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Thursday, March 23, 2017

#BBNaija: Photo of BBN housemate, Bisola with siblings and nanny at her 4th birthday

This is throwback photo of very loud Big brother housemate Biso Aiyeola with her big brother, kid sister, Adunola and the best nanny they ever had aunty Biri at her fourth birthday. She hasn't changed much.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#BBNaija “I did not deny my family” – ThinTallTony explains his strategy (VIDEO)

Big Brother Naija's latest evicted housemate ThinTallTony who arrived Lagos yesterday, received a warm welcome from wife, has said he did not deny his family while on the show and the BJ we thought we saw wasn't real. This happened during his interview with BeatFM yesterday.

According to TTT, before going into the show, he had a conversation with his wife and
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ThinTallTony's wife welcomes him home, says he's an amazing husband & Father; Then, Nigerians react

Evicted Big Brother Naija housemate ThinTallTony returned from South Africa to Lagoss today  His pretty wife, Laraba has shared an update on Instagram welcoming him home and thanking all ThinTallTony's fans for voting him. After posting this update on Social media, the heat and cold  began blowing all at the same time. See her post and social media reaction by Nigerians below...

#BBNaija: Evicted Housemate ThinTallTony returns to Lagos (Photos)

Husband and father of 2 Thin Tall Tony has returned to Lagos after his live eviction from The Big Brother House on Sunday. He is pictured with host, Ebuka and DJ controller at the airport as they all arrived together. See more photos below...

Monday, March 20, 2017

#BBNaija: Efe puts up Bally, Bassey, Debbie Rise and Tboss for possible eviction

So, Efe won The ultimate Head Of House Task yesterday and Big Brother announced that the privilege that comes with that Title will be revealed on Monday evening. This evening during nominations, Biggie announced that Efe as Ultimate Head of House has the power to
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#BBNaija: ThinTallTony rejects N1million offer to quit BBNaija (Video)

Big Brother Naija controversial housemate, ThinTallTony, was in a diary session where he was offered 1 million naira to quit the house, an offer he rejected as he was confident he will win the show.

Thin tall tony is amongst those nominated for eviction, alongside Tboss, Efe, and Debbie-Rise.
Earlier today, an online poll showed the former head of house having the lowest votes while Efe was in a clear lead. 
See The short video after the cut:
Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Why Kemen must sue Big Brother!

The answer is simple. Big Brother lacks the moral obligation to disqualify Kemen over his situation with Tboss when worse has been condoned. 
The show itself reeks of immorality, period. Several acts of immorality; sexual and non sexual have been perpetrated by contestants and condoned by the organisers of the
Monday, March 06, 2017

#BBNaija: TBoss reveals how she found out Kemen violated her

Big Brother Naija housemate TBoss has opened up and given account of what happened between her & fellow housemate Kemen who was disqualified yesterday for violating her.Admitting she had taken alcohol before passing out for the night, TBoss says she never gave Kemen consent to touch her and didn't know she was touched, not until Big brother called her into the diary room and
Sunday, March 05, 2017

#BBNaija: Watch moment Kemen touched TBoss without her consent while she slept before he got disqualified from Big Brother Naija

Image result for watch kemen touch tboss

There was out roar on Instagram and Twitter last night /this morning after Kemen was caught groping fellow housemate while she slept, obviously without her consent. In the video, Kemen is apparently seen touching his “cassava” and putting his hand inside TBoss' blanket.

See reactions and video
Friday, February 24, 2017

#BBNaija: For those complaining, You want to learn something, read a book! Or check Youtube...& spare us the self righteousness

Image result for big brother naija

I read a post from Adaeze J this morning, and honestly she took the words out of my mouth. She doesn't watch Big Brother Naija but I do. I love to see people live together with nothing  and no whereto hide, I enjoy it when I see someone pick his nose in front of the camera because there's no place to hide. The other day, Pretty Tboss cooked egusi soup with curry and thyme and that whole day we couldn't stop laughing about it.  That's what TV is mostly about, ...Entertainment! 
Ordinarily, there are things you do when no one is with you in the kitchen, in the bedroom or sitting room and here someone is doing these same things and has no choice than to just go on because there's no hiding place'; Just like Kemem or Efe picking their noses wit fingers going very deep, Bassey and TTT farting all over the place, it's fun to see them do these things you may never have had the privilege of seeing strangers do.
People are kept together to entertain viewers and change their lives in this hard economy, if they chose to go naked, they are adults; if they chose to lick hot-dogs, they are adults, if they chose to bare their boobs, they are adults and no one is hurt abi? No one forced them to audition, it was their choice to be on TV 24/7. Ok, let me stop here jor.
Read Adaeze's rant below and share your thoughts...
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Banky W reacts to Gifty's comments about him during her diary session #BBNaija

Yesterday February 15th, , Banky W visited Big Brother Naija housemates to encourage them. After the visit, when asked by Big Brother during her Diary session what she thinks about Banky W/ his visit to The House, housemate Gifty says she doesn't know him, he sounds proud and is fake!  *Na fake fit know fake sha*
Now, continue to see Banky's reaction about it...