Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sad! Ostracized Rohingya Muslim son carries aged parents on his shoulder for one week to get them to safety at the border

 Carrying his old parents to get them to the border so they can be safe.

This is really heartbreaking. So much chaos in the world already! 

Who are the Rohingya?

They are described as the world’s most persecuted people, 1.1 million Rohingya people live in Myanmar. They live predominately in Rakhine state, where they have co-existed uneasily alongside Buddhists for decades.
Rohingya people say they are descendants of Muslims, perhaps Persian and Arab traders, who came to Myanmar generations ago. Unlike the Buddhist community, they speak a language similar to the
Bengali dialect of Chittagong in Bangladesh.
The Rohingya are reviled by many in Myanmar as illegal immigrants and they suffer from systematic discrimination. The Myanmar government treats them as stateless people, denying them citizenship. Stringent restrictions have been placed on Rohingya people’s freedom of movement, access to medical assistance, education and other basic services.

What has been happening to them?

Violence broke out in northern Rakhine state on 25 August, when militants attacked government forces. In response, security forces supported by Buddhist militia launched a “clearance operation” that has killed at least 1,000 people and forced more than 300,000 to flee their homes. The UN’s top human rights official said on 11 September that the military’s response was “clearly disproportionate” to insurgent attacks and warned that Myanmar’s treatment of its Rohingya minority appears to be a “textbook example” of ethnic cleansing.
Refugees have spoken of massacres in villages, where they say soldiers raided and burned their homes. The government claims the Rohingya have burned their own homes and killed Buddhists and Hindus, a claim repeated by some residents. It says that the military is targeting terrorists, including the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa), the group that claimed responsibility for the August attacks.
Satellite analysis by Human Rights Watch has shown evidence of fire damage in urban areas populated by Rohingyas, as well as in isolated villages.
**Why call someone whose descendants lived among you an "illegal immigrant." What does it take to love and accept them? How big is the cost of Love and acceptance? See the suffering people are made to go through by fellow humans?

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