well. Like other pants,thinking that your lines might be showing at the back could reduce your self confidence. You are more confident as the wearer when you know that no shape is lined out on your bum bum.
  • Skinny jeans go well with any shoe, provided it's not bulky at the feet area. High, heels, flats, strapped sandals, and even  boots. The only no go area is shoes like trainers. With the upper leg looking skinny, there's no need to make the feet look over sized in those kinds of shoes else you look disproportionate and that's not fashionable. Lolz, see me talking like fashion police.
  • Fitted tops are a great accompaniment. For my today's look, I actually wore a short fitted top and it looked good but for some reason, I just didn't feel very comfortable and had to go change into this black top, then suddenly my confidence returned and we zoomed out immediately.
  • Wear tops that are not very baggy and shapeless. This chiffon top I'm wearing is not tight but kinda a bit hugging and, I like the way it reveals my flat tommy, and makes me look taller.
  • A fitted blazer or jacket can be worn with your skinny jeans.
  • A belt too can be worn on your top/shirt to help it cinch on the waist and show off that hour glass figure of yours that will make hubby stay home all weekend.

  • While skinny jeans are made of real denim and spandex, and are stretchy because of the spandex, Jeggings are not denims. Jeggings are heavier and thicker than leggings but not as thick as skinny jeans. Skinny jeans can be worn with short or cropped tops but jeggings will not look good in those. Jeggings are worn with long tops to cover the bum areas and prevent panty lines showing behind. Jeggings are made to look like denim but have fake pockets that look like drawings.
 Looking serious to pose, e nor easy.

Have fun, have a fabulous weekend ahead.
Stay safe and blessed.

Black, White, Blue And Red Outfit

Black and white fashion.

Black, white and blue here. 
 Dressed in black and white with a sprinkle of blue and red. So used to taking pics without a clutch that today I'm just learning how to handle it properly jor. This Italian purse came in with a pair of red shoe, I posted it here on the blog when I wore orange and red in my initial blog posts. I was going to just dress in three colors, black, white and red for today but dressing up in a dark closet,I didn't know I picked blue sandals, it was after a few pics have been taken that I saw the color on my
feet and I actually like it but just had to take them off to do what I initially planned on wearing. When you see the black shoe on my legs just know that mistakes can turn into fashion, lolz. I uploaded only the pics with black sandals but then said  to myself  'what the funch?' I'll just upload everything and let's see how they look on the blog.
 This black denim is actually a pair of jeggings so it's not tight on me. very stretchy
 posting for pics, this is how we do it at forty and above

 I wore the blue sandals in a dark room because I was very careful not to wake my light sleeper baby, after taking a few shots, I realized it's  blue sandals on my feet and had to then change to black, here is the black.

eya ayambem
 My blue high heeled sandals that sometimes look purplish but they are not ogbanje

White jacket on a black outfit.
Have fun, enjoy your day and trust in the lord with all your heart. Never lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he'll surely direct your path.


In My Little Coffee Dress With Brown Sandal For Fun Outing

Dressed in this cute little dress I feel so young, like 20.  It's a sunny day and the kids are home for holiday, what else can we do to reduce their boredom and create fun memories? we go out. I love to wear denim and top for outings to really feel comfortable but not today. I'm in a little dress mood and this coffee color dress is just right. Again, losing baby weight is what has made this dress fit today. I feel good in my skin. A few weeks back, I could fit into this dress and nothing would have made me try it today, all thanks to my loyal, trust worthy tailors. I slid into it and was like ok, if no one can zip this then I'll drop it. Before I said jack, my girl who is eager to go out has already zipped and we are good to go. The brown sandal is to me a prefect match. I forgot to take a side view of the heels.

 If I were one big name like Jennifer Lopez, maybe I would have shown off my cleavage or rather if I was in the United States, my cleavage would have been an asset. Why did I say this? My girl saw me wearing the bra top like a camisol to cover the open chest and she was like What? Mommy, why are you wearing that? Jennifer Lopez is even older than you and she doesn't cover her chest like that, lol.  But I'm not.

 Outing was fun even with the two girls arguing the whole time in the car. They do that a lot and I always remind them that their elder sisters never argued or fought because the younger is always very obedient to her big sis even clearing her plates after eating but these two? The younger is the one that would always like to send her elder sis on errands but won't shift when her attention is needed. I told her today to try and ignore this my last girl. God willing she leaves for boarding in September and let's see how she won't miss her big sis.  Wharra hell girls? if one rolls down the car window, the other would wind it back up. If one touches mommy's gadgets, that is the exact time that the other wants it. Going out was fun but returning back home was less fun with me being the car chief judge.
 Is it necessary to talk about accessories? no, I don't think so. The neck piece? we have seen it here. The sekonda brown leather wrist watch is not what I should talk about because it's so blurry that if I say it's a ROLEX watch, everyone will believe. Today, the camera did good turning some parts of my body red but I won't relent until the new arrives. The strap on this pair of sandal is actually black at the back and maybe it's a good thing I forgot to take a sideview so that when next I do, this will look like a different pair of sandal, hahaha. 

 Check your momma fashion blogger out in her cute little dress and fun high heel sandals

 Loving me in this lovely dress, the wonders of fashion blogging. Which Eya would have spent time making up and wearing nice stuff to go out. I would quickly have jumped in my denim ( I have them in all colors o) with a simple top and rushed out. I am more like a lady now, taking time to make myself look pretty because the camera is waiting.

 Me and my prince charming car key holder. No one kn ows what he sees in car keys. He won't let anyone have that key and will not drop it. He knows when we are home and even at that it takes some wisdom and diplomacy to get car keys from him. We walk side by side because mommy's shoulder is aching from carrying as he dislikes walking by himself. So many people walked pass because chairman has to use his legs.

I forgot to put all the pics as one before uploading. Just bear with the long scrolling.
Have fun!

Dressed For Fun With My Combination Of African Fabric With Western Fashion

Dressed for fun at a cassava farm.
 Nothing serious here, the mood is just fun. I am not going too far away and not feeling denim or skirt so, I tie this Senegalese wrapper with a black short sleeve shirt. The wrapper has a tailored blouse that I would have loved to wear if I was going to church or even an important event. I am not in a dressy mood so I just wear whatever I feel. The Senegalese is sewn like a long skirt but  has a rope to tie round the waist. Would a pink top have been better? I don't think so. A pink top would have made no big difference, it would have shown no creativity on my side. With a pink or blue top, I'll still look like "too easily put together"  Ok, this black sandal again? Yes o. It's so comfortable for me carrying a baby around. The heels are just right at this time and it is the only black sandal here with these block heels. I can't take the risk of falling face down with my baby because of guy and fashion blogging. Let's re-rock for now eh? when he is a bit independent or in school, we begin to rock different heels and trip over if we like.
 The blue earrings

 these dangling blue earrings are fine, black earrings would have looked great too, now, we are returning back home from the cassava farm.

I told you how I got jewelry gifts from Dubai, this pair of blue earrings is one of them and, if I had
started this fashion blog then, I would definitely have taken note of the labels before disposing. The earrings are very lovely in blue and not too heavy to carry even for a whole day.

My Jordana nail polish is what I think I deserve an award from Jordana cosmetics for, because, I have all the colors I know, the ones I love and the ones I only wear because my girls think my favorite nail polish colors are boring. You know, if I tell you I didn't know nail polish could be changed three to four times a week, you may not believe. I got tired of my nails chapping, nail polish peeling at about every three days after. I blamed my soft nails all these while, using even powerful nail strengtheners. Anyway, Google search helped me out. I had to search for how often ladies changed nail polish. wharra hell? I couldn't fathom why every time you see some posh ladies, their polish looks sparkling new and fresh and I have always thought it's because they have good nails. Well, other women's comments helped me realize that, I didn't change them polish fast enough, so, now I change like three times a week and I like it. To really get it dry with a perfect finish, mom has to be last retire to bed, so, it's done while everyone, including my little chairman, is in bed dreaming. I love that the nails just matched perfectly with this Senegalese wrapper, even without my planning that. My Jordana matte lipstick is always with me in different colors even though bright colors like pink that I like, do not really look good on me.

 For this bit of smooth face, I used my Avon primer with Mac foundation and then covered with Mary Kay, but, I won't advise any one to mix different brands like that, just happens that when I need foundation and compressed powder, it's always that my skin shade is found in different brands and that's how I continue to mix. For Mac, hearing about it like it's some diamonds? the reason I bought to try and see the studio smooth face it will create but honestly, I think my face still looks like when I apply Mary Kay or Black Opal foundation, or, maybe that's because I don't have the Mac compressed or powder to go with it. If I had a good camera sha, you would have seen that my face is a bit smooth, not bad at all.  The black shirt is a Nordstrum rack shirt and I got a little help with my lovely spanx size L/XL to help keep away unsightly bulges if any o. Let's stop here for now na, am I supposed to list everything on my body ni?

Before we leave, that's not the spanx showing on my shirt, I had to wear a camisol because, some full cleavage was too much out there.

I think I killed it here with this wrapped  wrapper and shirt, what is missing is a small black scarf that I wanted to use but couldn't find courtesy, my wardrobe searchers and scatterers who won't let my things be the way I leave them.I think  I'm good with scarfs and I also think that absent look would have definitely bought you over. Do you sometimes dress just for fun, abi always dressed to the nines?
You can view the rest of the  pics as one below:
Having fun in an African wrapper and a Western Nordstrum rack shirt.
How do I look today?

How To Wear Red And Orange Together

Your yummy momma, babe  in red and orange. My Riri girl refused to take this particular pic because according to her, I should just "stand straght" like a mommy and stop all these things, but, for where? I insisted and even tipped her and promised that if it looks awkward we'll delete. After snapping, she changed her mind. In her words " Mom, why are you trying to become a model after five kids? lol.
Here is my My summer outfit. Where? can't find summer in Nigeria so, let's say, my Rainy season wear. You have seen me in this dress before, on the other blog but, not with red shoe or purse, it was combined with brown then and I'm warning you ahead of time that I'll repeat a lot. Rocking and re- rocking is my thing. I alerted you guys earlier that I don't have a wardrobe to die for o. What I have is what I share and like my daughter keeps saying " Mummy why do you want to be a fashion blogger when you don't have a wardrobe to die for? How many pairs of shoe and fashionable bags do you have in this house?" Well,like I told her, I'm telling us too now o. One good thing about being a fashion blogger is that it will help me do away with my fashion carelessnes, it will definitely make me sit up in the fashion department. I'll begin to want to look good and, who says that, is not great for my marriage? Looking at my small wardrobe, I suddenly realise I can do better, there's room for improvement. In my shoe department and jewelry, they are mainly items I get as gifts,

For the first timr this year, I invited a tailor to come look and make some good dresses for me cos
whether I like it or not, I want and need mostly original content for this blog and, it has to come from looking good. I realised that since I started this blog, I am trying my best to look beautiful even when at home, unlike me that can just stay with no make up until there's need to go out.

Today, I dare to look different in an orange dress with a red shoe, only the bold can try this I bet you. It's not easy to wear all bright colours and feel good in your skin. Nor ask me the designer abeg o. The dress has no name for now. It's something I saw hanging in a boutique, wanted to pick a red but this orange looked better when I tried both.

There's already a before and after the fashion blog look ...

. When I wore this dress before fashion blogging, it didn't look so gorgeous you can see, I didn't really pay attention to details like, for instance, there was no push-up-bra there, I just wore my normal maternity bra then, exactly one year this month. There was no spanx inside and you can see the difference now. Wearing a spanx and a push up bra for my bust is what made a huge difference. I can't wear very tight ones though. Those body shapers can make you uncomfortable the whole day. I like the ones with spandex and bamboo combined because, they are not hot at all and can stretch easily while taking care of any unforeseen bulges like christian mother thighs.

 For now, any available person is my photographer, it's impromptu and I am looking forward to getting a great camera. My Canon camera has worked a lot taking food pictures and needs a break or some sort of retirement right now. I don't like the pics this Samsung phone gives me either, sometimes they are wow, at other times they look blurry and not good. I think I need to consult with some photographer for tips on buying a good camera because that's a necessity at this time.

Don't be scared, I won't bore with repetitions, will try to come out with varied looks but again, I like to look different. I don't like the kind of dressing or outfit that helps me disappear in a small crowd, I like to be outstanding and to be remembered, that kinda guides when I chose outfits.

 It's not easy to pose for pishure

 Yeah, cool

 Even this orange  accessory on my neck  is a birthday gift that waited patiently for years because I didn't know what to combine with her. A professional would have packed this braids back to prevent unnecessary distraction and give a clean neck area, but here is amateur things na. Professional in the making.
 Women's Orange Coat, Black Tank, Tan Leopard Suede Clutch, Red Skinny Jeans, and Tan Leopard Leather Pumps
If you don't agree with red and orange, ok, check out this model above na, better camera tinz... image courtesy: lookastic.com

 This lovely dress cost me below 20k sef , the shoe and purse are even more expensive but eveything nor even reach 50 thousand. The neck not included o.

 Through the window, he sees mummy adjusting, taking pics outside  and how can he be left out of so much fun, now, rushing to grab me while I beg for someone to please take him inside, and their responses are " Is he not your baby? or you don't want your blog visitors to know that you have a baby at home?
Before, see my chest begging for a raise? Sure you like the lipstick  :0

 Before, one year earlier, three months after giving birth, reason for picking this dress in the first place was to enable me breastfeed easily but just unzipping the side. see the chest and stomach? LMAO
 Life begins at forty! let's go.
Have fun!

Welcome To Nigerian Fashion Blogs

Nigerian fashion style, hehehe.
No, not just another Fashion blog, this one is different. See those? Are all by the young and the restless.Checked online and I can't find one Nigerian fashion blog my age. This is for me, for us the not too young. For forty and above,  for the mid-life, for the mom trying to lose weight, for you.

Hi, this is me Eya Ayambem,  a mom blogger born and raised in Nigeria. In my forties trying to still look good and inviting as I gracefully grow older. Not a Fashion designer or tailor, not a fashion police or superstar like Rita Dominique or Genevieve Nnaji, neither am I an Omotola Jolade or Toke Makinwa in the Nigerian fashion world. .
A lover of Nigerian fashion and believer in the saying "Simplicity is elegance" To me, less is more. I love to look good and young. I love to still feel comfortable when I dress up or down.
I belive that in her forties, any African woman can still look young and sexy without appearing offensive. We do not need to spend too much to look presentable.

This is my first blog post here, hoping to publish a million more before I clock 60 or 100,  God willing, lolz.

I like to look good and well dressed for less. I do not necessarily go with the fashion trend but what suits my body type. I'm not much of a wrapper and blouse woman cos I think those sometimes make me look older than I really am, lol.

I enjoy making myself up. I wear make up even at home but not to bed.  Never forgetting my baby is with me all the time so,  sometimes I consider that before dressing up.

Nigerian fashion is vast and interesting,  from flowing gowns of the south South,  Iro and buba of the South West, two wrapper and blouse from the South Eastern States to assorted dresses of the beautiful Northern woman.

On this blog, I'll share my simple lifestyle, how we do not need to rob bank to look great. I always tell myself that "I know I have a great dress sense" but in here, on this blog, YOU are the judge.

This is actually not just about me and my dress sense, everyone is free to share their tips and expertise in the field of Nigerian fashion and looking good always.

Other Nigerian fashion blogs with fashionable dressers over thirty will also be featured from time to time.

This pic was taken on Sunday after church service with my phone. This look to me is ok for any church in Naija.  I score myself 90% over a hundred, you don't have to agree with me. My Sunday dress is on point, not over the top or under dressed.  It's an A line long lace gown decorated with pieces of colourful fabric, worn over very comfortable high heeled black sandals.
Anyway,  is there any accessory or different item you feel would have looked better?
After church

What am saying here?  "Please take the shot before my smile grows too wide

Rushing to take a snapshot before the Lil chairman grabs. 
Ok, one last thing! I love to wear spanx but not today. 

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