Saturday, February 10, 2018

14-year-old girl raped in school toilet by three boys including one that's HIV positive

A teenage girl says she was raped by three boys in the toilets in her school and one of them is believed to be HIV positive.
The 14-year-old victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claims one alleged attacker grabbed her by the sweater and then forced her to have sex with him.
When boys in the school heard about the first attack, others
approached her, she said.
Authorities are investigating the shocking claims and the teenager is currently in therapy.
Speaking to WSVN describing the first alleged attack she said: “I was going to leave, and he grabbed me by my sweater, and he held tight, and so I was going to pull and leave, and he wouldn’t let me go." The attacker then forced himself on her.
She added: “The third time, it was after school, and I was supposed to stay after school for math, for math tutoring, and there was a guy asking me if I could go to the restroom with him.”
In this student statement, she wrote, “…he grabbed me tightly by my hand, and he got me into the boys’ bathroom… I couldn’t breathe. I [was] choking and crying.” The three boys and the girl have all been suspended from the south Florida school.
It was only after the alleged attacks were reported to school authorities that the victim discovered one of the boys was HIV positive and another had gonorrhea. Her mum has said she won’t know for sure if her daughter has HIV for another year, but doctors have already started her on medicine. A spokesman for the school district said: “School district administrators in conjunction with Miami-Dade Schools Police are thoroughly investigating this case thoroughly, and it continues to be an active investigation.

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  1. This is so pathetic and scary, as a mom. This is getting worse. And why did the school suspend the girl? is she not the victim here?


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