Monday, September 25, 2017

Woman unexpectedly pulls down her trousers, gives birth standing up on busy street as baby lands on its back with heavy thud (Video)

This is a miraculous delivery! A woman unexpectedly gives birth in the middle of a busy street and is forced to sit down with umbilical cord still attached in this disturbing footage.
The Chinese woman, bending over slightly, pulls down her trousers as a newborn baby falls to
the ground, landing on its back with a sickening thud.
The shocking video is currently being shown on social media sites in Asia.
The hustle and bustle of traffic noise and hundreds of different voices drown out the infant's screams as blood trickles down the pavement.
His mother, who appears to be in shock, sits on the street while a passer-by places the baby on a strip of cardboard.
Thankfully, the newborn appears to move its limbs slightly.
Babies are known for their surprising ability to survive accidents unscathed - even some which would injure adults.
There are a even stories of infants surviving plane crashes, earthquakes and falls from great heights.

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  1. Childbirth is really easy and orgasmic for some women while for others it comes with intense pain and sweat or even blood. If it were like this for every woman, I bet some will give birth to 12.


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