Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wedding called off after lady discovers groom-to-be has other fiancees

A South African Lady has called off her wedding, after she discovered that her husband-to-be is not just a cheat, but a multiple cheat with a kid who was born within the period that they were together. Out of excitement, she shares their pre-wedding photos in a WhatsApp group and instead of the
congratulations she expected, nyash opening started for her groom-to-be.
The lady revealed that she found out that he has a one-year old kid, another fiance and multiple girlfriends…
She wrote; “When you find out a year into your relationship that your boyfriend has a child who is turning a year old and has a fiance. #Siyajola2018 is officially cancelled”
See screenshot below...
Below is a screenshot of their engagement/pre-wedding photos;
She shared chats she had with her boyfriend's other girlfriends.. The ladies revealed to her that they’ve been dating for long.
He then messaged her saying his baby mama has been getting death threats…

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