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First year student fatally stabs girlfriend for having a sugar daddy, then he attempts

A First year student of the Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology, Simon Wamalwa stabbed his girlfriend, Mildred Wanyonyi to death during a quarrel.
The police in Bungoma, Kenya are currently investigating the incident, as according to witnesses, the couple were living together in the same room, in a hostel outside of their campus. They gained admission into the institution eary this year.
A student of the school, identified as Sylvia Udoto, said that the boyfriend, had accused his

Folorunsho Alakija reveals how she got the oil bloc that made her a Billionaire

Businesswoman and Africa’s richest woman, Folorunso Alakija, has shared a part of her life story on how she got an oil bloc, which had made her a billionaire today.
In the first part, she revealed to fans on how she became wealthy without a

Newly wed woman congratulates her husband for taking a second wife

newly wed woman in Tanzania has just caused some buzz across social media after she sent a congratulatory message to her husband for marrying a new wife, just seven months after they got married.
Zainab Abdallah, who works as a District Commissioner in Tanzania took to Instagram to send the message to her husband, Abdul Mohamed Khoulan,  who is the CEO of Azam Club in Dar es Salaam. Sharing photos of her husband and his new wife, Zainab said she gave full support to her hubby to marry another wife due to the nature of her job, which forces her to travel away from home most of the time and in the process depriving her husband of

Cyril Ramaphosa Elected South Africa’s New President

South Africa’s parliament some hours ago elected Cyril Ramaphosa, unopposed, as the country’s new president just hours after Jacob Zuma resigned in a late-night television address after a nine-year rule.
The African National Congress (ANC), which has a large majority in parliament, stated earlier in the day that they would nominate the wealthy former business man who

Nigerians Troll Gov. Rochas Okorocha After SA President, Jacob Zuma’s Resignation - "What happens to his statue?"

Following the humiliating resignation of South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, over corrupt allegations, some Nigerians have wondered what will become of his statue erected in Imo state.
Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha, sometimes last year immortalized the resigned president with a gigantic statue in his honor – a street in the state was even named after Zuma and he was also given a chieftaincy title.
Nigerians on Twitter are now trolling the governor and asking what becomes of the statue of the former president who was forced out of office by his own party ANC, for being corrupt.
Their hilarious  tweets below..

Wedding called off after lady discovers groom-to-be has other fiancees

A South African Lady has called off her wedding, after she discovered that her husband-to-be is not just a cheat, but a multiple cheat with a kid who was born within the period that they were together. Out of excitement, she shares their pre-wedding photos in a WhatsApp group and instead of the

South African student who missed the Russian plane that crashed with no survivor

This  South African student pictured above, schools in Russia @Sedii_K, and would have been among the victims of the Plane Crash which occurred in Russia on Sunday, leaving no survivor.

The South African student who missed her flight wrote earlier on Instagram;

Missed my flight, and it’s the first time , my chest, my wallet, January part 2 clearly for

Kenyan man commits suicide after suspecting wife of cheating

A 43-year-old man in Pipeline, Nairobi, on Sunday morning committed suicide after suspecting his wife of cheating on him.
Nicholas Wambua, who fended for his family by hawking second-hand clothes in the area, took poison due to suspicions of his wife engaging in extramarital affairs in their marital home.
Wambua’s in-law, Tabitha Bernard, recalled their last conversation with the deceased which

Man borrows money from his girlfriend for business, only to travel for his wedding

The Nigerian man travelled to South Africa for his wedding after deceiving girlfriend he's off to China to buy goods.

Nigerian Twitter user @Ruud_Bishop took to the platform to narrate how his sister’s friend who is going through a lot now, got a heartbreak from her boyfriend after she saw his wedding photos.

According to him, his sister’s friend saw her boyfriend’s wedding photos from South Africa on


Ebony was aware of her death prophesy— says Manager as he shares screen shots of what they did after the prophecy

Following the death of Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng—stage name, Ebony Reigns, the Ghanaian dance-hall artist, many issues have come up concerning the circumstances that led to her death.
Notable among them are prophecies from men of God who claimed to have foreseen the accident. There have been videos of such prophesies on social media, including that of the Head Pastor and Founder of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry located at Achimota mile 7, Prophet Nigel Gaise, that Ebony was going to die in a car accident and that nothing could be done about it.  But Ebony’s manager, Ricky Nana Agyemang, aka Bullet, has published on Facebook a WhatsApp conversation between him (Bullet), Ebony and other management members of their team concerning one of the said prophesies about Ebony’s accident.
In the said revelation, Bullet shared a vision given to them by a popular Ghanaian Music producer, Kaywa regarding Ebony’s accident and what they must do to

Multichoice, DSTV/GOTV To Shut Down June 2019

The Federal Government may have notified the management of MultiChoice DSTV/GOTV that their operations, in Nigeria, will come to an end in 2019 as their license expires June next year.
According to a letter to that effect issued, on Tuesday, by the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation(NBC), the license issued to them in 2014 by NBC will not be renewed because it was not in line with Digital Switch Over (DSO) White Paper.
If Multichoice DSTV/GOTV will ever operate in Nigeria again after expiration of its license, the only

Woman kidnaps her 9-year-old step son from school, hits him on the head with a kitchen stool, killing him instanrly

Ugandan Police in Bweyogerere, have arrested a couple over the horrific death of their 9-year-old son.
Yvonne Oyo Vena, 28, a resident of Bweyogerere, hit Zion Ssendagire, the son of her co-wife, with a stool on the head killing him instantly.
She allegedly wrapped the body and transported it to

Israel's plan to deport African migrants prompts soul-searching

Dawit Habtai in Tel Aviv wants Israelis to know one thing: He’s an asylum-seeker, not a criminal."I only want to build my life here in Israel," the 40-year-old Eritrean said. "I'm willing to pay taxes and only want the chance to build a life here." 

Admit Merhatsion, 28, another Eritrean, clings to the hope that she will be allowed to stay in the country because the alternative is simply unthinkable.
"I’m not happy here but I also don't have anywhere else to go to," Merhatsion, a mother of one, said. "If I go back to Eritrea, they will put me into prison." Merhatsion who says she got into trouble in her homeland after trying to organize an underground Christian prayer group, described a harrowing solo journey through Sudan, Libya and Egypt to reach Israel.
She pleaded with the Israeli people and government.
"I am asking the government not to forget their history," Merhatsion said. "Don't deport refugees — they, like us, were refugees and passed what we are

Girl commits suicide after she gets caught with her sister’s husband

Sad! She came to live with her elder sister while waiting for her O'Levels results. While there, her sister Memory started becoming suspicious of an affair between hubby and her younger sister. She confronted the young lady who then ran away and moved to another relative's house. Not satisfied, elder sis Memory continued to send vulgar messages and threats to the accused and when she could no longer take it, the accused sister drank poison. Now, the family is blaming Memory for her sister's death. What do you think? Read the full story below...

The tragic incident occurred last week when the teenager, Farai Chirara from Ushewekunze area in the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe, ran away from home before committing suicide by drinking poison after receiving death threats from her sister, Memory Mojoko, accusing her of bedding her husband Obvious Mudemba.

The deceased teen, had been staying with the couple, who are both teachers, while waiting for her A’ Level results when her sister started suspecting an affair between the former and her husband resulting in her running away from home.
A relative who spoke on condition of anonymity said when Farai ran away from home Mujoko started sending her messages insulting her with vulgarities and threatening her with unspecified action accusing her of wrecking her marriage.

The relative said Farai went on to drink poison and was rushed to Parirenyatwa hospital by other relatives where she died just after admission.

“It is sad that Memory pushed her sister to committing suicide after sending her messages insulting and threatening her.

Farai went to stay with the couple while waiting for her A’ Level results. During the long holiday, it is suspected that she started bedding Mudemba who is her sister’s husband.

“When Mujoko got wind of the illicit affair she started insulting and threatening Farai with unspecified action. Farai fled home and found sanctuary at a relative’s place where she later committed suicide by drinking poison.

“She died on Friday (last week) morning at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals,” said the relative.

The relative added that Farai’s relatives are baying for Mudemba’s blood accusing her of causing their daughter’s death.

“When Mudemba went to Parirenyatwa to check on Farai, he was threatened by the girl’s relatives and they chased him away.

What is worrying is that the couple should have resolved the matter amicably because Mudemba might have taken advantage of the girl considering that she was an adolescent,” said the relative.

Contacted for comment, Mudemba confirmed the incident but could not give further details.

“Did you talk to Farai’s parents and hear what they have to say about the issue.

Please talk to them first and I will give you my side of the story. Besides it is not me involved but my wife so talk to her also,” he said.

Mujoko refused to entertain the media.

“Who is this? Please you are talking to the wrong person,” she said before hanging up and subsequently switching off her mobile phone. the deceased girl's parents couldn't be reached for comments.

*Do you also blame Memory for her sister's death or you blame the accused for committing that suicide?*

Car dealer divorces wife for sex doll

A 39-year-old man from Botswana known as Paellas Mohule, has divorced his wife for a sex doll he recently bought from the United States.
According to him, women were just after

Viral headmaster-Student tape: Student is 20 not 16; Headmaster Is Her Boyfriend (photos)

The viral video of a Ghanaian headmaster having it with a student wasn't posted here yesterday because we saw that as porn, clear pornography. The girl in the headteacher-student sex tape saga has been rumored to be 16 years of age...
Hence, people started calling for the headmaster in question to be charged based on defilement of a minor.
However, it has turned out the young lady in the video is 20 years—no wonder her

Man chops off wife’s hand for staying too long at funeral

A 50-year-old mother of 9, Maria Rioba Musa is seeking justice after her husband identified as Musa Matiko Gisiri reportedly attacked her using a panga on Thursday night, for overstaying at a funeral function at Tarang’anya village in Kuria West sub-county of Kenya.

“I left for a funeral on Monday at one of our in laws homestead, we thought the burial was to take place on that day but it delayed until Wednesday which caused of the problem,” Maria said.

“When I came back home on Thursday I prepared supper, when

Ghana chiefs ban menstruating girls from crossing river that leads to school

Traditional chiefs in Central Ghana have banned menstruating girls from crossing a river.

The chiefs said they are enforcing a directive from the river god, according to a BBC report.

But children have to cross the River Ofin to get to school in Kyekyewere, in the Upper Denkyira East district.

So this means girls cannot attend school while they are on their periods.

However, it is not just on period days: a second order from the river gods bans all girls from crossing the river on Tuesdays.

UNICEF Menstrual Hygiene Ambassador Shamima Muslim Alhassan told the BBC the directive is in violation of girls’ right to education:

“It seems the gods are really powerful aren’t they? Sometimes I think that we need to ask for some form of accountability from these gods who continue to bar a lot of things from happening, to account for how they have used the tremendous power that we have given them.”

The River Ofin serves as a boundary between the Ashanti and Central Region.

Central Regional Minister Kwamena Duncan has given indications he will coordinate with the Ashanti regional minister to find a solution.

Many cultures have myths and taboos around menstruation.

In Madagascar, some females are told not to wash during their periods and in Nepal some women are forced to sleep in huts away from the rest of the family.

Reported by The BBC.

*So, is it impossible for the Government to build a bridge  across that river"?*

Groom fails to show up at his wedding claiming to be sick, goes partying the following day

A family from Bulawayo’s Mzilikazi suburb of Zimbabwe was humiliated in front of the world as the groom failed to pitch up after failing to pay for the venue and faking illness.
Phathisani Hlabangana, a Kalawa Jazmee production employee left his bride Jacky Moyo embarrassed and in tears when he did not make it to the wedding venue.
The wedding was scheduled for 24 December 2017.
Despite pretending to be on his deathbed on the wedding day, he was on the

Police finally arrest 3 of the 5 Ghanaian boys who gang raped 15-yr-old JSS2 student in viral video

The Police in the Ashanti Region, Ghana have picked up three people believed to have been involved in the gang rape of a young girl which was then filmed and disseminated on social media.
According to GHCelebrities, Bantama Police picked up the three suspects earlier today after the video went viral and sparked massive outrage amongst the populace.
The disturbing video shows a gang of guys raping a teenage girl who was being held down by

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