Jamaican Sauce With White Rice By Patsy

Thought I should share this. I made Jamaican sauce with white rice yesterday 25th Dec. Although some ingredients weren't present, but hubby insisted he would eat nothing else, and I had to make do with what I have in store and it came out yummy.

1 small sized Cabbage
4 medium sized Carrots
1 Green pepper chopped 3 dry bay leaves
1 can Green peas 1 can Red Kidney beans 
Tatashe..(didn't have this one)
3 cupfuls blended Tomatoes
a handful chopped Shombo pepper (Red chillies)
1 large red Onion
1/2 cup chopped Fresh pepper ata rodo (Scotch bonnet)
1/2 kg Beef or suya 2 cups vegetable oil (500ml)
3 seasoning cubes, you can use less to your taste Salt to taste

Season your beef and 1. boil till it's soft enough.
2. Then Fry until it's very dry.(pix1 &2)
Remove the beef from the oil and set aside.
3. Fry onion with a pinch of salt(hubby doesn't like salt oh, so it's always a pinch I cook with)(pix3)
4. Add your blended tomatoes and shombo pepper and allow to fry.(p…

Lagos State Civil Service Director Reportedly Commits Suicide in his home after attending to son

Image result for oludare buraimoh
Oludare Buraimoh, a director with the Lagos ministry of youths, has reportedly committed suicide in his home. Buraimoh took his life at about 4pm on Monday after attending to Dotun, his son, who was said to be ill.

Dotun said he discovered that his father had taken his life after he went to his room to

check on him. He said he then alerted neighbours who called the police.
“We were both at home; he came to give me a drug and left me thinking he was going to retire to his room. But when I did not hear his voice, I called him, but no response came,” he said. I, thereafter, went to his room only to find him hanging from the ceiling with a traditional Aso Oke tied to his neck and a stool with which he committed the suicide. I then alerted the neighbours, who, in turn, told me to alert the police, which I did.

Buraimoh’s wife said her husband did not show any sign of depression that warranted him to take his life.
I don’t know what came over him, it is inexplicable. We have been surviving through thick and thin and now that we ought to sit down and enjoy, after all the years of toiling, he decided to take his own life. He did not show any sign of depression at the time he committed suicide. He was in high spirits; what led him to this remains a riddle.
The body of the deceased has since been deposited at the Abeokuta General Hospital, after due clearance from the police.

-The Cable


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