Monday, July 03, 2017

What you see in this picture is a reflection of who and what you are

What you see in this picture of Steve Harvey and wifey in a private jet,  what you make of this picture is a direct reflection of who you are, what you have been through, what you think of
people, what your aspirations are, your level of exposure, your religious influences, financial status right now and what inspires or upsets you. You may think wow! I want to be like them. Another may think, why would they be wasting money flying a peejay when millions cannot eat? Some may consider it a show off picture. Yet someone somewhere will look at the picture and be upset that the man should always be on the right. Someone somewhere right now thinks... they should not drink alcohol... it's a sin! Because some people think, after they read all the books and have a PhD they are the ones who deserve to be enjoying like this. Show off is what some will consider this. But in all, this is the truth... IF YOU HAVE WORKED HARD TO EARN THE PERKS THAT COME WITH YOUR LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENTS, enjoy every bit of it, let it be seen. Let it show that hard work and smart work pays.Let others know your history and how you made it. Let your life inspire. Those who think you should not show what you have Earned are those who believe your success and achievements intimidate them and make others see them as failures. Don't because you don't want people to see you in First Class cabin of a plane, go fly economy. If you have earned it, live it.
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