Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Stay fit as a family – Ideas to exercise with your family members

Nowadays the entire world is joining the ‘fitness’ bandwagon where everyone, regardless of their age, is trying their best to take care of their health and stay fit. Although the words ‘family fitness’ might seem uncomfortable for your kids, it is fun to get your family moving through the path of fitness. It becomes even more interesting when your family members (especially your kids) don’t realize that they’re investing their time in exercising. Here are few ideas that you can take into
  1. Go for walks before or after dinner
Irrespective of whether you reside in the town or you have a quiet neighborhood, including a daily walk in your schedule will be helpful for your entire family. You can also take your 3-year old for the walk, alternating him in a stroller. Walking can help burn fat and stay fit.
  1. Put the music loud and start exercising and dancing
There are states in the US which hold disco nights for kids and other neighbors. You can also try doing the same time with your family so that you can engage them in some dance moves which are some forms of exercise. Let them dance for few hours and allow them to move their own body.
  1. Give them household chores and turn them into games
If you find too much dust in your room, pretend in front of your kids that he is the Rescue Hero who has been given the task of rescuing his teddies from the dust and that of rearranging them. If you make household chores game-like, he can start engaging himself in such worthwhile exercises.
  1. Turn vivid workouts into different activities
Why would you allow your toddler to ride in the cart while you shop in the supermarket? Make him walk in the market and opt for the stairs even when you have the escalator. Such short walks are also worthwhile.
  1. TV ads can be turned to fitness breaks
Make up silly and interesting names for sit-ups, push-ups and do them together when there are TV commercials. You may even play the role of a leader where you ask them to complete each type and give you a high-five!
  1. Run or walk for charity
Teach them how important it is to exercise and team up with your kids in order to go out for a fund-raising charity run. Even though you may not win, you will definitely have a great time with your kids and it will also be helpful for your kids’ health.
  1. Keep a night for sports
Fix a day in a week and get everyone moving and running by deciding on a game. You can also keep card games and other family-friendly exercises which are good for their body.
  1. Put them to work at the backyard
If autumn shed too many leaves in the backyard, ask your kids to catch them and gather them. Then you can see who picked the most yellow, red and orange leaves. This way picking leaves can also become fun.
Therefore, if you wish to exercise as a family, take into account the above mentioned ideas. For more details on staying fit with different diet plans, further information can be found here.

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