Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Six-year-old Boko Haram attack victim who was unable to walk for three years now back on his feet after a successful spinal cord surgery (Photos)

Recall the story of  poor Ali, who was being carried by his pregnant mother while struggling to escape Boko Haram attackers but fell down as she was trying to run and Ali fell off her back and he was overrun by the terrorists? He is now back on his feet.
Recall also that Dickens Sanomi Foundation took to the rescue for the six-year old by
footing his bill for the surgery.

The surgery was bankrolled by Dickens Sanomi Foundation, which was established by Mr. Igho Sanomi who owns the Taleveras Group. It reportedly cost $48,000 (about N17.5million). Ahmadu Ali survived the six-hour operation that put him back on his feet after being restricted to a wheelchair for three years.
Doctors had earlier predicted that Ali would only be able to walk after three weeks of recuperation but miraculously, without prompting, walked unaided on September, the 23rd, 2017, six days after the operation.

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