Same-day delivery: Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian 'to have joint birth' in latest rumour

Well, it has been rumour all along. The sisters haven't even come out to deny or confirm that they are pregnant. So, here is another one. While we wait for either sister to confirm or deny or stop wearing oversized sweats for two seconds to let us know whether the conspiracy of the year is
in fact correct or not, Heat magazine has got their own theory that blows the rest of the babies out of the bathwater.
According to the publication, not only is Khloe, 33, and Kylie, 20, pregnant and due to become mums in "less than three months" - they're planning a joint birth! Sources say Momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner is hoping for a same-day delivery as both sisters get ready for their due dates.
The source adds that acing such a momentous birthing would prove to be ratings gold for Keeping Up With The Kardashians - which, as we know, enjoyed a nice spike in viewers during the episode in which Kourtney gave birth to Mason. However, with the two sisters keeping to two very different style aesthetics in their everyday get up, the publication's source says the ladies are looking for their own brand of birthing suite chic on the big day.
#@They say Kylie "wants a C-section, because she can't stand the idea of all that pain," while Khloe is going more for an "Earth Mother" vibe, adding: "She wants a natural birth, without even an epidural, and she's requested meditative music to be played."# 

Let's mention once again that neither sister has confirmed nor denied a pregnancy. Still, it's said each sis will have a separate wing of celebrity birthing hot spot Cedars-Sinai Hospital to themselves, with the sisters looking to refurnish and repaint in their own theme - with Kylie including "a flatscreen TV and a snack bar for her friends."
They're not the first celebrities to take over maternity wards, with stars such as Beyonce, Madonna and Mariah Carey each putting their own natal stamp on proceedings for their respective births.

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