Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Nigerian lady who traveled to Oman to be housemaid releases video of her boss' son ‘raping’ her (WATCH VIDEO)

A hardworking Nigerian lady who traveled to Oman in the middle east to secure a means of livelihood has cried out for help after she is turned into a sex slave…

In what seems like she isn’t the only Nigerian in that country going through sexual abuse and while quoting rapper Tunde Ednut who has gone through similar ordeal like this case, she is being assaulted and allegedly raped by her boss’s son, at a time she had to put the whole stuff on camera as evidence.
Tunde Ednut wrote on Instagram...
Good afternoon Gossip Mill Nigeria please help us publish this story
Pls I've a video to share to all as to call on the attention of our leaders that are reliable to help stop the suffering in Oman.
I was once a victim BT returned in peace and I can’t even explain how I made it back I have friends still suffering and crying for rescue.

I have a video of one of the omani trying to rape Me and that was my escape root home.
In October I told an Agent I wanted to travel since my business was not moving well So he said there have people in Oman looking for nannies and house helps So I agreed and paid him 400k.
 The visa came out on 11th and I traveled on 19th of October 2016 I got to Oman safe, a Philippian guy came to pick me up to a house I was locked up till morning So an Arab man came and took me to muscat. The day I got there on my first night his eldest son came and wanted to rape me BT I was able to drag with him. D guy kept coming every night So I complained to my agent cos my employee does not understand English just Arabic.

So my agent adviced I should make a video so I did After I did the video I was taken to the office without d family knowing my mission So I got to d office My agent in Oman retrieved my passport from my boss and my 1 month salary So I was asked to stay in a room on getting to the room I met an Igbo lady from Aba by name Stella Nathan.

Stella was locked up for 3weeks without food So since I had evidence against them I was returned to Nigeria same day..November 22 so I called Stella’s family and the family paid d sum of $1500 to d people before she came back home. We have so many people hoping to return BT they won’t allow them Our girls are suffering in Oman .We normally wake up 4am and go to bed 12midnight.
We need help I have some numbers with me d ladies keep chatting me cos I was able to write my number on the wall of the room. There is another lady still trapped there, her name is Senami Abiodun, she is still crying for help in oman, So many people are there crying for help to return back home!

#auntybukky #nigeria #oman [Crd: aunty_bukky]

Watch Video below;

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