Saturday, September 23, 2017

See all the outfits Kylie Jenner been wearing to hide her pregnancy (Photos)

While the business mogul and reality TV star continues with her attempt at hiding the pregnancy by posting old photos of herself on Social media, there are other things she's doing to keep this pregnancy hidden until she can break the news herself... September 12, 2017. On a recent shopping spree, the star strayed from her usual bodycon and sheer
ensembles and wore a baggy t-shirt and black leggings instead.

August 28, 2017. Everyone always says black is the most slimming shade, which is why now knowing she’s pregnant, it’s not too surprising that we saw Jenner grocery shopping in head-to-toe black workout wear.

August 13, 2017. Throughout her first trimester, the star seems to be opting for comfortable athleisure outfits, like this band tee and spandex gym shorts she wore leaving the movie theater with friends.

July03, 2017. Even at the earliest stage of her pregnancy, Jenner kept it more conservative in a half-tucked blouse baggy enough not to draw any attention to her stomach.

Safe delivery new mom!

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