Sunday, February 11, 2018

Face of the fake blind beggar arrested in Ondo State

See what this Economy is turning some people into! Ondo state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development has arrested a woman who claimed to be blind for her to get alms from members of the public.

According to OrangeFM, 30 year old Chinyere Onuara, who said she is a widow and mother of five, was arrested at the front of a commercial bank in Akure where she had been begging for alms for months. She was apprehended alongside her 4 year old son, Chidibere, whose plight actually got the

attention of the officials of the ministry and they made an attempt to rescue the woman and the son, unknown to them that she wasn’t blind.

During interrogation, Chinyere claimed to have left Ebonyi for Akure, few weeks ago, to assist one of her friend who is said to be blind, to collect alms, but everything didn’t go as planned when she got to Akure, in Ondo State. She is currently being detained at the State Ministry of Woman Affairs.

*This is strange for an Ibo woman. They are known to be very industrious!

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