Sunday, February 11, 2018

Drunk man falls off moving car while wife drives away (Video)

The frightening moment when a drunk man falls off from the backseat of a moving car was captured by security cameras in China. According to the local news site Shanghaiist, the car was being driven by the man's wife who does not realise that her inebriated husband had fallen off the car. She keeps
on driving the car and only pauses for a few seconds for a pedestrian to cross the road.
The incident took place in January and the footage was taken from Taicang county in the Jiangsu province.
The video which was posted on Weibo has emerged recently and has since gone viral for the wife's failure to notice her husband had fallen from the car. 
According to local police, the couple were supposedly returning from a party when the husband opened the door to throw up and falls off from the speeding car instead.
Local police added that the woman realised much later that her husband was missing and returned to get him back. However, it is not clear that the man was injured in the incident.
Watch video...

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