Monday, February 12, 2018

Foods to avoid on a dinner date

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it can be a very stressful day to celebrate especially for those who will be doing romantic dinners. Do you like vegetable soups like afang soup, edikaikong soup, efo riro and such the like? Think again before you flash a green smile on a date *Not sexy)

  No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans are, I’m almost certain they involve food, whether you will be dining in or eating out, a romantic date requires eating the best of foods. 

 There are some kinds of food  not to order on a Valentine’s Day date in order to avoid any potential embarrassing situation. Below are some wrong food picks for a Valentine’s Day date...
 Can leave a stain on your shirt because of it's slimy nature.

Spaghetti Bolognaise 
Sure, it’s the best way to have spaghetti. But sauce flying everywhere and slurping sounds just isn’t sexy. And don’t even try feeding your date some using your hands.

can get stuck in your teeth even after toothpicking and that's not nice for a valentine day's smile.

It’s just messy. And the sound of teeth scraping bone is best left for when you’re alone. And as an added bonus, you’ll probably mess on your shirt, and get a piece of animal stuck in your teeth.

Spicy food including pepper soup
There’s nothing wrong with spicy food per se, but do not try to impress your date with your perceived ability to handle spicy food (guys; I’m looking at you!). Nothing is as off-putting as a grown man weeping because the vindaloo just burnt a hole through the oesophagus. And tomorrow morning won’t be much better either…

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love garlic, and those who should reconsider their life choices. But give it a skip on the first three dates.Leave garlic alone on your date, your breath will smell garlic and some people can't stand it.

Spinach or Kale or Seeds including peanuts
Much like ribs, one of these is guaranteed to get stuck in your teeth. And there might be a myriad of fetishes out there, but I’m pretty sure stuff in teeth is not one.

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