Monday, February 12, 2018

House maid caught sleeping with employer’s 4 year old son

  A Nigerian guy identified as @Izuu_Ikeliani on Twitter, took to the platform to reveal how his brother-in-law caught their 11 year old maid having carnal knowledge of their 4 year old son.

According to him,he parents of the boy got to know after the boy asked a question that seemed beyond his little understanding. The 4 year old boy was reported to have asked his mum if it was true he had 2 eggs in his penis. 

His mum was so surprised to hear that from a 4 year old boy and inquired to know from where he learnt that from.

The maid was eventually caught after the father of the boy went into the boy’s room to check on the kids early this morning. And in what would look like a movie scene to the man, he saw the maid on the toddler. 

She initially lied but eventually confessed she had been having sex with the boy.

Read what the narrator shared below...

Ladies, beware on how you leave your kids with house maid. Last week, my nephew came up boldly to his Mum (my sis), asked her if its true that he have 2 eggs in his “ntanta” (penis). His Mom scolded him and asked him who taught him such,he said nothing! He is just 4

Today, my Sis left for 6a.m mass, asked her hubby to stay back with the kids (cos normally both of them do go for 6am mass). Her husband agreed, went to the kids room, found the maid on top my 4yo nephew, naked, she said she was killing mosquito that perched on him.

With two hot slaps frm my brother in-law, she confessed that she was raping the boy… Smh. The house help is 11yo. God save/protect all kids out there. My sister never wanted any maid, it was my Mom that insisted! Now, tf has happened!

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