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Advertise Your Business With Us - wives connection

Your potential customers read this blog daily. You can place an ad to reach that audience by sending a mail to and voila, your advert is placed on the blog for as long as you want.

Send that mail today, reach a wider audience and sell even more. Wives Connection blog is read by 80% women between the ages of 25 and 65+ 

20% Men between the ages of 25 and 65+. With well over 30, 000 daily Pageviews, you are sure to get more customers for your Business (Both goods and services).

See our Rates Below...

Advertising Rates for wives connection Blog
                                               Rates for  1 month                Technical specification
Blog Header Ad  (Leaderboard)    N30, 000                             728 x 90
Side Bar Ad (SkyScraper top)             N18, 000                      200 x 300, 160x600

Side Bar Ad                                   N5, 000                          200x300, 160x600
Sponsored post with no-follow link  N5,000 Article
Sponsored post with do-follow link   10,000 Article
Guest post with link 10,000 Article
Blog Post/Feature  temporary link    N5, 000 per post Article
Blog Post/Feature  permanent link N10,000 per post Article
Video Ad                              N8,000
Background take over       N90k a week.  N320,000 a month          1800x1200

Things you should know
*your ad will also appear on wives connection Facebook Twitter and Instagram accounts with no extra charge.
*Your advert banner will feature on every page of the Website.
*You get two sidebar adverts; one on the left and one on the right of the blog
*WC has only Three banner sizes – 160x600, 728x90 and 200x300
*wives connection blog receives over 30, 000 daily pageviews.
*All ads should be sent in to not later than 2 working days prior to insertion/posting
*Please include your company name, Social Media handles and/or the URL(Address) to which your ad should link. (If available)

*All ads on www.wivestownhallconnection are prepaid.
For more details/enquiry contact by Text Message OR Whatsapp: 08055270129
Send email:
PROMO CONSIDERATION: You may post one FREE ad after advertising three times on the blog.

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