Basic Items Needed for a comfortable stay after Resumption in Nigerian Universities

This list is basically for Freshers: If you are thinking of what your teenager really needs for resumption to school after gaining admission into Nigerian Universities or you are the admitted student that has no clue on what to get and what should wait till later, read this post and help your family save some money. You do not really need to carry too much luggage because at the end of the school semester, you'll discover some items you spent money on are not really necessary and if you are being sponsored by parents or guardians, you don't want a situation where by the time you return home for Christmas holidays, your dear parents are back home in the village after spending every dime on your school list. The list below is not exhaustive but contains all that you need to live comfortably at campus. While you are
there, needs will come up, you'll observe what is happening at campus and then after say the first semester, you can then shop more clothing, shoes, jewelry, foodstuff and whatever you think you really need. You actually do not need so much that can cause a distraction, better with the basics as you focus on your studies and graduate with good grades. 
Again, carrying heavy luggage will really increase your fare especially if you are travelling by air considering our Nigerian roads. Better to go with a few and shop more while at campus if need be. 

See below basic items you need for a comfortable stay at University as a fresher:
  1. Travelling bag and box, back pack
  2. Journal
  3. Folder
  4. Wrist watch
  5. Bathing soap, sponge, shampoo
  6. Bathroom slippers
  7. Body Lotion
  8. Washing soap/detergents
  9. Inner wears like under pants, bras, tights, slips, petticoat, boxers, Tee shirts, singlets Etc
  10. New clothing items like 2 pairs of jeans trousers in different colours, 2 pairs of sneakers, flats, 2 pairs of sandals, 5 tops, shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses for church if you are Christian, an outfit or more in the case of a formal event or outing, a dozen cloth hangers
  11. Pyjamas and night gowns
  12. Hair cream or oil
  13. Deodorant/Anti perspirant/ roll on, perfume
  14. Body spray
  15. Tissue rolls
  16. Toothpaste and brushes
  17. Shaving items, after shave
  18. Scented powder
  19. Vaseline
  20. Make up items if you make up
  21. Hair brush, combs, wig/s
  22. Hand mirror
  23. Sanitary pads
  24. Padlocks; small and medium sizes
  25. Beverages aka provisions
  26. Cereals, bowl, fork, knife, spoon
  27. Water Flask
  28. Mobile phone;With this you do not need an alarm clock
  29. Towel
  30. 2 Bed sheets
  31. Baby wet wipes to help with even make up removal and other wiping needs
  32. Hand napkin/towel
  33. Small pedicure set
  34. Torchlight may not be necessary if your phone has a torch but get one still, just in case
  35. Small umbrella
  36. Pressing Iron
  37. Hand sanitisers
  38. Bleach
  39. Safety pins
  40. Glue
  41. Ear plugs
  42. Sleeping mask
  43. Hand bag/s
  44. Some jewelry
  45. Combs and brushes
  46. House coat
  47. Blanket
  48. 1 ankara material wrapper
  49. A small photo album with pictures
  50. Emergency sewing kit
If you are going to have to cook yourself, do not forget the following items are necessary. These can be gotten when you arrive.
  • Stove
  • Flask
  • Food warmer
  • Food stuff like rice, beans, garri, yams, plantain etc
  • Tea mug and spoon
  • Bowl 
  • Pots, plate
  • Cooking ingredients
Heavy books like Dictionary, Blank notebooks and Thesaurus are better got after arrival to reduce luggage unless you have old ones you want to take along
There are much more other items like microwaves, fridge, Etc that a student can bring as a fresher. However, the list above covers your basic daily needs aside luxury. If you can think of any other necessary items, please add in the comment section below.

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