Saturday, September 16, 2017

After shopping new born baby sized clothing, exhausted mum discovers her newborn is twice the size of an average baby, can't wear newborn size clothing

A NEW mum who spent six hours in labour was surprised to find that her newborn tipped the scales at a whopping 12lbs.
This is one of the reasons why it isn't advisable to go into a shopping spree before giving birth. Exhausted mother Paula Brown suddenly had to think about ditching baby clothes she bought for her baby Theo - because he was nearly twice the weight of an average newborn. The sun reports that baby weighed over 5kg. Dad Gareth Brown, 32, said  staff in Blackburn Birthing Centre told the couple it was the biggest baby they'd seen for at least five years.
He said: "We were all making guesses at what weight the baby would come in, but nobody was
expecting that.
"It was strange, most of the babies there were tiny and Theo was huge.”
Recalling her heroic labour, mum Paula, 33, said: "It was not pleasant and it was hard work and tiring.
"But the end result of it all is just fantastic."
Theo’s total weight was 12lb 41/2oz  (Over 5 kilos)  while an average British baby’s just over 7lbs.

One week old baby with mum and dad who couldn't guess his weight and went shopping blindly only to give birth to baby who will already be wearing size 3 diapers.
Can you relate?

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