Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lagos Creche yet to give explanation as to how Youth corper's baby died in their care

Blogger Amanda Chisom shared this story of  how a Youth Corper's baby died during pap feeding at a creche  in Lagos.

According to Chisom, the management of the creche; ‘Easy landers’ situated at 3A Benson Anorue street Ajao Estate are yet to give an explanation as to what happened to the child left in their care.
She wrote...

“From my inbox

The incident happened at Ajao Estate. A 7-month-old was registered in the crèche just last September at the beginning of the school session. And the care giver  in the crèche suffocated the baby with pap to the point of death

 This young mum registered her baby there because she is currently running her NYSC program in a company here in Lagos. So, on that fateful day, 26th October 2017, she dropped the bubbly baby at the school with the so called crèche teacher miss Chinemelem from IMO state. Just 30 minutes after the baby was dropped for the day, while just arriving at her office,  she got a call from the crèche teacher that her baby was shivering. Shocked, she asked what happened and was briefly  told that while feeding the 7 month old with papa, the baby choked and started struggling for air  with pap pouring out from nose and mouth with a terrible shivering. The Youth Corper  mum told her to rush the baby to a nearby hospital at Faith City, Ajao that she is coming. Getting there, she met a dead body.

**Another avoidable death oh... Watch First Aid video below...
What to do when your baby chokes on pap/ogi/akamu or other liquid foods. You don't carry a baby with pap running out of nostrils and mouth to look for a hospital, first perform this First Aid and clear the airways so the baby can breathe some oxygen while you go in search of a nearby hospital.

Images courtesy: Babycenter, Tesco and Child mattersUk,

Watch video below...


  1. What to do when your baby starts choking:
    If your baby is suddenly unable to breathe, cry, cough, or speak, he may be choking. This happens if your baby's airways get partially blocked, and makes breathing or coughing difficult, but not impossible. Choking is the result of a complete obstruction to the airway.

    Knowing how to quickly and effectively clear a blocked airway and, if necessary, resuscitate your baby, may save his life. If your baby is choking, but still coughing effectively, let him cough - it's the best way to clear an airway.

  2. How can I stop my baby from choking?

    Dislodge the blockage
    Hold your baby so that he is lying face-down along your forearm, supported by your thigh, with his head lower than his bottom and his back and head supported.
    Use the heel of your hand to give up to five blows between your baby’s shoulder blades. Effective back blows cure most choking incidents.
    If you can see an obstruction, try to remove it. But don't feel blindly in his mouth with your finger. This could push an obstruction further into his throat.


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