Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Robbers break into 2-storey apartment through ladder, abduct family and force them to drive to ATM

A Durban family was awoken by armed robbers very early on Wednesday who broke into their home and forced them to drive to an ATMin Westville for cash.
Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the family was lucky to have escaped the nightmare trip
Mathios said two armed robbers climbed up to the second story of a house in Dunkeld Road before holding up the family at gunpoint at about 5.45am.
“The robbers, both armed with firearms, used a ladder and an
eight-meter-long rafter to climb onto an air-con level to the second storey of the house, where they forced open a window to gain entry. They held up the family of four at gunpoint and robbed them of their cellphones,” Mathios said.
“They then forced the family into their vehicle and drove to an ATM where they forced them to withdraw cash. They jumped out of the family’s car on the M19 and ran towards Quarry Road East informal settlement. The victim and his family then drove home. No injuries were reported,” he said.
Sydenham police attended the scene of the crime and were investigating.

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