Tuesday, September 19, 2017

See how this married Nigerian man exposed himself on the Internet while trying to shame his wife

"Oga begin to pray that your wife doesn't see this your chat that's going viral already, else you are in hot pepper soup!" 
Beautiful Facebook user Adamazi shared this chat most of you may find disgusting and really annoying. It is between a Single Lady and her Ex-boyfriend who is married now.
This ex-boyfriend seriously laments in the chat about his boring marriage to current wife. According to him, despite the fact that his wife is submissive to him, she is an "mgbeke" not sexy, not
fashionable, too local for a  University graduate, does nothing to spice up their relationship, everyday it’s either she’s at a prayer house, or she’s at home cooking, bathing or sleeping.
He tells his ex-girlfriend he wishes his wife would just disappear so he can have his life back.
Then he moves on and starts gushing about how he misses the old times he and ex-girlfriend spent together, how he is filled with regrets that he dumped her and married someone else.
He then asked her if she would marry him if he divorces his current wife of just one year.
How this single ex-girlfriend shut down is so clap worthy. But then, it’s so obvious that all this married man really wants is to warm his way back in-between his ex-girlfriend’s laps. Young man isn’t ready to divorce his wife. Or what do you think?
Read the conversation below:


  1. Haba,this is really unfair,y the complaints to the ex when he can actually toosh her up to his standard.well he got the right response

    1. He ridiculed his wife just to get under ex's skirt but failed woefully. He won't try it again.


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