How my Doctor 👨‍⚕️ dad treated, cured monkey 🐒 pox in less than two days

Beautiful Facebook user Ayigo Ejue posted this story on her wall and people, this is worth sharing as we all know That The Nigerian Government needs to see this now more than ever. Read her story below...
IN January 2014 my son came down with a rare type of Chicken pox that was no ordinary chicken 🍗 pox. It was only a few days ago that i realized that my son must have suffered from what is known as MONKEY 🐒 POX.
My son came down with what i thought then was chicken pox during his Christmas 🎄 break, having been exposed to chicken pox by his room mate in school. Of course none of us have ever been exposed before. We had little knowledge of chicken pox but then, this type was not only severe but scary. Within two days, my son's body was covered with big blisters, he was itchy and uncomfortable, he had high fever, sore throat and in great pain. He could not eat and was delirious. With all this symptoms, the private clinic we took him refused to admit him to a ward. We  were instead advised to keep him at home, administer calamine lotion for the itching and analgesic for pain. We were told that chicken pox is a viral infection which usually wears itself out after some days giving life immunity to the sufferer.

At home, we quarantined him in his bedroom. We used lots of Izal to clean the house twice a day. I kept changing his beddings as often as, i was sponging to control the fever  and forced liquids and fluids. I was the only one who had contact with him because of this i had to have little contact with the rest of the household. Other members of the family stayed far away from his part of the house. They also had to practice frequent hand washing and strict hygiene, we were very scared, this was no ordinary chicken pox. Family and friends gave us tips which we followed, one of which was drinking a locally produced vile tasting concussion called"SEVEN 🔑 " we got this from The chemist 👩‍🔬 and we would all take as much as two tablespoons five times daily for over one week.
My son didn't show any improvement even after one week, instead he was getting worse and could not even stand or sit due to paralyzing pain in his lower back and waist. I could hardly find where to touch him because of the blisters he was in great pain. I couldn't take it anymore so i called my father, a medical doctor who asked that I bring him down. We took a four hour journey to Ikom in anxiety and pains. 

As soon as we arrived, my father commenced treatment. My father in his diagnosis mentioned that this was definitely no case of 🍗  pox. He gave me a simple explanation that the case was too severe to be termed chicken pox but not severe enough to be termed small pox either. However in less than 24 hours of commencing treatment from his grandfather, my son started showing signs of improvement and was discharged from hospital after two days. He returned to school in less than three weeks fully recovered.
Some scars still remain on him reminding us of the ordeal we went through.
No other member of the family came down with any pox by the grace and mercy of God Almighty though i still wonder about the over doses we had with the locally produced concussion.

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