Thursday, September 28, 2017

'If actually I'm pregnant like everyone thinks, then it'll be my pleasure to be pregnant for Drake' - BBNaija Gifty

She's made attempts to deny the reports with a couple of cryptic social media posts and when contcted for comments about the rumoured pregnancy, she said, 'If
actually i am pregnant like what everyone thinks, then it will be my pleasure to be pregnant for Drake'.
About the current situation of her rellationship with Mr 2kay, 'there is NO real situation and NO relationship with I and 2Kay' she said.

When asked if her whole relationship controversy with Mr 2kay was a publicity stunt, Gifty said, 'stunt? Maybe it was/Is his strategy of reminding people who he still is, you know, just in case they have forgotten, but I'm not bothered. Besides, I have greater things to focus on, especially the GIFTY POWERS EMPIRE that I have already created with an amazing Foundation that I've also already laid, which  by early next year i pray all will be done'. 

She however refused to respond when we asked if she's in a relationship with someone else, 'it's kinda funny but it's personal' she said.

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